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Veterinary Assistant Interview Questions and Answers
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How would you handle a situation that could cause you to be late for work?
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The most difficult experience that I faced at the Durham Humane Society was viewing how deplorable the conditions were within the small rodent room, and having the employee in charge of that room refuse to let anyone clean in there. I discovered a bug infestation amongst the food, which helped to resolve a major infestation occurring within the shelter.
Well, I definetly wouldn't like it but I think I could handle it. At least I knew I tried to help that animal as best as I could.
One of the most difficult situations is always euthanasia. Even though you know the animal was sick and this was the best option it is never easy.
The most difficult decision I have experienced was attending a home visit to put to sleep the family dog. I just focused on how hard it must be for the family and that they are relying on the vet and I to be completely calm and in control.
Healthy 6 month old puppy went Bradycardic on me during a dental extraction. Turned ISO down, called doctor in, turned the patient off, and drew up emergency meds.
Based on previous experience while volunteering I would have to say witnessing staff not treat animals with the respect they deserve.
Ive actually never been in a vet setting, this would be my first job working as a vet assistant and I feel I would make a great assistant as I am very passionate about helping animals big or small , and I would like to grow in this line of work.
The most difficult situation I have faced is a dog fight. I was able to break the fight apart quickly.
I was faced with the decision to keep my horse alive and in pain by permanent lameness or to put her down and out of her misery. I ended up putting her down because i knew that that was best for her.
The most difficult situation I was in was my first week as an extern at the veterinary hospital and I was watching a dental. The dogs pre-anesthetic blood work was completely normal. A few minutes into the dental the dogs heart rate dropped to 0. Although I was really nervous I stayed calm and I drew up emergency drugs for the experienced technician I was shadowing. I also administered LRS to the dog while the dvm gave CPR. I believe I handled I well because I didnt freak out and crack under the stress.
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