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How would you handle an aggressive animal?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Veterinary Assistant interview

Draw from your experience! If you haven't dealt with an aggressive animal directly, how have you observed others? When an animal is acting out, your ability to stay calm is vital! In your interview, talk about the skills you have learned that you apply in every situation with a pet. If you know techniques, ways to hold an animal and how to respond if they get scared, share them. Those little details will help instill more confidence that you are the best person for the job!

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How would you handle an aggressive animal?
With the experience ive had a would require less training than other applicants.
I believe I am the best person for the position because I have great customer service service skills and I am a animal person..
I am the best candidate because I have real-world experience, an education in veterinary technology, animal handling and restraining experience, excellent customer service skills, an aptitude for the medical field, I understand the flow of the hospital, and I am calm during a crisis.
The passion and drive for caring for animals, and I feel this is what my purpose in life is to be, and want to pursue this career.
Because I love and care for animals more than any one.
Because I am highly compassionate for animals and I will go above and beyond to make sure they are safe and taken care of while in our care.
Because of my love of animals, I have a personal interest in this work that motivates me to do all I can to provide the best care and service possible. This means my goals are aligned with the goals of the organization as a whole, and I will do all I can to help see these goals met. I take my work seriously and am committed to learning new things and improving my performance every day, and I feel I would genuinely be a great asset to your team.
I know I have the skills and dedication to do the job best.
I am the best person for this position, as I have experience as a vet assistant and as a receptionist so I can be used wherever you might need me.
I am the best person for this position as I have almost 7 years of experience in the small animal care field. 4.5 of those that were strictly veterinary assistant. I could also help out with reception as needed as that has been my job for the past year. I can help out wherever needed.
Because I would work hard everyday.
Because im very passionate for animals.
I'm what you're looking for. I have experience working in a clinic. I enjoy working with a team. I can learn your center's style quickly, making training go faster. And I want a long term, permanent job. I myself have been looking for a clinic such as this.
I feel as if I am the best person for this position because I truly love animals and care about their well being.
I am the best person for this position as I have passion to help and care for sick and injured animals, no matter how big or small.
I already work with animals here at the shelter and would love the opportunity to join your team and be more directly involved with their care. I also know about SHS policies and the computer program as I am already employed with the company.
Because I work hard and I am a quick learner.
Because I am willing to learn.
I would be a great canidate for this position because I am willing to do anything and I am a fast learner. When I'm told to do something I will do it with a positive attitude and give 100 percent.
I'm very drive and passionate about working in the animal field. Once I set my goals, I work hard to accomplish them.
I'm a very driven and passionate person. When my goals are set I make sure I accomplish them.
I believe I'm the best person because I have amazing customer service skills, a great work ethic, and am passionate about animals.
Because I have a strong understanding of the animal human bond, am a hardworker, quick learner, and passionate about animal care.
I am the best person for this position because I am truly passionate about working with animals. I know this is easy to come by but I am also a very hard worker and promise I will give 110% while working with you. I go the extra mile in anything I do and even though it is not necessarily my job I am willing to do anything that would help another.
I have raised and cared for animals my whole life. I love everything about them. I also have taken college on becoming a Veterinary Assistant and have received a superior rating on my grades. I would really enjoy helping take care of animals.
I am a hard-working, dedicated employee and I take pride in everything I do. Not only would working here benefit my future, I know I can be a great addition to your already attentive staff. I am charismatic and would try to build professional relationships with all staff members in order to become the best animal care team that is available in the San Bernardino Valley.
I will put in my all. Everyday I will come in with a smile because this is what I love to do. The patient comes first in my mind, always.
I am mindful of orders, respectful of clients, and eager to learn new skills.
Although I have no formal training working with animals I am definitely someone that is reliable and will to learn. I am not afraid to get dirty.
I really want this position and I am so determined to get in here and observe everything that happens at a clinic. I want to learn, and I want to learn quickly so I can start doing several things. I will work hard and be here as much as you want me here.
I am a fast learner I do all my best work hands on and I have a great curiosity for learning about animals.
Because on top of being and avid animal lover, I am reliable and dedicated to helping animals. Plus, I can keep level headed in emergency situations.
I am excited and I know now, through experience, that this is the appropriate step for me to make because I am qualified and knowledgeable on the subject.
I believe my degree helps me read animals and change my plan based on them. I have utter respect for owners and their pets and believe a warm face can help in an often stressful situation.
I feel I have the knowledge behind me as well as the passion for the job.
I have a strong passion for animals and when I work I put my all into it.
I am flexible, quick and eager to learn, ambitious, reliable and committed. Also, I have been working in the veterinary field since I was 12, and have had many different experiences. My being in veterinary school also gives me an edge.
I have a lot of hours of work in the field in ER animal care, regular clinic duties and hospital work, I think I would be a great match because of my years in customer service as well.
I would be the best person for this position because I am highly organized, tidy, versatile, friendly, and always on time. I am not afraid to get dirty and always up for any challenges I am faced with. I am a huge animal lover and currently own a bernese mountain dog at home.
I have an academic career that has focussed on becoming suitable for work within the animal sector. I am enthusiastic, flexible and am unafraid of messy jobs and am willing to work from the bottom.
Because I am a diligent worker who cares about the animals and their owners. I am eager to learn and work with my coworkers to best care for our patients.
I have the basic skills necessary for the position, I am able to scan for parasites, draw blood on dogs, and give fluids. I have a lot of experience restraining animals, and I find it easy to learn new techniques.
I am the best person for this position because I am new into the field and I can learn all of the procedures for your office. I am also a quick learner. I deeply care for animals.
At my current employment I have been given a range of responsibilities and have various roles within the practice, which has given me a good insight into how a practice runs. Also I have considerable animal experience though my college course, volunteering with the RSPCA and arrival cattery and most importantly my role as a veterinary receptionist.
I feel that my past veterinary experience will make me a great candidate for this position. I am passionate about animals and feel that I can bring a positive attitude to your team.
My qualifications and eagerness to learn more about equine vet.
I have a great love for animals and feel like I do also have experience that would contribute to this position.
I believe I am the best person for this postion because I love to learn, see new and different situations everyday, and I have a great attention for detail.
I am outgoing friendly and sympathetic to all sorts of different situations, while also bieng able to have a professional aditude while maintaining a positive demeanor.
I have some experience and I loved doing this job in the past, I love all animals and am concerned for their well being if I can help do something to help prevent an illness, or make them feel better when they are hurt ot in pain I feel a sense of accoplishment.
I am eager to learn and I always have a positive attitude to bring to work.
Because I am dedicated to my education and providing the upmost care for our clients and patients.
I have a lot of experience working with animals and I think that my ability to learn things quickly is an essential asset for this position. This seems to be a tight knit working family and I think I will fit right in and be an asset to everyone.
Yes I am a hard worker fast learner available at all times multitasker.
Because this job, along with my years of experience in being an assistant will be as an asset to your organization.
Iím the best for this position because I have a way with animals.
With my previous experience in a vet clinic and animal shelter I am well acquainted to the daily activities of these places. I work hard and am a quick learner and am passionate about people and their pets.
My customer service skills, hard work, attention to detail as well as my caring nature for the health and well being of the animals make me the best person for this position.
I have a lot of experience working with all types of animals, and I have always enjoyed all the opportunities I have been given to do so. I work hard, and I am a fast learner. I am constantly learning new things at my veterinary technology program which will only help me here, and everything I learn here will only help me at my program, overall making me the best person I can be for working in the veterinary field.
I am excellent with animals and people. It has been a long term goal to work with animals.
I am a dedicated employee. I do good work in animal care as well as with working with customers. My university coursework has given me knowledge to succeed in this position.
I have a passion and love for animals. It would bring so much meaning to my life.
I love to help animals in need and feel like I can sooth and understand them.
I have an extraordinary ability to learn by hands on tasks.
I had the experience that working with birds and dogs, and I am willing to learn much more for the vet assistant because I think if I want to be a good trainer, basic knowledge of animals is a must.
Because I work hard, am a quick learner and want to help animals and their owners.
I believe that I can do the job well and I am a very reliable person.
I am the best person for the job because im dedicated to my work with animals, I have experience that adds to my further knowledge in the field.
Money is only important enough to make sure my bills are paid and there is food on the table, my passion and animals are most important to me.
This is a role I have been working on my skills for for some time I have three years animal handleing experience with small animals and a year and a half with large animals. I also have over 8 years experience interacting with clients and am a team motivated individual.
I have gained a lot of experience being a head nurse. I am compassionate, patient and approachable. I am extremely efficient and very organised. I work well in a team and also independently.
I enjoy working with animals very much, I am easy to work with I get along with others well, I will take my job seriously and try my best and put my best foot forward everyday, at last it is a job im looking forward to hopefully having a career in.
I am experienced, intelligent, can handle stressful situations without losing my cool, and am an exceptional learner and listener.
Because I love working with animals, am a quick learner, and can work independently or in a group.
My customer service skills has served me well over the years. I have dealt with diverse people in different socioeconomic back grounds. I love animals and I am eager to learn new skills.
I believe I am the best person for this position because I am hard worker and a dedicated employee who shares a passion for helping animals in need.
I am currently obtaining my RVT license and AVA license. I feel that with the experiences and knowledge I have, that I would be a valuable asset to your practice and the wellness of the animals.
Besides the passion and love I have for animals I have pursued education by completed my BSc and MSc in Veterinary Biosciences and Microbiology. Additionally, the work experiences I got to undertake have given me an understanding in animal health, welfare, husbandry practices, as well as many practical techniques. Additionally, my positive and motivated personality not only makes me the ideal candidate to care for animals but interact with their owners in a professional manner.
I am the best person for this job because I am passionate about animals and it is my goal to one day become a veterinarian. I also work independently and am very dedicated to everything I do.
I have worked for a long period of time with both wild and domestic animals and birds.
I take responsibility seriously, especially when others depend on me. Also, I learn fast and I genuinely enjoy working with animals.
I am kind helpful and caring with the ability of being able to listen to people empathetically.
I am dedicated to me job and always give 100& to every task that I am set. I would lo.
I have the experience and the training for the job, and I want to learn as much as I can about helping animals.
I have a lot of experience working with both small and large animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and cows. I am hardworking and relible and I feel I would be the perfect candidate for this positon.
I have experience with this position, I have worked in two prior animal hospitals and I am very comfortable around animals.
I am very reliable, always on time, love to work with animals.
My fascination with medical science combined with my passion for animals makes this a no brainer for me.
I have all of the skills you are looking for: I am compassionate, professional, dependable, I am detail-oriented, looking for any behavioral abnormalities. I am a strong communicator and am constantly looking for ways to help and be efficient. Beyond these qualities, my wildlife background will help in a variety of ways.
I have the education and skills for this position. The passion and drive as wll.
Because I love animals and have been learning about them throughout my life.
I have been dedicated to the well-being of animals my whole life. Particularly in understanding their behaviors and health. I have experience with all types of animals - from horses when I worked in a barn, to dogs and cats, rodents, reptiles, and amphibians. I am comfortable handling any type of pet. Volunteering at PAWS neuter and spay clinic gave me experience working with animals in post-surgery recovery, as I had to perform duties directly for the pets such as monitoring heart rate and respiration and trimming nails. Also, I had other responsibilities that included cleaning cages, preparing surgical packs, and filling syringes. I am comfortable working with any laboratory equipment having been trained as a TA in college, and working as a peer tutor has given me the ability to communicate and teach students difficult material involving genetics, ecology and evolution.
I am passionate and enthusiastic about caring for animals. I have experience working with small animals and cats. When I worked at RSPCA rescue centre I looked after degus, rats, mice, ferrets, rabbits and cats/kittens. This is when I learnt first hand about the struggles animal charities deal with and how important they are for animal care. It was the first time I had experience with animal welfare in a professional setting. For over a year I have been working with the oldest and largest feline charity; Cats Protection. This is the second time I have had experience with animal welfare in a professional setting. There have been occasions where I have had to socialise cats that were extremely timid. I have learnt how to interact with them so that they become confident around humans. At the moment I have two kittens in my care that have been quite poorly so I have experience of administrating medication. My communication and interpersonal skills were strengthened in my last two jobs. These skills will be useful when interacting with the owners. When I worked at a Mental Health Hospital I dealt with difficult situations. Majority of the time service users were distressed, angry and upset. So it was important to deal with their worries in a sensitive and professional manner. When I worked for Southend Pier there were a few occasions where I had to deal with unhappy customers. I did my best to resolve them and stay calm and polite whilst doing so.
I love working with animals of all sizes and breeds.
I have a love for animals. I have 4 dogs of my own and 2 cats.I also studied a year to become a veterinary technician and I am looking to further my education in the field.
My experience with animals, both in a professional setting and out; I am a reliable, punctual, hard worker.
Honestly Iím not going to say that I am the best person because I know that there are people out there that have more experience then me in this field but what I can say is that I would prove 100% that I am a quick learner and that I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep learning about this position.
I love and care about animals and their health. I have experience with all sort of animals and I have an excellent background in front desk and reception work.
I have a passion for animals and can support people who have lost their pet, I am reliable and a hard worker.
I feel like I am the best person for the job because my studies in Animal Science prepared me for further study in veterinary field and because I am a hard worker and a determined learner that I can learn the ways of the hospital in no time and will be great help for the facility.
I have great client communication skills and love what I do. I bring a great feel to the team - its important to have a great team environment at work as we usually spend more waking hours here than home.

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