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Think of a day when you had many things to do. How did you schedule your time?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Veterinary Assistant interview

There may be a day you come into work and are told several tasks that need to be completed that day, and in addition, you will need to handle the pets of each customer who walks through the door. It could be anything from cleaning duties to administering medication to performing lab tests. Every item on your list must get done that day. How do you manage it all? Taking time to prioritize could help you get it all done faster. By choosing the items that are most urgent first, then evaluating the value of each task and the effort it will take to get each one done can help you decide which thing needs to happen at one time. If you've struggled with prioritizing in the past, now is a good time to learn! Do a little research on ways to be more efficient with your time and how to prioritize when everything is urgent.

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Think of a day when you had many things to do. How did you schedule your time?
Yes, Caring for the animals is the number one priority. And doing what I have been asked to do and completing it well is important to me.
Yes. I am sure I will get used to doing this.
Yes, multiple jobs at once can be very stressful but I will be able to organize them well and manage my time to get the job done.
Yes I should be able to.
I am very good at multitasking and enjoy having multiple things to do at once.
I will definitely prioritize accordingly and give my best effort to accomplish all tasks set before me. However, I will not be afraid to ask for help if I know that the care of an animal might be compromised.
Absolutely, I strive to achieve all extra tasks given to me as well as completing my daily duties on time.
Yes. I am good at multitasking.
Yes. I excel at working under pressure and still maintaining full attention on what needs to be done.
Yes, but I will put lesser tasks aside to make sure that the animal or animals I am caring for is/are safe, comfortable and secure if needed. I have found that often times tasks at a business tend to all be tied together and there is a logical seqence in which one should accomplish these tasks. If the time seemed too short to get all these tasks done in the alloted time and care for the animals, I would ask for help from others. If that wasn't available I would inform a supervisor and get help prioritizing.
Yes, I am able to multi task very well.
Yes, I am very good at multitasking.
Yes I will able to do it.
Yes. I will prioritize my tasks and then follow through with them to the best of my ability.
Yes. I will prioritize what needs to be done, and get it done with the best possible results in the alotted time. If I feel an animal might be compromised, I will ask for help.
Yes, as soon as I finish my first task.
Yes of course, I am very good at multitasking and being able to handle many jobs at once.
Yes I can do this I did multitasking at my other job.
My first priority is making sure i'm giving care to the animals and then I will do whatever i've been ask to do as that is also important in completing that task.
Yes- I am good at multitasking.
Yes, I have been responsible for taking care of many animals in my life while being in school and having a job or other rsponsibilities.
Yes. I feel I can handle tight deadlines and interruptions very well.
Yes. I have been told I am an excellent multi-tasker even when I didn't want to be. I do feel caring for the animals is the number one priority but I feel completing what has been asked of me, and doing a good job of it is very important as well.
Yes im a great multi tasker.
Yes, my previous experience at the vet hospital was very much like this. There were timers going off for different tasks, and animals needing to be prepped and recovered from surgery and office call medicine workups.
Yes I am great at multi-tasking that would be one of my greatest achievements in my pervious job setting.
Most definitely. I work well under pressure but making sure the animals in my care are cared for appropriately above everything.
Of course! I love to multi-task. It is one of the reasons I was drawn to veterinary clinics. There is always something to do.
Yes I will be. I multitask very well, especially in high-stress situations. I am always looking for the most efficient way to complete tasks both in a clinic setting and in everyday activities.
Yes, my first priority would be to take care of the animals but I am a multitasker. I see no problems with completing these tasks.
Of course! I am a big multitasker and know how to set my priorities so everything gets done in a reasonable manner.
Yes, during the fire evacuations, I was very proud of my dogs and the relationship we had because they trusted me to crate them and send them off with strangers at a high speed. We also have to juggle many tasks at once, feeding/shows/cleaning/etc. And we are usually done prior to the expected time.
Yes. I work in the highest volume Petco store in the district. I have to keep an eye and care for the animals while performing tasks and helping customers.
Yes I am I am a great multitasker, fast and careful worker.
Yes, I have experience with multitasking from working at the restaurant.
Yes, in fact, while I worked as a research intern at the UCLA comparative cognition laboratory, I ran approximately 15 pigeons through experiments. Each one took a different amount of time, and I had to monitor each one and also get the weights of each bird, and make sure I was ready with the next one.
Yes I am. I am highly organized and vey good at handling a couple of tasks at a time in any situation.
I believe I will be able to do so because since being in college I have gained the ability multi-task as well from my previous job history has taught me well.
Yes I have learned to multi task and do the most important things first to best help the animal.
Yes in my current role I understand how essential it is to be able to multi task when we are dealing with phone calls and customers face to face. I find writing myself lists helps me make sure all tasks get finished.
Yes, I am comfortable multi-tasking and thrive in a busy work environment.
Yes im a great multitasker having had three jobs in the past I think this would be very easy for me.
Absolutely. I believe my greatest strength in a medical setting is not only being able to multitask, but also being able to effectively prioritize those tasks.
Multitasking is not always ideal however I do have experience of carrying out several tasks simultaneously successfully. I will always do my best to complete all tasks to the best of my ability, if I am however for some reason unable to do within the timescales I will make you aware or work overtime to get the job done.
I am excellent at multitasking and feel comfortable with my time management skills.
Yes, I feel confident in my ability to multi task and have had previous job positions that have given me experience in doing so.
I was given tasks like that while working as a kennel assistant, I can do it.
Yes. I can multitask and excel in moving my schedule around to ensure everything gets attention. I can care for animals while simultaneously filing paperwork, taking care of customers and any other required tasks.
I think everyone who live in Hong Kong has the ability of multi-tasking. Also, When I was performing show in Ocean Park, I needed talking with tourist and observing my birds and surrounding environment.
Yes I can do this, because I will be focused on my tasks but im not going to leave the animals.
At the best of my ability I will achieve goals presented to med and multitask with a focus on the animals well being.
At the best of my ability I will achieve goals presented to med and multitask with a focus on the animals well being.
Yes, I would prioritise these tasks in order of importance but giving nursing treatment to patients comes first.
Yes, im good at staying focused until all task at hand are completed.
Absolutely. I am here to work. I am very task and detail oriented. I will put forth all my effort to succeed at the job. I am very competitive. I want to be the best technician you have.
Absolutely, I pride myself in the ability to multitask with limited time given.
The wellness of the animals comes first. However, job tasks assigned to me will get done in a timely manor along with the care of the patients.
My past employers have always told me that multi-tasking, problem solving and critical thinking are my strong point. So I can absolutely accomplish these tasks. Animals and clients are number one priority.
Absolutely I am a mother after all we often do multiple task on a regular basis.
Yes, I have experience multi-tasking in my previous jobs and in my daily life as a mother.
Yes. I have worked in high stress situations (I can thank my experiences waitressing for this). PAWS also gave me experience as sometimes we would have lots of surgeries. I would say I work well multitasking.
Yes. I can perform multiple tasks at the same time. However, the animals of course will still be my first priority.
In my previous roll, there were many aspects and many functions that needed my attention. I have experience with tackling many tasks, and I enjoy keeping on my toes than sitting behind a computer all day. A varied roll keeps the mind stimulated.
Yes. I will provide care to animals and help with other tasks that needed to be completed.
Being trained to do so, I will be able to do this.
I am great at multitasking and can prioritize tasks. Post-it notes are my friend in keeping track of tasks.
Yes I will be able to do this because I have great experience with multi-tasking from my previous jobs. Learning how to communicate and working together effectively will make anything possible at the workplace.
As long as I understand the tasks and have the skills to do them, I would definitely be able to complete the multiple tasks whilst also care taking for the animals.
Yes I am a fast worker and I like to make sure I get everything I need to do as fast as possible while making sure everything is right.
Yes. I am used to working in a fast paced environment. In my current job, we have over 70 dogs that need to be let out in to the play yards, have their kennels cleaned and be fed, all while being supervised in the yards in a short amount of time.
Yes, I know how to prioritize my time. I am also not afraid to ask for help if I need it. Animal care is a highly team-oriented position.
Yes, I love to be busy and work well under pressure.
High stress and fast paced jobs are where I excel. I am very good at multi tasking while still taking care to details.
Of course, I am a great multitasker.
Yes, I can multi task with ease, as a matter of fact I work most of the time like that, several things on the go at once.
I have no doubts in my ability to multi-task. I do very well in stressful situations without getting overwhelmed and look forward to the challenges.
YES! Working as a supervisor at my last job being able to multi tasks was key. Multi tasking has never been a problem for me.
Being able to manage multiple tasks efficiently is a must for anyone willing to progress in life. Diligence is required by my work standards, Keeping busy is how I enjoy learning.
Yes. I have experience multitasking in retail, and I perform well in busy and hectic environments, due to my experiences in retail.
Yes yes and yes to the best of my capabilities I am also a fast worker.
Yes I would do my best at prioritizing the tasks.
Yes, I have never had any problems multi-tasking. All of my previous jobs had many occasions where I had to multi-task, mostly taking care of more than one child at once is multi-tasking purely because they all have different and very specific needs.
Yes, in my time working at my parents bbq catering company I was asked to do multiple things at one time and had to watch over food while it was cooking.
Yes, depend on the situation. I will complete the most urgent first.
Yes. At home, I juggle a cat, a dog, and two young boys on a near-daily basis. Sometimes, one kid is crying, the other is getting into trouble, and the dog is trying to eat the food I just laid on the counter. It takes resilience, patience, and diligence, but I can multi-task quite well.
Absolutely I had to do this in my last job position.
Not a problem at all, the busier I am the better I tend to do.
Absolutely, I would try my best. My current job, I've learned to multitask.
To the best of my ability yes. I would have to priorities the jobs and proceed accourdingly if I need help doing a task id ask for help in order to get the tasks done.
Yes. I have had much experience in multi tasking and juggling/prioritising tasks in my previous roles. It's about prioritising, planning prior to tasks and communicating and organising a schedule with your team. Animal care shouldn't be compromised so if emergencies come up then the schedule has to be reorganised, sometimes thinking on your feet.
Yes, I'm a great multasker, I easily check up on each list.
Absolutely. I can multitask in high stress situations.
Yes I feel that I would be able to multitask well in a short amount of time if needed.
Yes I believe I would be able to multitask in a short amount of time if the situation required it.
Yes at my current job even though not related to animals I am constantly multitasking I believe I can transfer the abilities to working with animals.
Yes, I multitask all the time!
I can do this, in my current job I have to do this everyday.
I have to try to do my best. if it's anything like being a hotel maid I will have to learn to be as quick & efficient as I can . I have to work around my other fears of being bitten, but the dr. Has the last say. I'm sure I will be alerted if an animal is too dangerous in which case another person may have to assist me or me them.
I will prioritise my workload, but ensure time is set aside for each duty required, whilst caring for the patients.

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