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Veterinary Assistant Interview Questions and Answers
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How would you handle an aggressive animal?
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I have experience, I love animals, I am fluent in two different languages and I am ready to learn anything that can be learned.
Because I am passionate about animals and I would love a job working with animals.
I have been dedicated to the well-being of animals my whole life. Particularly in understanding their behaviors and health. I have experience with all types of animals - from horses when I worked in a barn, to dogs and cats, rodents, reptiles, and amphibians. I am comfortable handling any type of pet. Volunteering at PAWS neuter and spay clinic gave me experience working with animals in post-surgery recovery, as I had to perform duties directly for the pets such as monitoring heart rate and respiration and trimming nails. Also, I had other responsibilities that included cleaning cages, preparing surgical packs, and filling syringes. I am comfortable working with any laboratory equipment having been trained as a TA in college, and working as a peer tutor has given me the ability to communicate and teach students difficult material involving genetics, ecology and evolution.
I am dedicated and hard-working. I am very passionate about the well-being of animals.
Dedicated, hard working, easy to get along with, love animals.
I believe I am well suited for this position because I am good with details, I put all my effort into what I enjoy and work hard at making sure thing run smoothly.
I am passionate and enthusiastic about caring for animals. I have experience working with small animals and cats. When I worked at RSPCA rescue centre I looked after degus, rats, mice, ferrets, rabbits and cats/kittens. This is when I learnt first hand about the struggles animal charities deal with and how important they are for animal care. It was the first time I had experience with animal welfare in a professional setting. For over a year I have been working with the oldest and largest feline charity; Cats Protection. This is the second time I have had experience with animal welfare in a professional setting. There have been occasions where I have had to socialise cats that were extremely timid. I have learnt how to interact with them so that they become confident around humans. At the moment I have two kittens in my care that have been quite poorly so I have experience of administrating medication. My communication and interpersonal skills were strengthened in my last two jobs. These skills will be useful when interacting with the owners. When I worked at a Mental Health Hospital I dealt with difficult situations. Majority of the time service users were distressed, angry and upset. So it was important to deal with their worries in a sensitive and professional manner. When I worked for Southend Pier there were a few occasions where I had to deal with unhappy customers. I did my best to resolve them and stay calm and polite whilst doing so.
I would be a great canidate for this position because I am willing to do anything and I am a fast learner. When I'm told to do something I will do it with a positive attitude and give 100 percent.
I am the best person for this position because I feel that every animal needs love and care. And I feel like I would be good at giving these animals the attention they need. And I love animals.
I am mindful of orders, respectful of clients, and eager to learn new skills.
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