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News Director Interview Questions

30 News Director Interview Questions
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What are your ethical practices?
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A news director often makes the most difficult decisions on what stories to cover and how to cover them. The candidate must discuss their experience making these decisions and can show that they are level-headed and confident with what the ultimately decide. Some of these ethical decisions are whether or not to reveal sources to the public, or whether or not to show violent crimes on video or in pictures on television during peak news hour. The candidate must show that they understand the severity of their decision and can back up what they do.

Answer Example
"I believe in providing the public with the most honest and truthful accounts of stories. I rarely want to hold back any news or pictures from them, and they can choose to read or look depending on how they feel about the story. However, if any of the news compromises the future of a young person, I will assess the situation and do my best to protect underaged children from their names appearing to the public."
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How do you find qualified candidates for news positions to hire?
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A news director is expected to hire employees in the news department. The interviewer wants to find someone who is experienced with hiring these types of positions and has unique ways of finding the best possible candidates. The potential news director should discuss their experience with hiring and their knowledge of what each job they hire for requires. They should also mention ways they find potential employees, such as through the website's hiring site, other aggregate job listing sites, or through news reels posted on social media sites, including YouTube.

Answer Example
"I have noticed that the best way to find great and hard working employees is through contacts I have developed over the years. I know many news directors from statins all over the country and they refer me to their employees who are moving on who come highly recommended. This way, I know exactly who I am hiring and what kind of work they will do firsthand."
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What is your experience managing finances for a department?
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A news director is expected to keep track of any money the news department may have within a quarter in order to either save for future projects and equipment, or use on top stories. The money may go towards hiring graphic designers, buying new camera equipment, or sending a reporter team to a faraway state to cover a big event. The candidate should discuss their ways of managing this kind of budget and how they believe is the best way to spend finances each quarter.

Answer Example
"Although I have never personally been in charge of finances of a department, I understand how important it is to save as much as I can, so that once a big story or news event comes along, we can put as many resources as possible into it. When there is a story that comes along that is especially important to viewers, I want be sure our station covers it the best."
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What unique skills can you offer to our news department?
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The candidate should give examples of aspects of their personality, skills they possess, and previous works that make them more qualified than other potential candidates for the position. They should discuss why their previous experience in news or management makes them qualified for the job and ways in which they will make positive changes on the department throughout their career.

Answer Example
"I believe that I work incredibly well under stress. I believe this makes be the best candidate for the job because while others may freeze up when they have to make big decisions, I am able to think well under pressure."
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What are your career aspirations beyond this point?
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The candidate should discuss why they are passionate about taking this job, and how it will help them develop as an employer in the future. While they may mention what future goals they have within the company or in their career, the most important aspect of the question is about the candidate's interest in holding the position for a long time. Interviewers do not want a candidate who hopes to put the job on their resume and leave quickly. They are looking for someone who wants to do great work and stay around for a while.

Answer Example
"My goal ultimately in life is to support my family. This news director position will fulfill my dreams in my career and also will help provide food for my family. While my future in my career is uncertain, I hope this job will provide me with great improvement in my career and I look forward to making this newsroom very successful."
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Author of News Director Answers and Questions

Christina Erne
Christina Erne is a meteorologist and a journalist at News 10 ABC in Albany, NY. Beginning her career as a reporter, she worked her way up the ranks of local television, learning the ins and outs of all possible jobs in the field, from technical support, to weather staff.
First written on: 04/19/2017
Last modified on: 08/23/2018

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About News Director

August 18th, 2017

A news director is a person who runs the news department at a local newspaper, or local or national broadcast television station. They are responsible for managing all photographers, reporters, editors and producers who produce content for each television broadcast show or newspaper edition. They are responsible for hiring new talent, making decisions on what stories and events to cover, and providing feedback on each show or edition. Each show or newspaper is a direct product of the management and direction of a news director, and they are constantly managing their employees and updating segments, columns, and providing suggestions to improve writing and reporting to produce the best quality show or edition possible.

To prepare for an interview in this career field, an aspiring news director should be able to show examples of how they can manage a large group of people. They should also be able to provide examples, either written or visual, of shows or newspapers that they have directed. A successful news director improves the station's broadcasts or newspaper editions by adding content or suggesting new writing techniques to appeal to various audiences and capture the most important parts of the story or event.

A news director should be able to discuss with a hiring agent the most important principles of journalism and their take on the ethics of journalism. They should be able to explain their ethical practices, such as their take on dealing with difficult or tragic news. A news director should be able to convey how they stay level-headed and calm in making difficult decisions and provide examples of how they have done this in the past.