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Veterinary Assistant Interview Questions and Answers
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Tell me about your animal training.
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I have worked professionally with horses for ten years now and ice recently started volunteering at a wildlife rescue.
I study Animal Care at college where we deal with animals day in and day out. Also I have 3 dogs at home and have grown up with animals around me.
357 hours with mixed small animals and equine. Limited experience with cattle and small ruminants.
I have volunteered over 300 hours at a small, privately owned clinic where the doctor also specialized in exotic animals such as monkeys, snakes, lizards and guinea pigs. I have received my veterinary assistant certification through Animal Behavior College. This certification included a 90 hours externship where I received hands-on training in a working animal hospital with and without supervision.
Even though I've never had a career working with animals, I've always owned a variety of pets ever since I was a small child, you name it, I've owned it. When I was in middle and high school, I was also very active in 4-H and FFA, along with volunteering at a local animal hospital. I also recently signed up to be a volunteer at the Boone County Animal Shelter.
Animals rescue skill, certificate ii animal study, vet nurse sugical training skill, and volunteer.
Working at the humane society for 9 months.
Actually I've had none so far. But I want to change that.
I attended animal care course for two years at college and done 2 years work placement in a vet practice.
The only professional training I have with animals was during my schooling and practicum experience.
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