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How do you feel about cleaning up after animals?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Veterinary Assistant interview

Oh the joys of being covered in vomit and anal gland secretions! A vet assistant's job is anything but glamorous and certainly not for the faint at heart. This is likely your least favorite part of the job, and understandably so. Here's a sample response to the question: "Cleaning up after animals can be pretty disgusting, but it's just part of the job. I keep a positive attitude and remember that I'm helping these animals, and that's what gets me through it. I've experienced some pretty gross situations, like expressing anal glands that exploded in my face, so I think I can handle anything." Giving a brief example of a scenario you handled will show the interviewer that you understand the dirty side of the job and you can handle it.
Basic answer example
"Cleaning up after animals can be pretty disgusting, but it's just part of the job. I keep a positive attitude and remember that I'm helping these animals, and that's what gets me through it. I've experienced some pretty gross situations, like expressing anal glands that exploded in my face, so I think I can handle anything."

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How do you feel about cleaning up after animals?
I am very comfortable with cleaning kennels, because I know if I were an animal having to sleep in one, I would want it clean as well. Therefore, I would not mind cleaning out a kennel at all.
Yes. I cleaned out kennels regularly at college.
I wanted to be a nurse once.
I am very comfortable cleaning kennels, I've been doing it my whole life.
Yes, I would be comfortable cleaning kennels if allowed to wear gloves.
Yes, when I was first hired that was one of my main jobs was to scrub kennels and give baths.
Yes, they might smell but the reward knowing that an animal has a clean, warm, comfortable place to stay helps me to overcome the downside of the cleaning.
Yes, I am comfortable cleaning kennels.
Ive had to clean up after my own dogs so yes I have no problem cleaning animal kennels.
Yes I am very Comfortable with cleaning kennels because I know I wouldn't want to be put in a dirty, smelly bed.
Yes. I worked for 3 years as Cat Staff Supervisor at an animal shelter and I have a lot of experience cleaning kennels.
Yes, I currently work as a kennel worker and volunteer at an animal shelter where I clean kennel.
Yes. Almost every Sunday I go to animal aide and clean cages there. I also clean cages at my current job if I see one that is dirty and I have the time.
Yes. I volunteer at Animal Aide almost ever Sunday, and clean multiple cages when I am there.
Yes. I believe every good professional has to start off doing the dirty work.
Yes, I look at as that is a pets home, they are not able to clean and take care of it and as a pet caretaker it needs to be cleaned and sanitize to decrease illness.
Yes, I know that is party of caring for animals and I do not minding doing that.
Yes, that is my current job.
Yes, I have experience doing this both at the SPCA and when I volunteered at a Vet Clinic.
Yes, I have three pets of my own to clean up after. Being used to feces is apart of my life.
Yes I am. I am very hard to gross out. I actually volunteered when I was younger at a animal shelter and this was one of my main jobs. I was responsible for cleaning out the holding cages.
Absolutely. Anything that needs to be done I will gladly do. I'm sure the animals would appreciate staying in a clean kennel.
Yes, I did work experience in a kennels for 2 years and loved it.
Yes, it is something that I have been doing since the begining of highschool.
I am definitely comfortable cleaning kennels. As a volunteer and later an extern, cleaning kennels and runs was typically one of my duties.
I am very comfortable cleaning kennels. I previously volunteer at the local humane society and cleaned kennels.
Yes, I have spent a good part of my summer Sundays picking up after 4 large dogs so it is not new work to me.
Yes, I have always owned animals and currently own 2 dogs.
Absolutely. I spend the majority of my mornings currently cleaning all kennels. Some entail more attention either for medical or behavior reasons, and we cater to that.
Yes very comfortable. I own 3 dogs and seem to spend my life cleaning up after them.
After working in a cattery I am comfortable with cleaning out kennels to a high standard.
Yes, I cleaned many kennels while working at the Center Animal Hospital.
Yes I am comfortable cleaning kennels. I am comfortable cleaning anything because I do many chores around my house which are mostly cleaning!
Yes I am very comfortable cleaning kennels, I know how important it is to keep kennel areas clean and disinfected to prevent spread of infection.
Yes, it is a part of the job. Kennels must be cleaned to keep the hospital sanitary.
Definitely wheen I did my volunteer work this was one of the main duties.
Yes, I understand the importance of a clean environment in order to provide safe and healthy care for pets.
I am very comfortable cleaning kennels. In almost every single one of my jobs, cleaning has always been a key component. I have always felt that if cleaning is part of your job than just do it. Especially with a job like this where animals are infectious or immune compromised, we need to provide a sterile, clean, safe environment for them so that they can recover without infecting or contracting anything.
Yes, I am very comfortable cleaning kennels and gained lots of experience doing so at the shelter I worked at previously.
Yes I am comfortable cleaning kennels, I am a kennel assistant at my current job.
I currently volunteer in cleaning lots of animal poop and cleaning enclosures. I am very comfortable with the work and do not mind getting dirty.
Yes of course, I did it in ocean park everyday and in taiwan sometimes.
I am and understand the importance of a clean kennel.
Yes, part of working in kennels is ensuring that they are kept clean and tidy. This is essential to prevent the spread of disease.
Yes I have had to clean up after animals many times before it does not bother me at all.
Yes, I am comfortable with cleaning a dirty mess from animals because I do that often with my own pets. And I will keep the kennels looking super clean because I understand that an animal could get sick from a dirty kennel.
Yes, I am always picking up after my own animals, so kennels are not an issue.
I am absolutely comfortable cleaning kennels. I cleaned bear pens, which are extremely stinky and a lot of deer pens. I even cleaned out the drains in the bear pens with my bare hands. I do not get grossed out easily anymore.
Yes. I am a single-mother and a pet-owner so I have experience cleaning excrement.
Yes, and I have a lot of experience doing it from both Sheridan College and from volunteering at upper credit humane society.
Volunteering at PAWS gave me lots of experience cleaning kennels, and actually I enjoy cleaning. So, yes I am very comfortable with that.
Oh yes! We have crate trained our dogs and I have dealt with my fair share of messes in the crates and in the houses.
Yes, it is important to ensure all kennels are cleaned to maintain health and well being.
Yes, I am used to cleaning kennels, stables, sheds out of many animals.
I am. On the farm, one of my main responsibilities was to clean horse stalls, animal pens, and dog kennels. I also learned proper sanitation for animal care kennels.
Yes if I am asked to. I want the animals to have somewhere clean and comfortable to lay in.
I have cleaned more kennels than I could count, I feel comfort in knowing that I am making the animal more comfortable and take pride in that work.
Yes, because you have to put the animals first. They deserve a clean kennel. Plus I love making the animals feel comfortable, giving them love and attention.
Yes. I know that keeping kennels clean is an important part of keeping animals healthy.
Yes, I know and understand the standard protocol to clean kennels.
Yes, I am very comfortable cleaning kennels. I have two pets at home and I do that everyday when I come home from work. I just love to help animals.
Yes, part of working with the internship they had me cleaning kennels.
Yes. I understand that cleaning is a huge part of the job and I actual enjoy cleaning.
I am comfortable cleaning any mess that comes my way.
Definitely. A comfortable animal is important to me.
Very! I understand that kennel cleaning is part of the job and im more then willing to complete any task at hand.
Yes I am comfortable cleaning kennels, I have previous experiece cleaning kennels from my vetrainary assistanct classes.
Yes, I am. I have four pets at home and have plenty of experience cleaning up after them.
Yes. Part of my job right now is cleaning and sanitizing kennels after taking the dogs in to the play yards.
Yes, I did so every day at my kennel position and it does not bother me at all.
Yes because its an important role of the job to prevent cross contamination and to maintain the animals health, its not very professional leaving an animal in a dirty kennel.
Yes, when I was at school I had a Saturday/ holiday job working at a kennels and really enjoyed in.
Very. There is nothing that comes from and animal that grosses me out.
Sure, I do it all the time, I have two cats that are in house cats, so I clean from them daily.
I am happy to clean kennels as well as care for the animals in any way necessary.
Yes, I know the proper way of cleaning cages.
Very much so. When my dog was a puppy I had to clean up plenty of his little messes.
I think cleanliness is an integral part to any job, especially when dealing with temporary living quarters and health. I have no problem getting down and dirty for the sake of the animal and job.
Yes why not if it is part of the job I will do it well.
Yes that was one of my duties at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic.
Yes, very comfortable, as you know I had horses for a great deal of my life, and I had to clean out stables every day, not only that but our dogs are not 100% potty trained so I have cleaned up many a mess before.
Yes I currently do that at my job since I am a kennel tech.
Yes, because it is essential to the well being of the animals.
Yes. I have been cleaning up after animals the majority of my life and I was required to do this fairly often at TTSPCA previously.
I am comfortable cleaning kennels.
Yes, I have to clean kennels for my animals all the time.
Yes, I happy to take any task that require and do not mind to get my hands dirty.
Yes, a little too comfortable.
Yes. I have done so at animal shelters, and am quite used to it even at home.
Yes, I am comfortable with cleaning kennels and have done this in the past. Sanitation is one of the most important things for the client, the animal, and the employees.
Most definitely! I used to clean my Dad's kennels. If the task is to clean a toilet, it will sparkle when I have completed it!
Absolutely! If I am cleaning a toilet, I will make sure that it is sparkling when I and done!
Yes absolutely got do what you got do for the job and whatever helps the animals.
Yes, cleaning kennels was one of my daily duties as a volunteer.
I dont know what a kennel is.
Yes, very comfortable. I've cleaned up from my dogs many times even after they had puppies.
Absolutely it part of the job.
I am comfortable cleaning kennels, and I do have previous experience with this from when I did 52 hours of works experience at south leam farm in Gateshead, where I cleaned the kennels of their hunting dogs.
Yes, I am comfortable cleaning any animal housing.
Yes I clean after my animals all the time.
Yes I am I don't mind cleaning kennels we are all you humans and sometimes things just get messy.

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