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Tell me about your favorite job. What did you like most about it?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Veterinary Assistant interview

How to Answer

This is a good question to think about before you go to your interview. It can help bring clarity about what your intentions are for wanting this new position. It can also help you check to make sure you're headed in the right direction. If you liked your past job because you to work with people in a hands on, challenging environment, working as a vet assistant in a clinic is perfect for you. However, if you enjoy working in an office behind a desk on a computer all day, you might want to reconsider this new role. If you were to use that as an example, I know the interviewer would be questioning if you're a good fit. When you give your answer, talk about how the elements you enjoyed in your favorite job to show how they are similar to this new position. It could be a completely different field. That's okay! Point out three key characteristics of the job that made it great. Think about how they compare to what you're looking forward to when you work at the vet clinic.

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Tell me about your favorite job. What did you like most about it?
I really enjoy dentals because you can see instant results.
I was most satisfied working as a para-educator in the autism unit at Cooper High School because it was truly satisfying to help those children learn important life skills, social skills and academic skills. I remember on the last day of school, the young man in which I worked with one-on-one had received the highest grade in the class on his history final. There's nothing more satisfying than helping people or animals become better at something in which they have struggled.
My current position as a veterinary receptionist has been my most satisfying job so far.
Probably my position at Sally's. It involved a lot learning and problem solving. Also we had a ton of instore projects that I could constantly stay busy with. To top it off we always had customers. I love meeting new people, but being a beauty supply shop we had regulars that I could get to know like friends!
Any job where I helped animals directly or indirectly. I love my volunteer positions where I socialize animals and clean their cages, because I get an immediate sense of reward. I can see how I am affecting them and helping them.
Helping animals and being outdoors.
My first and only job was working in a daycare. And honestly I love it but was something different more challenging.
I was highly satisfied when I volunteered at the Durham Humane Society doing dog walking, as well as other duties.
I like to help animals and see them recover.
The job in which I have been the most satisfied working was when I was a para-educator in the autism unit at Cooper High School because I acted as a caretaker and a helper to those students. In fact, on the last day of school, I learned that the young man in which I worked one-on-one with received the highest grade in the class on his history final. Care giving jobs are definitely the most rewarding.
Working at the animal shelter.
I have truly enjoyed all aspects of my animal care internship at the zoo. It has been very challenging and rewarding.
Even though I was an unpaid volunteer, I really enjoyed working at my first animal clinic. It was satisfying to help the animals and work with the employees there.
Since I do not any experience with veterinary assistant work where I was employed, I was most satisfied when I was working with children, getting to see them become independent individuals.
Working in the vet clinic. I loved being to learn something new almost every day and seeing the regular clients and their furry children. I was confident with my job and with working with my assigned team. We were always prepared and got our responsibilities done in a set rhythm and it was always such a great feeling.
Out of the cleaning service and farmers market jobs I had, I was most satisfied with the farmers market job because it was a job that I was able to progress in and meet a more variety of clients.
I've only really had 1 other substantial job. That is at Kohl's. It's not my favorite job, but I've been happy enough with it so far. I'm looking to reach into my future career, though.
The U.S. Army. Being able to give back to my country was the best decision I have made thus far.
I have been most satisfied working as a veterinary technician assistant at a small animal hospital because I loved the environment and the clients were overall, understanding.
As a veterinary assistant. I enjoy the rewarding feeling that comes along with it for both humans and animals.
Only had one job I would like to leave to pursue my passion.
Any where I get to interact with animals, and not get in the way of my fellow workers.
My volunteer work at a local animal hospital.
Best Friends Animal Society. There was a lot of room to grow -- either in a certain position or simply in training a dog. There were endless opportunities for rewarding tasks.
As a kennel assistant, I felt like this is what I wnt to do for the rest of my life.
Working in the medical field. I enjoy helping to make lives healthy, better.
Volunteer at hospital to help both human and animals.
I find great satisfaction in supporting animals through difficult situations and in relieving some of the anxiety that clients have about their pets.
Being a Medication Tech in assisted living facilities.
I really enjoyed being in surgery and assisting with the vet.
I have never had a job. But I enjoyed volunteering at the vet clinic immensely.
I have had a few jobs in my working career, but the two that stands out the most is when I worked at the miller center, caring for people and the other one was when I worked for myself.
Rescue Work. Working side by side with people who cared about animals as much as I do.
As a veterinary care assistant, I particularly have an interest in assisting clients through bereavement.
At the pediatric clinic at Baptist.
My volunteer positions at the NC Aquarium and Museum of life and science.
Working as an animal care attendant because I could see that I was making a difference the lives of the animals I looked after.
When I was apart of the dairy farm. Working outdoors in the peacefulness of the dairy farm.
Stay home mom was the best of jobs because I was able to stay home with kids and pets.
Veterinary assistant in private.
Definitely when I worked directly with lab animals during their care when I held the post of Animal Technician.
I loved working with horses in my last job before I had my son.
My favorite job to this day was operating a boarding kennel for dogs.
As an E.M.T. Helping to care and take care of and get help for people who were injured or sick.
Being kennel supervisor was very satisfying because I was given a lot of responsibility as well as the oppurtunity to care for the animals.
All of my animal focused careers have been fulfilling.
I was most satisfied interning at the emergency equine hospital. This is because of the volume of cases I saw and variety among them. The knowledge I gained there is invaluable to me.
Zookeeper Intern, or my volunteer experience with wildlife rehabilitation. I enjoyed working with a variety of animals and people. I learned something new every day! I also knew that my work was valuable, and that I was appreciated.
I was most satisfied working with horses. They are such large animals and I feel that working along side them helped build trust and confindence.
Well, I haven't worked in places that go towards my interview. If you want to consider working at URS as something that could possibly go towards my career. I mean, I did take care of people who depended on other's for help, I administered medication and fed and toileted clients.
In the veterinary hospital so far.
I liked all aspects in the vet field but I think experiencing the surgery room and seeing all the different thing you find or surgeries that are done is always pretty exciting.
I was most satisfied while working in a dog grooming salon as a groomer/bather. My salon also provided doggie daycare wich allowed more time to care for and bond with our pets and their owners.
Being able to provide customer satifacation.
Animal care.
I worked at a show pig breeding operation for billington show pigs.
Working directly with the animals, especially canines.
I think my most satisfying job to date has been running my own pet sitting business. It's allowed me to gain experience with many different animals, but in other areas to such as marketing and promotion.
I was most satisfied working as a volunteer for the beef and sheep farm at my University. It was fulfilling to wake up early and attend to my daily chores, such as feeding all the cattle and calves and then tackling the list of chores for the days. A list that included treatment of sick animals, moving irrigation pipes, or moving one herd of animals to a different pasture. It was satisfying in that I could see the changes my hard work was accomplishing, and I loved working as a team with the other volunteers. It was hard, sometime back breaking work but it was great being outdoors working together.
Looking after the health of the animals.
The job in my career that I was most satisfied working was as a residence life don. To make an impacting difference that is qualitative is a rare life experience. Not only have grown tremendously as a person from that job, but I can genuinely say that I have improved and changed the life of others.
Riding stables, no two days were ever the same. Different horses would always behave differently and surprise me!
So far being a kennel technician. Animals have always been my passion.
My last job working on the stable yard and my voluntary work with rescue dogs.
Volunteering at the animal shelter. Although I was working for free it was the most important to me because helping and loving animals just comes natural.
I have only worked at one job which is tesco. I like the hours and it worked around my open university but it isn't in the job field I want.
I am always happy to learn, my profession as para-vet entails a lot of things, I have worked in a vet clinic and I enjoyed despite the emotional roller coasters. I have also worked as vet sales person and still learning.
When did work experience at vets in year 10
Veterinary assistant job in private company.
Actually I have not yet found this kind of job that I would say how I was to worked there.
I loved babysitting. Hanging out with the kids and getting them to activities really tested my skills. Kids are so sweet and you can't help but love them.
I think I've been most satisfied in my work as a volunteer for a wildlife rehab hospital. I have loved having the opportunity to work with such a wide variety of animals, and really enjoy the medical setting. I learn so much every shift, and get to work with knowledgeable professionals and like-minded volunteers. Even on days where I have minimal contact with animals, it's a great environment and always keeps me excited about my career.
I have only had one job and it was at Taco Bell and I loved working there.
I was most satisfied working as a paper girl. I loved doing this as I got to speak to the public and I enjoyed communicating to people.
Working at the vet clinic the year that I interned there in high school. I liked being in the clinic environment and being around the animals and seeing them get better and improve their health.
I think interning here, or my volunteer work at various shelters gave me the most satisfaction. I don't mind dirty jobs, because I know it's helping out a lot of animals, and that is what makes me happy and contented.
Working at petsmart because I got to work with both animales and pets.
I eventually want to move on and become a registered vet tech.
Taking care of animals and making them feel better.
I was most happy when I was working as a Concierge in a resort because I had to multitask and my job tasks were different each day.I also really liked feeling accomplished because I was able to help guests be happy and have fun during their stay.
It has to be my own dog walking business which I did over 2 years, I wasn't making very much money but it has got to be the most satisfying job I've had. I learnt so much about dogs fitness, health and obedience as by working with them everyday I saw dramatic changes in their attitudes with other dogs and people. Slowly each day I watched as each dog got fitter, skinner and started to cope better with longer walks. It helped me create strong bonds with the dogs and train them to obey basic commands. It taught me that each dog has different strengths and talents just like humans each owning its own personality.
In my very limited experience, I have enjoyed all my jobs in different ways. I enjoyed my last job particularly because of the heightened responsibility and sense of accomplishment/experience I gained from helping to run a small takeout restaurant. I loved the people I worked with as well. It was a fun experience. I am always looking to work in a field that offers more of a chance to learn, to excel in a certain field, to take on more responsibility.
I like to interact with people.
I really enjoyed working at the PetSmart pet hotel on Coleman in San Jose. My coworkers were an amazing group of people. I learned a lot during my summers at the job, I mean what else can I ask for, I got to spend a ton of time playing and interacting with groups of dogs. I started picking up on behavioral cues,I stopped being grossed out with picking up poop and pee.
I had a job at my local Petsmart. It really opened up my eyes to different types of animals and made me even more sure of my career choice.
I would say Health Care environm.
Horse Barn I loved taking care of the horses.
The job I was most satisfied working in was actually a volunteer job. I spent my summer breaks volunteering at the beef unit at Cal Poly Pomona. There I was able to practice what I was being taught, both the technical and theoretical. Spending my time out doors, accomplishing the tasks for the day and seeing the difference I was making for the cattle and calves there was rewarding and fun.
Veterinary Assistant at the shelter.
I was the most satisfied working at the Pet Shop. I enjoyed giving basic care to a variety of animals and working with the people who love animals, including the public who came to look for a pet.
I volunteered at a small animal practice vet clinic.
In a hair cutting school. I cut my dogs hair myself. Also tried to shear them a bit, but needed a quieter shaver . Most animals love to feel pampered & clean.
Veterinary assistant in private company.
In all honesty none as my field of work has been something I was forced into, my passion has always been animals and I feel I would be happier and more satisfied in this career.
My previous job really was just a simple demo job, but I found that I loved the daily interaction with the members (Costco's customers). You got to know people you otherwise would never meet. I also loved being able to help someone find something they needed, instead of leaving them to walk the store aimlessly.
I currently work in a grocery store and I love working on cash because I can socialize with new people, help them scan out their groceries, aid them if they have any questions. Lastly its a great way on knowing what new products are in the store for future reference.
I loved working at the rescue in Georgia. There were some great people there who just wanted to save dogs and see them go to go homes and taken care of. I loved seeing the happy endings.
When I did work experience at the vets.
I would have to say my last job at a childrens boutique. I found it very rewarding to build relationships and actually become friends with customers who came to shop.
I loved working for the clinic.
Kings island amusement park.
I am most satisfied working with animals as a veterinary assistant. The most satisfying and rewarding part of this career is seeing a sick animal recover and return to a happy normal life.
Volunteer jobs are the most exciting - you get the most hands on experience and you feel like you're making a difference. I definitely get as much back as I give.
While I enjoyed my time working in the medical field, a lot of what I did, did not directly affect the patients. During my time at Kumon, however, I loved that I was able to see how my work had an impact on the lives of my students. Week after week they would come back and I would be able to see their improvement in reading, writing and math, and it made me feel as though I was truly accomplishing something.
I haven't had a job yet, but raising my children as a stay at home mom has been the most satisfying part of my life so far. Family is very important to me.
I really enjoyed working with goats. They were surprisingly friendly playful animals, almost like dogs! I learned a lot when I was working in the barn. I would say that working as a pet counselor was most satisfying because of the amount of time I spent with dogs, but I got more of a scientific education out of working with the goats.
I have only volunteered at the Veterans hospital and a thrift store, but I liked them both because I got to work with people and felt like I had something that made me feel responsible.
Caring for animals.
I am satisfied working with small animals at humane society for my job shadowing.
Even though I was not gainfully employed by the wildlife rehab clinic, volunteering there was the most satisfying experience I have had because of how much I learned.
I enjoyed working at the front desk and seeing clients with their pets. I fell I can truly relate to them and be the support they need.
Ones where I had a variety of tasks to do, had a medical component to it, and also contact work with people. I am very social. I
When I was a assistant teacher at a pre-k and me starting my volunteer work at ACC.
Most likely woking at a restaurant. I like interacting with people and their different personalities! Always something different!
I was most satisfied running my small farm because I was able to ensure that all of my animals were well cared for and lived as good of a life as I could provide; especially if they were to be harvested in the future.
I have only had 2 jobs but the zoo being non-profit has definitely been satisfying. I mean really both jobs have taught me so much.
I'm pretty adaptable. I can be happy doing a variety of things as long as I can stay busy. That said, at Trevi Systems, I've enjoyed doing hands on stuff the most. I've learned a bit about electronics and soldering and that has been an enjoyable process. It can be tedious, but the feeling of using your hands and skills to create something is pretty awesome.
I was most satisfied whilst participating in works experience at the equestrian centre at Kirkley hall where I was able to work closely with the horses. This included checking the horses overall health such as their heart rate, respiration rate, temperature, body condition, skin condition, eyes, ears, nose and capillary refill time.
This will be my first job.
Pets West, even though it has been a short career thus far. Working with animals and animal owners has been incredibly life-changing.
I was very happy in my previous position as a teaching assistant. I liked the fact that I was part of such a strong team of educators and leaders. Not only that but we were all there for the children and they made it really great fun.
I loved any job where I was either with animals, or studying animals, but I also enjoyed tutoring because I learned a lot about communication and it taught me so much more about biology than I could imagine.
I would have to say that the Project Assistant position at the Cary Institute has so far been the most rewarding. I was able to be hands-on with the animals, I learned new skills (blood drawing and tissue sampling), and I was contributing to major Lyme disease studies. Because it felt like I was making a difference, and what I did mattered, it was the most beneficial to my career thus far.
I have not yet secured a job in my career I am a newly graduated student looking for my first veterinary clinic.
Volunteering at the clinics as I have never had a job like this.
The very first day that I worked at Azizi Pet hospital assisting the vets, I couldn't be a happier person but that was somewhat short lived as I was put to work on the front desk and told that I was not allowed in the back.
I was most satisfied being a canine care worker.
What vacation time do works in vet assistant generally receive.
I have not had career before, but I did enjoy my externship.
Working with animals hands down, the things I have enjoyed most have been based in problem solving and investigation, and the rewards of connecting and communicating with animals.
Working as a student vet nurse.
There was this little body products shop that I worked for called Sabon, and it was such a welcoming feel good kind of place, everyone was best friends and we all clicked and laughed and had some fun memories.
Again just seeing the progression and improvement of the animals we work with is just so fulfilling and rewarding. Whether is is seeing the growth of the baby mammals or just seeing the improvement of a birds wings after doing physiotherapy.
I want to work with small animals.
My happiest time is my work with the turtles. Being able to protect their nests and then release their babies that I helped save, gives me no better satisfaction. I feel like quite the proud mama.
I have not worked but becoming a certified veterinarian would be the biggest accomplishment of my life.
Meow Parlour, hands down. Being able to develop loving relationships with so, so many cats and to come into work every day and be able to help them find their forever homes; it was really rewarding. That job made me confident in the fact that I knew I could work with animals forever.
I was most satisfied with being a CNA
I only have 2 jobs in my history. My job as a housekeeper would be the most satisfying because I gained valuable interpersonal, leadership and organizational skills while being able to feel like I was helping patients and visites in my small way.
My job at the Chiropractors office. I made sure the office flowed and everything was kept in working order so the days ran smoothly and working in an office that was helping people was very rewarding as well.
I have always been satisfied where ever I am, as long as I am learning and being challenged.
I want to finish school and be a vet tech.
My volunteer jobs have been the most fulfilling.
Helping keep the animals healthy and happy..
My Job as a Vet assistant at Hope for animals. I got to help people and animals.
Working as a veterinary cold laser therapy tech.
I was most satisfied working in childcare. It is always a nice feeling when you get to know families so that they can trust you with the care of their children.
Working with the public had always been a passion of mine.
Since I don't have much veterinary experience yet I would say that the job I was most satisfied working in was working with children. I loved helping and watching them grow and learn as independent individuals.
My favorite job was working at the Pet Spa at Nemacolin. I really enjoyed speaking with the clients about upcoming pet stays. I learned so much about the family and their pets, even before they walked in the door. Most of the time, I was able to put nervous pet parents at ease when they were worries about how "Baxter" would do in a kennel environment. Seeing how the pets were always happy coming and going from the pet spa, made the job worth it.
I enjoy all of them, I like lab, and treatment, but love large animals.
Animal care is most satisfying because I can do my part in giving back to pets and customers.
The feeling of being able to help others. I believe everyone needs a pick me up in life and mine is being around animals. Something about 4 legged animals makes me so enthusiastic.
I only have had one job since now and I've been there for almost a year and a half. And I love it there I love the people that I work with I'm really got lucky.
Petsmart was definitely the most satisfing because there was a large variety of animals I saw everyday and learned about from fellow co-workers. And it was a great human-animal experience overall.
I have only babysitted, but I didn't mind it at all.
I love when im working around animals/wildlife or with anyone who has the same passion as I do about animals and wildlife. I loved my voulnteer work I did in africa and I am planning to go to costa rica sometime in the next two year to work with turtles. I vastly enjoyed my time at the veterinary clinic when in high school and want to be in that environment again now that I am an adult and have learnt more. Working in hospitality is only a temporary measure and when the Easter show comes round I spend my days off or free time in the animal pavillions.
I would want to say with internship. I liked it and it was awesome and I do believe I worked hard there.
I have been satisfied in all my jobs as they all related to doing something that helps another individual out. That means a lot to me.
I have worked many jobs, I would safe the coffee industry was satisfactory. Meeting new people all the time.
Most definitely working as a Veterinary Assistant in Rota, Spain.
Other than working in veterinary clinics, the only other job I’ve had was as a ‘check out chick’ at the local IGA where I was just called in to help out. Working with animals, and as a veterinary nurse, is definitely the most satisfying job. In terms of where within that job, I love to be in surgeries – whether as a surgical nurse or anaesthetist.
Running my dig sitting business.
Working within a veterinary surgery.
Being around all the animals.

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