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Veterinary Assistant Interview Questions and Answers
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How do you feel about being asked to perform tasks outside of your job description?
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Money is always nice but it is not everything.
In a way yes. I have uni fees to pay off and such but in my heart not so much. I just want to do it for the animals and for my own sanctification.
Gaining more experience in the veterinary field in more important to me right now than money.
It is important to me, as you need it to live, but it is not as important to me as making sure the animals in my care get the best treatment and caring that I can provide.
Money is not a huge factor for me. I would rather have a job I love then have a job I hate making a lot of money.
To a certain degree yes, I need to servive but if an animal is sick and the owners don't have the funds I'll still treat the animal.
As long as I have enough money to get by I am more focused on being happy and fulfilled in my career than being wealthy.
Yes and no I mean yeah I want a job to make more money but money isn't everything to me God is.
Money is not hugely important to me, although with the way prices are going up for food, fuel, rent and general living, money is a necessity.
Yes. Money is important to me. I believe in working hard for it to be able to take care of my financial responsibilities.
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