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Tell me about your animal training.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Veterinary Assistant interview

How to Answer

You may have read books and articles or received formal dog training. Whatever the case may be, you want to share relevant training related to animal handling and training. If you received any training in a volunteer setting at an animal shelter or from your education, be sure to include it! When you talk about training or education, share what you learned and how it has been helpful. Training is not required to be a veterinary assistant, but there are several medical career schools that offer training. If you are considering formal training, be sure to check with the National Association of Veterinary Technicians to find a program that's right for you!

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Tell me about your animal training.
I have worked professionally with horses for ten years now and ice recently started volunteering at a wildlife rescue.
I study Animal Care at college where we deal with animals day in and day out. Also I have 3 dogs at home and have grown up with animals around me.
357 hours with mixed small animals and equine. Limited experience with cattle and small ruminants.
I have volunteered over 300 hours at a small, privately owned clinic where the doctor also specialized in exotic animals such as monkeys, snakes, lizards and guinea pigs. I have received my veterinary assistant certification through Animal Behavior College. This certification included a 90 hours externship where I received hands-on training in a working animal hospital with and without supervision.
Even though I've never had a career working with animals, I've always owned a variety of pets ever since I was a small child, you name it, I've owned it. When I was in middle and high school, I was also very active in 4-H and FFA, along with volunteering at a local animal hospital. I also recently signed up to be a volunteer at the Boone County Animal Shelter.
Animals rescue skill, certificate ii animal study, vet nurse sugical training skill, and volunteer.
Working at the humane society for 9 months.
Actually I've had none so far. But I want to change that.
I attended animal care course for two years at college and done 2 years work placement in a vet practice.
The only professional training I have with animals was during my schooling and practicum experience.
I am an RVT and have been working in clinical practice for 12 years. I am also certified in two Technician Specialties, Small Animal Internal Medicine and Emergency and Critical Care.
I haven't had any training with any animals as I have just left sixth form this is why I applied for the appertership.
I have 7 years of experience with small animals. While at my last job I helped restrain and assist with surgical induction, monitored animals during surgery, helped take x-rays, did animal blood work analysis, and fed and watered all hospitalized and boarding animals.
Volunteering at Dakin, I worked hands on feeding, medicating, and socializing with the kittens. I also have had cats my whole life, and my friends all have dogs.
I've had pets my whole life. I've cared for cats, dogs, rats, and hamsters. I also volunteered with Pets Lifeline for a summer two years ago where I spent a lot my time socializing the cats and dogs.
I did my internship at Heartland Veterinary Clinic.
I'm a qualified VOA, I have much experience in restraint with both cats and dogs, at my clinic I have taken temps, removed IV's and assisted post surgery.
Both my college and university courses have giving good knowledge and skills needed to work within the animal industry.
I hve a certificate in Assisting and 3 years of work experience all tolled. I have owned animals all my life.
I have taken Sheridan's Animal Care program and worked with my service animal for several years, as well as being a pet owner for all of my life.
Degree in animal behavioural science. Certificate in microchipings.
I have a certificatei and animal health care, pet washing and I have owned dogs and cats.
Minimal; mostly personal care of my pets and family pets. Constantly fostering animals until a more stable loving home made itself available.
Trained to handle birds, pigs, dogs, horses, cats, rabbits..
I have worked at a show barn for over 14 years. I also have had pets (dogs, cats, snakes, hamsters, birds) all my life. I have been shadowing veterinarians both large animal and small for the past 3 years and have first handed witnessed many injuries and births of horses while on the job.
I have worked at two veterinary offices and I own many pets and I also pet sit for family friends.
I have not yet trained with animals, but hope to gain experience through work experience.
I was trained for, four months to assist Technicians with routine exams, emergency procedures, and much more.
I have volunteered in the north central animal shelter, where I have cleaned cat cages, feed them, and changed litter boxes. I've also gotten experience walking dogs from the shelter. After that I became a kitten foster parent, and raised two kittens at the same time. They were sick, and I helped bring them back to good health.
I've worked in a bare bones animal shelter environment. I was.
I attended westech college and did volunteer work through them.
I've owned animals throughout my life.
As a vet assistant, I can trim nails contain an animal.
Work Experience at a Local Veterinary Practice, Dog walking and Farm work Experience.
Animal husbandry in my Agriculture classes in high school, 4-H, and FFA, and in my personal life with my own animals.
I have 2 years experience as a veterinary assistant.
None other than keeping and caring for my personal pets and the dogs I transport and or foster.
I've worked with bathing and cutting their nails .
Yes, with the rescues and my volunteer work with other Veterinary Hospitals I have bottle fed puppies and kittens and cared for sick and or injured animals.
In addition to my certification, I have two years of experience as a vet assistant and two internships with veterinary hospitals.
Some training I have had with animals is mainly my experience volunteering at the ninth life cat rescue. There I have accredited how to properly clean the cages, handle the cats wether they are friendly, semi farrel or have handling issues. I have also learned how to step in properly between two cats and am not afraid of one lashing out and mainly know how to deal with this behaviour. I have also learned how to differentiate between a healthy cat and how to point out if one looks ill, in pain or aggravated by the area as well as having learned basic knowledge about when cats need shots and their anatomy.
Certificate ii animal study, animal rescue.
Animal husbandry poytechnic.
I have no formal training with animals, but all my life I had a pet with me so I took care of them. I also got the Pet first aid certification this past saturday.
As well as owning pets I volunteer as a cattery supporter at an animal shelter.
I am a level 2 veterinary care assistant and I also have a diploma in animal behaviour.
I consider that I have ample training with animals, over the years sence I was a little girl I had a cat and a dog, I cared for them as I grew, I used to go fishing for my cat because she loved the trout so much, I cant remember not having an animal, so I always cared for animals.
No formal training, but before starting my full time internship I spent much of my free time at my local animal shelter.
I have worked with many assistant veterinarians .I've watched and had hands on experiences.
I have owned and operated a boarding kennel for dogs and cats for just over 12 years.
Owned multiple pets growing up.
Through school and volunteering I have been trained on how to restrain, comfort, carry, and monitor the behavior and vitals of animals. This includes dogs, cats, rabbits, and pocket pets. I am also certified in pet first aid.
I have completed the animal care certificate from Sheridan College plus I have worked in an emergency clinic and an animal hospital.
Eleven years with NIMR as a senior Band 6 Animal Tech for small animals including ferrets, many short courses, on the job training in animal welfare and husbandry care, training in how to administer specific medications, NVQ2 Animal Technology.
I have owned animals my whole life and I know when animals need something animals have a way of speaking with their bodies.
I attended veterinary assistance school and obtain my certificate.
I have been an agility trainer for the past 2 years. I have worked with caring for horses as well as cows.
Veterinary nursing degree with student placements. Voluntary work with animal charities.
I have had many animals sich as dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and chickens.
I have had 8 months in a Veterinary Assistant program and recieved a 90% final grade.
None but I have always been around animals growing up.
A lifetime of owning both large and small animals.
I have had a lot of volunteer experience with animals.
I have owned animals all my life.
I have been a vet nurse for 10.5 years and completed my studt in nursing 10 years ago.
At Cal Poly Pomona I have been trained in restraint, knowing vital signs, basic animal diseases and the care of animals. At the first small animal hospital I interned at, they began training me as a technician after seeing how well I responded to the fast paced environment. They allowed me to draw blood, make surgical packs, administer fluids, restraint, and basic bloodwork. At the equine hospital, I mostly was involved in neonatal fluid administration, milking mares and foal nutrition, taking blood, restraint, basic anesthesia and basic bloodwork. At the last small animal hospital, I was mostly involved in shadowing veterinarians, taking vitals, setting up machines and surgeries, drawing up vaccines, and assisting technicians with restraint or other procedures.
I have had on the job training as dog washer, dog sitter, kennel attendant, animal care specialist, and volunteer at a cat shelter.
I studied Biology in college with a concentration in Zoology, I have participated in 3 internship programs at animal facilities, and I held the position of educator at the zoo, for 7 months.
My training thus far has been pretty basic. Feeding, grooming and administering medications.
I currently do not have a professional experience with animals but I have taught myself to potty train my dog and to groom him properly.
Raised dogs and trained them.
Professional grooming, vet tech school, owning animals, petsitting, animal hospital receptionist and part time vet assistant.
I have been trained with rhesus macaques and common marmoset handling and husbandry. I have also been trained with handling dogs and cats. In addition to being trained, I've lived my whole life with a variety of animals, not just dogs and cats but different types of rodents (rats, mice, hamsters, rabbits, etc.), horses, cows, chickens, goats.
I have had 240 hours of voluteer work at care in comfort in el ccajon and I worked at mbph for about a year. And also studied at pima. I can restrain, draw blood, fold packs, make ear cytologys, administer vaccines.
90 hour stage with my school program gave me a lot of experience in animal hospotal procedures and what it is llike to work there on a daily.
I have completed the Veterinary Assistant Program at Robertson College and had my practicum at the Animal Hospital of Manitoba.
I worked under a skilled professional groomer for over a year learning grooming and handling techniques for a variety of animals anywhere from small dogs and cats to large breed dogs. I also work well with difficult behaviors such as biting and scratching. Even working with fragile and elderly animals.
I have had limited contact with many exotic animals at the zoo. I have helped with husbandry and enrichment on many animals. I have observed medication and animal introductions. I have observed many different animal behaviors.
Management of handling small animals Pony rides at a theme park.
In my third year I worked at a physiology lab under the guidance of Dr. Russel Tupling. There we had many times where I would help the lab coordinator prep animal rooms and I assisted with some of the surgeries.
Handling mammals in the feild, pet owner, volunteering at humane societys.
Sign language for my deaf dog, sit, stay, down, shake,
I have completed an online course in veterinary support assistance, I have also owned dogs, cats, and rabbits.
I have got a level 2 animal care, level3 animal management, dog grooming, animal physiology and animal pet sitting course.
I went to the pierce county skill center and took veterinary science courses.
I have worked in a dog boarding facility for 6 months now and during that time we were given test and learning modules yo complete.
I have volunteer experience at the local SPCA, I babysit friend`s animals, and I work at a veterinary clinic currently.
Cleaning kennels, feeding and taking the dogs for walks.
I have shown animals for 9 years and gained above average animal handling skills.
I have been around animals of all kinds my entire life. I also have worked as a vet assistant in an animal hospital.
I have Shadowed for the about the past year at Animal Hospital at Vista Lakes with Dr. Smith and Dr. Raulerson. That has given me enormous insight as to how to handle situations with different animals. The SPCA has granted me physical training with regards to handling cats and dogs.
No formal training but plenty of life experience with raising the dogs, horses etc.
I did my 15 hours for my senior project at a Veterinary hospital.
Most of my experience is from working directly with animals.
I have volunteered at a local vet clinic.
I have had work experience in a veterinary practice when I was in year 10 at school and then some work experience in a dog groomers. I have also done open university with animal psychology.
I have not had any formal training, but I have a dog Louis who is a patient at the surgery. I raised him from 8 weeks old and I have a love for animals and am interested in their welfare.
Growing up care for animals, have worked in emergency and in a day clinic, restraining, endotracheal tubes, blood withdrawal,
I currently own a kitten, a cat, two lizards, fish and I have previously owned guinea pigs, mice, dogs, a puppy, rabbits and birds.
As I am sure many of your interviewees say, I have been a pet owner and surrounded by animals my whole life. But the real training I must say is the voluntry work I have done with the RSPCA and Guide Dogs for the Blind. I like to put myself out there while I am volunteering so that not only am I taking on the standard volunteer duties, but I am learning new things while I am there. For example if there is an ill animal, if the staff allow me I will always ask to assist in giving the medicine, for example we had dogs who flew from Portugal who had a high temperature and I was regularly checking their temperature, which unfortunately, after they weren't getting any better, the vet told us that these puppies had parvo so unfortunately there was nothing we could do for them. There was another case with dogs who came into the shelter with mange, I assisted in bathing the dogs with medicine shampoo with some great aid and advice from the member of staff who was talking me through what to do and teaching me about mange.
At the museum of life and science I am trained in animals care to clean stalls, provide food, make diets, handle animals, and clean enclosures.
I have done a year at college so I've been trained in a variety of things such as handling and restraint, health checking and basic grooming.
I have been doing voluntary work at my local vet for about three years now and I have came across a wide range of different animals. I have been given training on how to handle and show positive attitude to dogs and cats if they come aggressive. I had my own dog walking business through summer where I taught myself how to approach different situations with dogs who have different personalities. Also at the horse yard I go to I have trained with all different breeds, sizes and temperaments, and learnt not every animal has the same personality traits just like humans.
Job shadowed at veterinary hospital and helped taking care and watching the animals.
I have 4 dogs, 2 cats, and 5 chickens. I take care of all of them to an extent and absolutely love it. I also take care of my neighbors more exotic animals when they go out of town. That includes lizards, fish, and at one point a sugar glider.
Previous veterinary experience.
Unfortunately I had any training with animals.
5yrs in the field; cleaning cages, walking pets, restraint; bloodwork.
Animal husbandry polytechnic.
I have been trained on handleing, feeding, and cleaning for a variety of animals. And also been able to use positive reinforcment to train animals for target trainign and weights.
I have been trained on handleing, feeding, and cleaning for a variety of animals. And also been able to use positive reinforcment to train animals for target trainign and weights.
I took vet classes my junior year of high school and received a 4.0
I have always owed animals however my professional experience strated in 2010 when I stated my diploma in college to now where I am caring for animals in a pet store and boarding house.
I have had work experience in a local vet which I saw all areas of the practice.
I was raised on a farm.
I worked with wildlife for 3 years. My primary task was to keep records, medicate the animals, feed and clean up after them.
Working with equines at umass, and working with my own pets.
I have helped with other peoples pets and have had jobs with animal shelters too.
I have no training with animals but I am quick to learn anything.
Animal keeper at zoo.
I have worked in a clinic for a year and also have had animals my whole life.
Walking and holding them.
I have a Bachelor of Animal science as well as three years of experience of Veterinary school. Additionally I have over 1,000 hours of volunteer experience in large animals, wildlife, and small animals.
I've worked at an animal control. I worked with the humane society. I have my own pets.
I have 3 years experience working as a veterinary assistant and have learned a great deal about the requirements of this job. I have also had some training with an equine veterinarian as well.
I have completed the online portion of my vet assistant certification and have 2 dogs of my own.
I have work at vet offices.
I volunteered a few times at the Humane Society, I enjoyed helping out in the spay/ nueter clinic. And of course I take care of my own animal. I have also pet sitted.
My earliest training was helping my dad take care of guinea pigs that he bred at home. I learnt about the responsibility of ensuring the animals had clean bedding, fresh water and food. I also helped my dad with looking after the infant guinea pigs. During my time at school I was very interested in science especially biology so I pursued this subject. I decided to do my 2 week work experience placement at at veterinary practice along with another school friend I visited a local mixed practice. I observed the daily care of in-patients and preparations by the nurses and vets for surgery. I was asked to assist with handling animals and cleaning out pens. During my time at University I also saw practice at two more veterinary centres and spent a week in the stables at an animal sanctuary. I started working as an animal technician in 2011 where I first worked in a breeding unit which housed immuno-suppressed rodents. I learnt how to perform a daily health check and record any incidences including new litters. I was trained in handling of rodents and euthanasia policies. Most recently my role as a volunteer at Guide Dogs Training centre I assist the dog care and welfare team and I have learnt how to groom and use a lead correctly in addition to commands.
Through PIMA last year I took the veterinary assistant program and through them I learned crucial skills used in veterinary assisting. I went on externship at the SDHS where I got hands on experience and learned to work with a variety of animals. There I was able to learn how to work fast and slow paced.
I have restrained dogs and cats, gave needle after surgery, walked dogs outside, trimmed nails while under anesthetic, cleaned the surgery area, tattooed cats' ear. Have been in the examination rooms listening and helping vet while checking animal over. I grew up on a farm with dogs, cats, cows, horses and pigs.
I have studied Certificates I and II in Animal Studies, a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. While doing these certificates I worked in several different clinics as part of the work placement including the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.
I love animals, though I dont have any training id be willing to further my education in the veterinary field.
I've had extensive training with animals throughout the past one and a half years, but unfortunately none in a hospital setting. My greatest work was done with a colony of African Leopard Tortoises at Cal Poly. I was in charge of the daily husbandry and upkeep of the colony and the facility in which they presided. It was tedious work, but so rewarding. I enjoyed working with these animals, the people, and contributing my work to a life-long research project that the colony is being conducted in by one of Cal Poly's Animal Nutritionists Dr. Mark Edwards. It was an absolutely rewarding job and it was hard leaving it.
I have always owned and been brought up with animals.
Hand on and I volonteer in shelter when younger.
I have only had training with animals living in my own home.
Most of my training experiences have come from my job at the pet hotel. Mainly interacting with the pets that boarded, behaviors, feeding, keeping track of charts, grooming, restraining, many things. I also learned a lot from my animal science labs at UC Davis. We worked mainly with farm animals, which is a bit different from veterinary practices.
I have worked at a horse barn, cooped at jungle cat world and have my certificate in vetiriaincassitant.
Apart from summer camp training/volunteer work with the SPCA, very little. But I would be willing to take courses to get certified and I am a fast learner, and I have done some research on the internet about the responsibilities required of a vet assistant/receptionist.
I have a Diploma in Vet Nursing from UCOL and a lifetime of experience with animals.
No professional training, but I have always loved animals.
I have had animals throughout my childhood and now as an adult have 2 dogs and 3 cats. I also have experience through my previous job as a veterinary assistant at the local animal shelter.
Pets, other pets, dogs following me home while walking, dogs, cats & horses, ducks as pets.
I have completed some of the veterinary assistant course at UFV
Ive worked at pj pet center and parkers pet care.
I have not had any training but I am an animal person and I like to learn new things.
I know how to properly handle and restrain animals. Take samples from animals. Give basic care such as feeding, giving water, walking, bathroom breaks, etc. Nursing skills such as bandaging wounds. I learned animal behaviour so I can tell if an animal is comfortable or uncomfortable.
None within a veterinary environment. Just from my own pets.
Animals husbandry polytechnic.
I study a level 3 BETEC in Animal Management as well as working at a rescue centre every friday.
I have trimmed nails while under anesthesia, restraint dogs and cats for injections, held in the examination rooms, walked dogs outside, gave needles to animals after surgery, tattooed a cat while under anesthesia.
Working in a boarding kennel and cattery.
On the farm with sheep-handling etc Horses at Queen Mary's Small animals-vets.
I had learned how to control the animal.
I don't have any formal training, but I am comfortable and constantly working with dogs and cats. I can restrain, clip nails, microchip.
I have been trained in medicating, giving vaccines, microchipping, nail trimming, and basic care and restraint.
I have personal experience with animals and have self taught myself dog obedience training.
Co-op in highschool as at vet assistant, Animal Care course at Sheridan, Pet Valu, animal nutrition certificate, manager of a boarding facility.
Well I own pets my whole life other then that I've worked last summer at the SPCA clinic as an assistant I helped clean kennels, restrain pets for their vaccines, pepare the vaccines, and file any papers needed.
I have done a level 2 animal care, level 3 animal management, dog grooming and animal physcology courses. I have completed 2 weeks work experience at a vets and 4 weeks at a grooming parlour.
Well, my family owns a farm. I help them take care of goats, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats. We have a lot of dogs. I help feed and groom our dogs. As for the goats, we have baby goats. I help bottle feed them and clean up after them. I love all animals and I enjoy taking care of them.
I have no experience or training.
I've had a year and a half working with animals, mainly dogs. I have also worked with greyhounds.
Tell me about a suggestion you have made.
I don't have any professional training but I have a lot knowledge to help me move forward.
I haven't had any training apart from puppy classes. However, I have always had pets and have taken great care of them.
I have my vetiriaincassitant.
I have a diploma in the field, went to Tonga on a volunteering trip and been working for a year as a full time nurse.
I'm currently a Veterinary technician student at sjvc, since last July I've learned so much about animals.
I had a bunny, rabbit, and cat.
I have been raised with animals my entire life and have always had a passion for helping them. I was that kid that would constantly be bringing injured strays home, and helping to heal them and bring them back to health. I have worked in an animal hospital, gone to school for vet tech, and volunteered with animals.
The only training I have would be watching other peoples pets, and training my own pets to do tricks and other extroninary things.
When I was part of goat management club in college, and when I had to to do barn chores, my responsibilities included taking vitals, taking temperatures, hoof trimming, barn and horse stall cleaning, drawing blood for hematocrits, identifying parasites from taking and observing fecal samples undera microscope, FEMACHA to test for anemia or parasites, and body composition tests to check for obesity or emaciated animals.
I have been holding my rabbits.
I volunteered at an animal shelter for a year and have owned a few pets throughout my life.
While working at the Sunset Zoo I have completed their three levels of animal handling. These training's ranged from handling small invertebrates like cockroaches to ave's, such as horned owls and hawks. I am also trained on diets and have give many medications, oral and topical.
I have had 1 year full training, learning how to be a vet assistant in high school where I dealt with animals cleaned up work areas and assisted the teacher.
I have had no training prior to this, but I have been around many animals through out my life and I'm very aware of their personality traits.
I have had a lot of pets in my growing up years. Cats, dog, rabbit, hamster, fish. I love all animals.
Not only have a been owner of many different animals but I also have worked at pet smart and at 2 different shelters.
I have been trained in survival surgery, aseptic techniques, and restraining techniques with mice. I was also trained at the Humane Society to care for cats in general and cats that may have behavioral problems.
I haven't had any professional training with animals, but I have grown up with a variety. I have had rats, fish, dogs, and cats. I have done house sitting for people to watch their pets on trips and I've fostered animals as well. I've dealt with many sick animals and have some experience giving medications.- Pills, liquids, insulin injections, medicated baths, ear and eye drops, and so on.
I have 6 years experience in the veterinary field as well as I graduated from PIMA medical institute with a certificate in veterinary assistant.
Schooling wise I have my animal sciences diploma, personal experience I grew up on a farm with tonz of different animals I was a kennel manager at a pet store and currentlly work in a dog kennel.
I've completed the Veterinary Assistant/receptionist program at academy canada. I Finished in November 2014 after completing my 8 week work term at paradise animal hospital.
I have three dogs and have learned quite a lot about them.
I don't have much but home training with my own dogs.
I can give health assessments, administer vaccines, check vital signs, and properly hold and restrain an animal.
In the past, I've had previous encounters with animals, if a person's dog for example comes up to me on the street I'll ask to pet it, I've also spent a fair amount of time with my friend's pets so I have experience interacting with animals and reading their emotions like knowing what they want at time or when they're annoyed with something, at least, with my friends pets. The closest experience I have had with an animal was in my biology class when we dissected a fetal pig, I did most of the physical work since my lab partner was squeamish but I enjoyed it.
College courses in animal welfare, and placements and part time work shearing /lambing /farming/ veterinary/ horses.
I have had no training with animals.
I have not had any formal training as of yet. My experience is strictly hands on with the many pets that I've had growing up.
For the past two years, I have been working professionally with cats as both a cat sitter and as an employee at an NYC cat cafe. When cats were sick, I would administer medication to them both orally and topically. I therefore know how to restrain them. I used to foster rats and know how to handle them. Though I have never worked with dogs professionally, I currently live with one and assist in caring for her.
I have pets of my own therefore I have experience working with dogs and cats. I also do horse riding as my hobby and have learned a lot from that.
I have training in dog/cat grooming, as well as elder care, diabetic care, kennel maintenance, and I completed college for veterinary assisting with a 4.0 G.P.A.
Mainly at home but I train them my self.
Volunteering as an animal handler and assistant.
I have completed a bachelor of science degree in animal behaviour and welfare, I qualified as a veterinary nurse and havemy own pets while living on a farm.
Although I haven't had any experience in a veterinary, my TAFE teacher, Bill, brought in 3 of his dogs and we were able to do a vet check on them by checking for temperature, capillary refill time and respiration rate.
Do you love working with animals.
Volunteered at 2 clinics. Grew up on a farm my whole childhood.
None but I have a dog which I love she is my best friend and I take excellent care of her.
Qualified veterinary nurse. Ospca and Moate and Midlands foster care provider.
I have 4 year experience to work with large and wildlife animals.
I have had no formal training with animals. I have experience with cats, dogs and rodents through a lifetime of pet ownership and I have experience caring for dogs at my local animal shelter. There, I have spent most of my time walking them.
As you can see from my resume, I have obtained a Dog Training certificate from Animal Behavior College. After I received the certificate, I helped family and friends with their "animal woes" from time to time, and also volunteered at local animal shelters to assist with training dogs to make sure they were better suited to "forever homes." I have also worked with wildlife rehabilitators in the past, handling hawks, weasels, flying squirrels, owls, snakes, and songbirds. My previous jobs also gave me the chance to handle raccooons, mice, squirrels, and chipmunks.
I have trained in the method of various restraints for cats and dogs, along with administering catheters and subcutaneous fluids and intramuscular medications. I have also guided in inserting tracheal tubes.
Associates degree in vet med, shadowed at a hospital while in high school, been in vet med field for approx. 15 years.
Well I completed my Veterinary assistant diploma with Penn Foster during which the majority of my hands on experience came from North West Vet clinic and the Trinidad and Tobago Police Mounted Branch where I requested an internship in order to get some experience with Large animals.
I have been around animals all my life, its like a second nature to deal with them. I have done alot of work experience in animla shelters in Hungary, also in England. I volunteered at Toachim House Veterinary Clinic. In my 2nd year of studying at canterbury college I started wokring at faversham veterinary clinic. I have learnt so much while I was studying and working at the same time.
I have been around animals all my life. When I was younger, I was mainly at my grandmas house and she owned a farm, i'd tend to her farm animals. Ever since, i've been around animals. Taking care of them.
Well, I help with restrained and nail clippings with them.
Ive owned several of my own pets from I was a child. But other than that im all new.
I was trained in college to handle difficult situations and learn everything about the animal, not only biologically, but environmental impact as well. I have been trained in drugging animals and proper procedures, taking DNA samples, etc.
I have volunteered at an animal shelter, helping take care of the cats and dogs and providing a better quality of life.
Only experience however I have started my Vet Nursing Certificate IV
I hold small animals like babies puppies and kittens.
I have had no professional training with animals, however, I have been raised with them all my life. Anywhere from cats, dogs, birds, mice, hamsters, lizards, and horses. I am a quick learner and feel the love I have for animals will give me the motivation to learn even quicker.
It's all been hands on and research I've done online.
All of the training with animals that ive had, has been with my own animals, which is a pretty wide range of personalities and sizes.
I took a hands on course in veterinary medical assistance and I did my practicum in a veterinary clinic where I got a lot experience in handling animals.
I worked with animals at a wildlife rehabilitation clinic preparing their food, feeding them, throwing out old food and cleaning their pens. Along with all the experience I had with family pets, I have personally owned a dog, a cat and cichlids so I learned what is needed to keep those animals alive and thriving. In addition to that I worked with animals as an extern and volunteer at an animal hospital.
I am currently working in a small animal practice.
I have a degree in animal behavior and a certificate for veterinary assistant. In college I worked primarily with wild animals via the Cleveland zoo (lemurs). After college I volunteered with the humane society cleaning cages and helping with the cats and dogs. Plus I have grown up with family pets ranging from chinchilla’s, cats, dogs and large animals such as cows.
Non as of yet other than life experience but I'm willing and very eagr to learn!
I had a bunny, rabbit, and cat.
Worked as a volunteer with homeless cats. Feed, cleaned their area, played with them. I have a dog and have had two hamsters.
Restraining techniques, administering vaccines and drugs, prepping neuters and spays, physical exams.
Unfortunately I don't have any, but I'm a fast learner and willing to learn.
Went to school at umass Amherst for equine just never liked working with one species.
I Am trained to handle education animals at the Fort wayne Zoo, and I have the majority of my training in an equine setting.
I have over 10 years experience with horses.
Just the training I have acquired within school this year.
Hands on training within my clinical through brookdale's veterinary assistant program. Restraining animals for procedures, bathing/grooming and taking dogs out for walks.
I've had a lot threw out my time doing clinical worked with multiple vet teaches at 4 different clinics.
I have lived on a farm my whole life, so I have had a lot of experience working with a variety of different types of animals, as well as doing the Vet assistant and vet tech program at Northern College where we get to do hands on work with the animals at the college. I have also volunteered at SPCAS and worked at a doggy daycare.
Roper mountain science center Pet sitting Pets inc.
Not much, I have worked at the zoo for the last 2 years and a half I have had the privilege of working with some exotic animals such as stingrays and giraffes.
I have worked with animals at the Chula Vista animal shelter during classes with PIMA. We were able to learn how to give Subcutaneous injections and practice restraint. I externed at the SDHS where I was able to put all of my skills and knowledge to the test and get hands on experience and practice there.
Before I decided that I wanted to pursue a veterinary career, I volunteered at the animal shelter and shadowed a DVM to get a feel of what the job is like. While I shadowed, I was allowed to help restrain dogs for blood draws or toenail clippings. Also, at the animal shelter, I usually walk the dogs and there was a vaccine drive where I was allowed to draw vaccines for the vet.
I have an associates degree in Animals science and I have worked as a Vet Assistant for over three years.
Ive volunteered in an animal shelter taking the dogs for walks and restraining them to take them out of thier kennels there are 4 to 5 dogs in each kennel it can be a very difficult task also I did a field day at the dog and cat animal hospital where they taught me how to properly restrain a dog for shots or simple cleaning, ive also helped and observed in a simple mass removal surgery. Ive as well removed the enotracheal tubes from the cats after thier spay or neuter.
I have had animals in the family my whole life mostly dogs and cats. Now I have two of my own, one is blind. I have spent time around larger animals like pigs and goats, horses donkeys and cows and those kinds and mostly was just for human/animal companionship and cleaning up their stalls. In the future, I plan to learn a lot more. The sanctuary I am attending says they will train a lot more about animal care then the last one I attended. I plan to continue volunteering for them once a week if I can.
Veterinary assistant certification, and 6 years working as a vet tech.
I have worked on a large farm and have a feedlot and have done all the animal husbandry and worked looking after the sick animals. I am presently studying a animal certificate course.
I don't have training per say, I do and have raised cats and dogs.
Dog walking at a dog rescue centre.
The training I have currently had with animals is what I have learned hands on through my schooling and practicum experience.
Pima medical institute where I attend school.
Most training has been through my own experiences, such as how to properly approach an animal and the correct ways to restrain one. Many of these I learned by taking my dogs to obedience training or their vets.
I have been raised on a dairy farm and also volunteered at a family friends farm on the weekends and summer break from school. I have owned numerous animals throughout my life including dogs, cats, a chinchilla, horses, and cattle.
Well besides the animal care program at school, I have had many pets such as birds, hamsters, fish, cats and dogs. I also worked at petsmart.
Associates and training/behavior, key points on body language that the animals present with.
I have had to deal with very sick animals, On our farm we some times have to put them down but it is very rewarding when you are able to make the animal better.
I have never professionally worked with animals however, I have always owned them. I currently have 2 dogs and 2 cats that I used during college to practice my skills on.
I have spent externship hours at an animal hospital working with animals.
Pet walker, dog sitter.
I completed a certificate II in animal studies a year ago and I'm looking and continuing on with the certificate VI.
I have always owned animals and have loved taking care of them. About 10 years ago, my father partnered with On- Point Outfitters, which is an upland bird hunting business. With the business we started raising English Setters and Pointers. I have helped my father with the business by being the kennel attendant, helping to whelp puppies and everything in between. I also worked at the pet spa and worked very closely with the vet clinic associated with the pet spa. I was able to advise clients when to take their pet to the vet and offer assistance in caring for the pet if it needed to be hospitalized.
I've been a proud owner of many dogs and a couple cats. As a child my family had freshwater fish, ferrets and a Western box turtle. I've even had salamanders and chamelons in my youth. In my spare time I volunteer with dog rescues by driving transport legs and from that have become very comfortable handling and keeping safe dogs of all sizes and breeds that are new to me.
I have been to college and studied animal care, passing this course with distinction qualifications. I also have a lot of experience with handling all types of animals.
I have had little quilified training however in say that ii have worked with an array of animals in my life from the standard gold fish to assisting in the care of joeys and reptiles. I have worked and interacted with animals my whole life with my brother who was a zoo keeper teaching me many skills that I have later expanded in my own time. I have worked in a veterinary clinic for work experience back in high school and learnt a lot from there, I hope to learn more in the future.
Licensed veterinary technician.
I have always owned animals ever since I was a small child, you name it, I've probably owned it. I also showed rabbits and goats in 4-H and FFA when I was in middle and high school. My senior year of high school involved volunteering at a local animal hospital.
I haven't had any professional training. The knowledge I have with caring for and working with animals comes from hands on situations with pets, and on the farm I grew up on.
I diffenetly have no interaction with animals.
I've had plenty of pets and I've been to zoos that I could touch.
I have worked with several no kill animal shelters in assisting with spaying and neutering clinics. This is were I got the animals prepped for their procedures, saved areas, and did after care. I have helped out on local farms with the castrating and insemination two a year. Assisting the vet in holding items and helping to keep the animals still.
I have always had pets my whole life but that's about it.
I have lived a very animal orientated life. I have trained my own horse, raised my own puppy and cared for many farm animals.
I have grown up around animals but I personally have not had any specific training.
I have done 2 weeks voluntary work in a local vet where I watched dogs and many other animals in operations and also consulting.
I have two dogs and six new born pups that I have been taking care of.
I have shadowed several veterinarians and assisted with several procedures and clinical visits so I am familiar with how a shelter runs and what is needed during for certain procedures.
I currently work in a shelter, have had various pets, pet-sit for friends and family.
I've had several pets and have been around other dogs and I love dogs.
I'm a qualified veterinary nurse, and I'm also a wildlife carer, having been brought up with wallabies, snakes, lizards and other general wildlife.
I one a dog sitting business and I'm a certified dog trainer.
I currently work as a kennel tech and I have done volunteer work at CAP shelther a few times and I have volunteered about 4 times at the tomball rescue.
I volunteered at a small 2 doctor animal hospital where I restrained and helped with various procedures.
I have 5 years experience working with big cats, as well as parrots, black bears, and domestic animals.
I'm currently doing my DVM so we get to practise handling a number of different animals and I am about to do an intensive course in Large Animal Training in July.
I have worked in vet clinics, as jobs, co-op and volunteering for many years, and have had lots of hands on experience. I also currently volunteer for animal aide.
At the Humane Society of Durham Region, I received training of how to walk dogs, as well as approach and handle them safely. I was also trained on how to safely deal with the small rodents there. I have had experience with my own animals of different varieties as well.
I completed a level 3 diploma in animal management where I achieved a triple distinction. The course contained practical activities with all types of animals.
I have done an animal management college course and have been shown by my current head nurse how to correctly and safely hold animals for procedures such as raising the vein.
I have been trained to administer shots, give medication as needed/requested, administer IV's, post-op care, medication handling, weighing pets, bandage cleaning.
I have grown up taking care of animals on the farm. I also went to school for Equine Science working with horses. While I was in school I had an internship working at a Vet clinic. I was able to work with large and small animals. I also have been volunteering at the Wildlife hospital.
Have 16 years worth experience working in animal care environment, have gained BTEC certi.
Animal care course related training.
Change of behaviour, handling and restraining.
Ive had seven years experience working in a cat and dog rehoming centre.
I have pets of my own, I worked at a vet office, kennel, volunteer at SPCA, and also have my online degree.
I have friends that have pets like dogs, cats, birds and small animals I always have taken the oppurtunity to bond with their animals and learn how to take care of them. I also have my own pet rabbit and got most of my training with animals during co-op.
I have no professional or employment experience but I was raised to care for animals and do what is necessary to have a happy healthy pet. I have always had an array of animals and have raised abandoned baby animals several times since I was young.

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