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How do you feel about being asked to perform tasks outside of your job description?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Veterinary Assistant interview

During stressful times, you will likely be asked to assist with tasks beyond your scope of expertise. You may be asked to answer phones and assist the receptionist with customers. You might be asked to assist the vet technician with a surgery. Remember your title: Veterinary Assistant. Your role may be primarily focused on handling animals and their messes, but you are still an assistant. As an assistant, you have the opportunity to learn about what it takes to be a vet or a technician, how to run an office and how to deal with customers. All of these skills will be valuable for whatever career goal you have in mind. If you were asked this question, tell the interviewer enthusiastically, "I'm happy to help!"
Basic answer example
"I'm happy to help!"

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How do you feel about being asked to perform tasks outside of your job description?
I am used to being paid minimum wage, and understand that a job in animal care is not highly paid.
Well, yes. It's needed for every day survival but it is definitely not my first priority.
No, as long as I love my job then money is not important to me.
It is for food water and shelter.
No. What is important to me is helping animal feel better and having the joy in saving an animals life. I loved animals ever since I was a child and going to work every day knowing that I will help an innocent life makes me joyous.
Yes but I wanna love my job.
It's important because I need to support my family and it's definetely as important as taking care of these animals who needs our help.
It's important because I need to support my family and it's definetely as important as taking care of these animals who needs our help.
Not as important as the experience and learning possibilities that are associated with this job. I'm more interested in this job building the foundation for my future educational goals.
Well, unfortantley money is always in the picture, however sometimes the job can offer more than just a paycheck.
Obviously not. For the amount of effort and schooling required to advance in Veterinary Medicine, the reward comes in the work not monetary value.
Yes, money is important for bill paying. But it has nothing to do with how passionate I am for the animals I will be helping.
Somewhat, but it is not my main focus. I want to be comfortable financially but loving my job is paramount.
Yes, as it's needed for day to day survival; it's called survival of the fittest for a reason. However, there are much more important things in life.
Money is usually not important to me, expect when it is necessary to provide daily living for myself.
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Well I think that money is important for everyone so yes it's important for me but that's no the reason why i'm choosing this job.
It is important to me, as you need it to live, but it is not as important to me as making sure the animals in my care get the best treatment and caring that I can provide.
Of course since it's needed to care for my own animals at home as well as myself. However my first priority in life is to be happy with what I am doing. Money does not make that decision for me.
Going into this field isn't about money its about the compassion that one has for animals. Money is a means to function in socity.
It is important to me insofar as I am saving for further schooling and trying to support myself. Beyond that, how much I like my job is more important than the money.
Not more important than finding a reward carrer that I love.
Money is not a huge factor for me. I would rather have a job I love then have a job I hate making a lot of money.
No It is not important.
It has an impact, as we all have to pay our bills still, but money is not the most important factor in life.
Yes money in general is important to me. But I feel working in field you love is worth the sacrifice of not earning as much as you could.
To an extent, as long as I have enough to make it, I will be fine.
Yes but it is not the most important. I need to be able to pay my bills but the skills and experience I acquire in a given position are equally as valuable.
Being stable and financially sound is.
Money is a factor in everyone life. I realize this position isnt the most highly paid but I love the work so I can deal with the minimal pay.
Not to an extent. As long as I can feed myself and pay rent it is not an issue.
No money is not everything I just want to be able to pay my bills and love my job.
Yes because I have bills to pay. But it is not the deciding factor on a job choice. If I love my job I consider the money a very important "benefit".
Money is important in the sense that I want to make enough to support myself and be independent. Saying that, however, I am much more concerned about finding a career that I am passionate about, something that I can see myself doing for the rest of my life.
Obviously it is an important aspect however it has never been a primary drive for me.
Money is what we need to survive on. It is slightly important but I focus more on aiding patients and educating clients who come into the clinic more.
As long as I have enough money to get by I am more focused on being happy and fulfilled in my career than being wealthy.
Everyone needs money to pay their bills, however I feel that career wise, you should love what you do. Having a "paycheck" job is not going to be enjoyable or satisfying.
Yes, money is important to me. I do have to buy food, pay rent and send money home although it isnt my priority in life its just unfortunate that its needed.
If money was important to me I would still be working as a chemist. I made good money but I was not happy. Of course I need to survive, but it is not my primary driver.
Money is only important enough to make sure my bills are paid and there is food on the table, my passion and animals are most important to me.
Only to be able to provide for my family. But the care of the animals comes first and always will.
I have volunteered most of my life, so the project and task at hand is by far more important to me. But I do need to live and eat and save money for unforeseen expenses.
Money is not very important to me. I want to feel accomplished like I am making a difference in the world.
I do not have to be a millionaire. I would like to make enough to be comfortable, and of course pay off my student loans.
Yes. Money is important to me. I believe in working hard for it to be able to take care of my financial responsibilities.
It is important to the point that it is needed to live a good life in this wold.
Not of supreme importance, but I like to be able to pay the bills.
Money alone is not important, job satisfaction, learning opportunities are also important.
No. Money is nothing to me. I grew up being poor to where my family did everything to keep food on the table. Only thing that kept me through was the pets I have. They were my best friends that I could always count on to be the same throughout my childhood. Whats important is happiness. If I am happy, and can make others happy including animals as well, then that to me is being successful.
It is, but not as much as enjoying the actual job im doing, and knowing that what im doing is good.
Money is necessary to live in this society, so yes, it is important to me. Money allows me to pay to survive, which is very important.
Money is important to me but when it comes to helping someone out, money means nothing to me.
Gaining more experience in the veterinary field in more important to me right now than money.
Only in the sense of having enough to support my daughter and pay student loans. My husband also works so having a job that I enjoy and that makes a difference is more important to me than money.
In the sense I need to afford to live but its not why I am applying for this job.
Not the most important aspect of my life. It does have an impact but I would rather be in a role where I am happy than rich.
Yes, I have to say it is, its a meens of life,
No it I not the most important thing to me.
Yes. However being appreciated and respected is more important to me.
No, I choose this career because I love it.
Money is important. It is not the end all be all but it definitely something I strive to have more of.
I feel money is something we need to function in society, but my goal in life is not to be rich. I want to live for something that makes me happy and can benefit others, as well as be in a comfortable position in which to support my family.
Its only important to me in the sense that, I need and would like enough money to live comfortably.
Not so much. A lot more important things in this world that can be worried about.
It is more important to find a satisfying job.
Yes, but in a very light way. Money helps with everything you can do, but it is not the most important thing in the world.
Yes, but I will give away if need.
Yes money is important but luckily my boyfriend has his own business and I am great at budgeting.
I guess this depends on what it regards. It's important for me to provide for my family but it's not important for me to make the most money.
Not as much as the animals.
Well I think it's important but I think whats more important is if you love your job. Because at the end of the day i, want to do what I love. And get paid a decent amount.
In a way yes. I have uni fees to pay off and such but in my heart not so much. I just want to do it for the animals and for my own sanctification.
Money is nice, and it's good to know that I can afford my car without relying on my parents, but in this case, this job is so much more important to me than the pay check. This is what I want my career to be.
Yes and no I mean yeah I want a job to make more money but money isn't everything to me God is.
To a certain extent. Its nice having extra cash to spend but I'd give it up to have my dream job.
I would like to see myself as financially secure in my future but the care and wellbeing of the animals and clients are what comes first.
I would like to see myself financially stable in the future but the most important thing is the best service possible provided to the animals and their owners.
A little yes to pay bills and take care of me and my son but that's all.
Yes and no I do need money to pay bills and such but it is not the most important thing in the wolrd.
Yes, money is important to anyone that has bills, but its not all about money for me, its about changing lives of animals that need help or just need their regular vet visit! Seeing wagging tails, even tucked tails.. Still has a soul and a heart.. I love them all!
Money is good but I want to be happy in my job and a career progression.
Yes, but it comes with the territory. i'd rather get paid a regular wage than be paid a lot in a job I didn't like. Period.
Not entirely. As long as I have enough to support myself then I am happy.
No. Not when it comes to helping animals.
Yes but not in a bad way. Money is important to me as a second income for my family, with that, the care of animals and my eagerness to grow in veterinary medicine has no price tag.
So long as the amount is reasonable for the work asked of me.
Yes it is as it feed and cloths me and my pets. But when It comes to my animals I will pay any thing to keep them feed and happy.
Money is always nice but it is not everything.
Yes, I need money to survive and provide for myself and my family.
It's not the most important thing to me but it does make life easier or livable.
Enough to pay bills and have some spending money.
It is something I would need which would mostly be spent on animals but it's not the first thing I think about as I want a job that I enjoy and where I can help other people.
Money isn't everything and money doesn't make you happy I would rather be happy in my job.
I would like to make enough money to pay my bills but it is not the most important thing to me the health of the animals is more important to me.
Money isn't important to me in this career as I'm more interested in working with animals and working with colleges as a team rather than what I get paid.
Money is important in that I have to pay bills and make ends meet for my family but first and for most is passion and love for my job. I am truely excited about the prospect of working for this vet hospital.
Money is important, but happiness is more important.
Money is not any thing I want to treat that diseases and help the animals.
It's something that I need to take into consideration so that I don't put my family at jeopardy, but I know that I will never be rich in this profession. I'm leaving a high paying job right now so that I can pursue a career that's important to me.
No. Money is only important in terms of survival and not living pay cheque to pay cheque. I want to be able to be comfortable, and provide for myself.

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