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What's the most difficult situation you have dealt with in your work experience?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Veterinary Assistant interview

What's difficult for one person might be easy for another. A tough customer might be more of a challenge than chasing a cat around the office. Think of an example. Consider framing your answer like this:

"When I volunteered at the animal shelter, I had a dog that had vomited and pooped all over his cage and rolled around in it. I cleaned him up and his cage. He was a large Rottweiler mix and very sick so it was a challenge to move him as well."

To show your enthusiasm and motivation, you could follow up with your statement by saying, "I understand the challenges of being a vet assistant, but it's worth it to me. I know this experience handling animals will help me reach my career goals."

What keeps you motivated when you have to do the dirty work? Time to think about how this job fits into your career goals!
Basic answer example
"When I volunteered at the animal shelter, I had a dog that had vomited and pooped all over his cage and rolled around in it. I cleaned him up and his cage. He was a large Rottweiler mix and very sick so it was a challenge to move him as well."

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What's the most difficult situation you have dealt with in your work experience?
Going to school and gaining the exp.
Graduating from college is one of my biggest accomplishments. College was a struggle for my socially, but I pulled through and graduated with flying colors.
I am most proud of graduating from nursing school and receiving my degree.
I am most proud of my accomplishment of someone who was hired that didn't have any experience with animals to someone who is a leader and have trained many employees and takes pride in my work.
I am very proud to be a graduate from the University of Central Florida. I have met amazing people and hope to do them justice in continuing the commitment to community service that the Honors College has instilled in me.
Overcoming a rough childhood and learning from it instead of throwing myself a pity party.
My diploma and going to college for dog training.
Nuresing my kitten bob back to health some one left him on the side of the road with a dislocated back leg. He also had a bad heart mummer and mites in his ears. But I tock care of him and brought him to a vet and hes better now.
That I graduated high school with a very good GPA average also that I complete my vet assistant academy and I got my diploma as a vet assistant and finally that I could overcome all the obstacles that I had when I arrived to the Unites States.
I am most proud of graduating from college, and taking that certificate to get me a job in the animal care field, where I enjoy working with animals. I am also proud of my volunteer work, I volunteer with Animal Aide and also VON.
Being a technician. I hadn't known I was going to be promoted. I went to the head doctor and owner, if I could learn to run bloodwork to help ease the absence of the leaving tech. He then told me that he was going to being promoting me. I was very proud that he had chosen me to train and do that job.
First of all, I'm proud of myself for obtaining my GED and making good use of it by going to school. Second. I've been on the Dean's list several quarters in a row and I have to say that I'm proud that my hark work is being accomplished.
Organizing 56 people to be with my grandmother during her final days, scheduling transportation, lodging, food, ect was no easy task.
I iprooted and moved to a different country. I followed my dream and finished school.
Going to school, and learning more about animals, and how I can help animals when they are hurt or sick.
Most proud of graduating college.
Completeing my associates degree.
Completing my college degrees. It took a lot of time, money, and effort but I feel a great sense of accomplishment.
Completing my diploma in Veterinary Assisting; Owning a house this early in my life; The training accomplishments I have achieved with my German Shorthaired Pointer.
Putting myself through college.
Graduating from high school.
An accomplishment that I am most proud of would be being promoted to a manager position from not having hardly any work experience. I was pretty much responsible for maintaining the operations of the entire hotel.
I am proud of myself for pursuing my dreams and staying in college to make them a reality.
My recent associates degree.
Graduating from college after making my own way into, and paying for it. I am also proud of my work as an artist.
Recieving my diploma in animal sciences.
I most proud of my ambition to do well in my career I'm very focus on what I want and I strive to get it. This is something I'm very proud of because I fell that not too many people have the same amount of passion for the veterinary field as I do.
Graduating high school... I became pregnant in my senior year and I felt like giving up. I remeber my father not having any faith in me I decided to prove him wrong and do for my baby girl.
I am proud of how far I have come along with school my first few semesters did not go to well and I had a few friends who wanted to be vets but either dropped out or changed majors because they thought the courses were too hard. So really I am proud for sticking it out and not giving up on myself.
I am currently most proud out making honors at school for animal care.
Teaching my infant son day to day is an accomplishment in its self.
Bringing up my son on my own, studying at a higher level.
Doing the right thing and save animals tat are in need.
While at Best Friends Animals Society, through clicker training I was able to train a highly reactive dog to be more acquainted with being around other dogs. Working with highly reactive dogs in general is incredible rewarding.
Learning to fly a plane. I have a fear of heights and doing acrobatics over Somerset In a plane my dad learned to fly in was hard but amazing at the same time.
My level 3 diploma in animal management and getting over my fear and doing a sky dive.
Winning an art contest for wildlife preservation and orchestra accomplishments.
I am most proud of graduating high school on honour roll. Getting my first part-time job. Which led to me buying my first car. Lastly I am proud of fully graduating and becoming certified as a veterinarian assistant.
Graduating with my BS degree in less than 4 years.
I could have 2 degrees one master and one doctorate and learning 2 language.
One of my proudest moments in my life was when I took the CVMA certification test for veterinary assisting and passed with flying colors. Another proud moment is when I became a supervisor at work I knew all my hard work had paid off.
Having a degree in Veterinary Medicine and moving to an other country complete on my own.
The first thing that comes to mind is my grades; how I majorly improved them this year with a lot of hard work in my math and chemistry classes. I am also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do after about 5 hard years of training.
I am proud of raising my grades after struggling with math and chemistry during the year. I am also proud that I have become a black belt in Tae Kwon Do after 5 years of training.
Being able to treat animals and understanding the human/animal bond.
The accomplishment im most proud of is I am successfully going to graduate college and I am about to start my career off with something im so passionate about.
Becoming an administrator at the age of 20 at a call center.
Graduating college, obtaining my vet assistant certificate, and always working supporting myself throughout that time.
I am proud I finally made the deciosion to earn my diploma in veterinary assistance and further continuing my career with animals.
In my personal life I am most proud of purchasing my own home, and in the career it would be being intrusted to attend a home visit with the vet and open and close the practice.
My proudest accomplishment was when I broke my first horse. I purchased this filly as a yearling and she had basically been turned out to pasture her whole life. It was a long process, but I was able to earn her trust and turn her into a wonderful riding horse.
I have a few accomplishments that I am proud of. Coming 3rd in the all Ireland Irish dancing teams, working my way to a sky guide and moving to a different country.
My biggest accomplishment is the completion of my College degree and the life lessons I have learned to this point.
I am very proud to have taken the intiative to have recieved my vet assitant certificate and also succesfully being a part of a succesful team.
Finishing high school and getting a job as a vet assistant soon there after.
Moving away from home and living independently. Maintaining and making new relationships.
I feel my best achievements are yet to come, however I am proud of my ability to organise two trips abroad on my own - one in South Africa for three weeks and one in Australia for a month. Through careful organisation, budgeting and planning of schedules I was able to experience new cultures, meet new people and have life changing experiences working with animals abroad.
I am most proud of my honors achievements in college. I worked independently to research painted buntings and my findings where new for the field.
I have over come many obsticals in my life. The proudest I am is of my BS in Biology from Penn State. At a young age and throughout my life I have endured many hardships and the loss of close loved ones and poor health and still had the strength to carry on and make it where I am today healthy and happy.
Getting my ged, animal rescue, being a good influence among others.
Paying my own way through college, becoming a husband and father.
Taking charge of my career and going to school for what I am most passionate about.
I am most proud of when, despite what troubles may be in my personal life, or I am handed a difficult task, I am able to persevere and go beyond what I even thought possible.
Finishing my two year online veterinary course in 6 months and graduating with a 94% and highest of my class. My children are big accomplishments and the work I have done with my animals.
My most recent accomplishment is moving from Florida to North Carolina without having any family or friends in the area.
I am most proud for obtaining my degree in Biology. I worked extremely hard in school to get good grades and used the opportunity to learn as much as I can in the biological field. I also won an award for best peer tutor, which I was very happy about. I love knowing that I connected with and helped students in their education. I am proud to know that they were able to excel with my help.
One of my biggest accomplishments is competing and placing 10th in the World at American Quarter Horse Youth Association World Show in 2008.
Getting accepted into the vet tech program at college, succeeding academically in all my vet tech classes.
Beating cancer, being a godmother, getting healthy.
My biggest accomplishment is obtaining my vet assistant certification. Working with animals is my dream career and I am proud that I am taking the steps to make it a reality.
I was able to move to Australia and establish a life of my own their and be able to come back home and jump back into the world. It really helped with my confidence and indepedance.
I am very proud of attaining my bs in animal science maintaining a 3.2 GPA. Because throughout the program and through internships I learned a great deal about a variety of different animals.
I am very proud of being a student councillor, it gave me opportunities to lead and plan things for my fellow class mates.
I earned a college degree. I worked hard for many years at my previous jobs. I made the move to Eureka on my own to live where I have wanted to live.
I got myself a house while juggling school, work, and community service.
I am most proud of all of the high marks that I have received in school, as well as the development of my self over the years. I continue to grow.
I am most proud of all of the high marks that I have received in school, as well as the development of my self over the years. I continue to grow.
I am proud of the achievements I have made in school and I hope to continue my journey learning about all there is to know about animals.
Well, being the first person in my family to graduate high school and go to college is something I consider great; also, sticking to my dreams no matter what obstacles are thrown at me.
I am very proud of my successes with competing my horses, but especially in working with difficult horses that have been given up on by other people. I have been persistent and hard working and it has paid off, and that gives me a lot of pleasure. Specifically, work experience at HorseWorld in Bristol was a fantastic experience, as we had some horses arrive at the centre in a very bad condition, suffering from strangles with many of them severely underweight and infested with lice. Caring for these animals was an incredible experience, and seeing them slowly come back to life made the hard work of being part of that welfare team incredibly rewarding. I am also proud of the grades I have managed to achieve throughout my education whilst balancing my hobbies and jobs. Another accomplishment I am proud of has been the reputation I have developed in our local area for the high standard of care I provide for their animals.
My bachelors degree. I worked hard for my degree and learned a lot.
Overcoming the challenges of pursuing a job in such a competitive field.
My rescue work, seeing a dog arrive in foster with me neglected and scared and taking care of them and preparing them for the next stage of their life then seeing them happy in their new home.
How I have managed to balance work, school and volunteering for the past 3 years and still be successful in all three.
Wedding day, progress with meg.
Helping my residents with whatever they need.
I am really proud that I never settled. I could have kept studying speech pathology, but it wasnt making me entirely happy, I didnt feel very passionate about it, and why live a life with no passion? my family was pretty upset with me, but I knew that everything would work out, and that ill figure out what it is I want to do, so, I am very happy to be sitting here with you.
I would have to say my four boys, first, second is that I completed a two year program of office administration, which I enjoyed to the fullest,
I use to be very shy and was not comfortable answering a phone or talking to a client, I am now very social and comfortable to talk to anyone who may come through the door.
I am most proud of completing my university degree.
I am most proud of my ability to overcome the challenges in my life to reach my goals and aspirations. It has been a humbling learning experience however I have exceeded my expectations for myself and plan to continue pursuing all of my goals.
Being able to watch surgeries.
Graduating top of my class in Bootcamp and Advanced Individual training is one of my biggest accomplishments, landing me a Army Achievement Medal for excellence.
Going back to school, and continuing my education in order to join the veterinary field.
Being able to deal with animals confidently without being scared. Learning how to deal with people that are difficult to work with.
Finishing this program. Keeping a job for 7 years and learning a lot on how companies work.
I was not very good at sciences in high school, but I got a 4.0 GPA in Animal Care while I was working full time for one semester.
This is relatively unrelated, but I am most proud of my dancing career. When I was younger, from about 9 years old to 16 I had an opportunity to become a really great dancer, I was going to travel to a dance school in America on scholarship and I had my goals and future set. I had achieved a really high level of fitness from being very unfit, I had performed on many occasions and was apart of a huge team that still runs today and every time after a show, that was when I felt most proud. When you dance you can control people and their emotions, and through my dancing I know I made people feel really happy.
Graduating college as a certified veterinary assistant.
Making the decision to take classes to become a veterinary assist. And completing my pet CPR and First aid training.
I am most proud of my two previous years at the kern county fair. I won reserve champion duroc in 2014 and I won reserve champion black cross steer in 2015. I worked really hard on those projects and was happy with the way they turned out.

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