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Electrician Interview Questions

25 Electrician Interview Questions
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Why did you want to be an electrician?
How to Answer
You may have chosen to be an electrician because you like to work with your hands and it comes naturally to you. Perhaps you like to learn how things work, and you enjoy technical challenges. Share what you enjoy about your job and why. The interviewer wants to understand your motivation and see that you are driven enough to explore and learn on your own to grow in your knowledge.

Answer Example
"I have always loved doing hands-on projects. I enjoy the technicality. When I get stumped about how something works or how to fix it, I enjoy the trial and error aspect of diagnosing a problem. Troubleshooting is interesting to me."
Entry Level Example
"I started trade school in a more generalist program. After taking a couple of electrical courses, I chose to major in the electrician program. It's a challenging career path that I believe will see a lot of demand over the years."
Experienced Example
"I have been an electrician for the past ten years and could not imagine chasing any other career path. I chose to be an electrician to follow in my father's footsteps. He had a lot of pride in his work, and it interested me from a young age. My favorite part of being an electrician is installing new systems for commercial buildings."
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Question 2 of 25
Electricians have a big responsibility. How well do you pay attention to details and safety?
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How to Answer
The only way to prove you have impeccable attention to detail is by painting a picture through giving a well-articulated example. Electricians thrive on the details, and if they miss them, it can cost time, energy and money!

Break it down. What details did you look for when you identified the problem? Were you successful in solving the problem by taking that approach? If you are detailed oriented, you should be able to offer up detailed examples. Take some time to prepare and think through how you used precision to sort through the issues like a fine-toothed comb.

Answer Example
"I have worked on some complicated problems in the past including repairs on an old factory. I take a systematic approach to check for specific problems first. I know my tools and when to use them which greatly eliminates chances for error. I will triple check my work on challenging tasks. I feel that it is essential to submit error free work as an electrician."
Entry Level Example
"I am so accustomed to working under pressure and tight deadlines as a university student that sometimes small errors have been made on my part. I am careful to double check my work especially when it comes to meeting code on a project."
Experienced Example
"As an electrician, I must pay considerable attention to every detail of my job. My coworkers and supervisor would attest to my ability to notice even the smallest errors. I am here to do great work that always meets code."
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What overall experience do you have in construction?
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How to Answer
When an interviewer asks if you have experience in a specific area, like construction, they want to know that you'll be able to handle the tasks that come along with it. Show that you have an understanding of the full scope of work present in this particular position.

1) Talk about your most recent work and how it applies to this role
2) Talk about difficulties you have had in the past and how you handled them
3) Share the tools and skills that have made you successful

The interviewer will appreciate a concise answer that shows you are prepared and confident in your ability to work in construction.

Answer Example
"In my current role I work primarily with construction clients such as new home builders. At first, the challenge for me was understanding the order of work they set forth on their projects. I spent some time studying project management and construction further. Once I had a strong idea of it all, I was able to work with the clients on a much clearer level."
Entry Level Example
"I am a recent graduate of Miami Dade College, where I took a couple of courses in general construction. I would rate myself as a beginner when it comes to my construction knowledge; however, I am keen to learn and will do what it takes to advance my knowledge quickly."
Experienced Example
"I have many years' experience working with construction clients. I am currently working towards my PMP Certification which has helped me better relate to my builder/developer clients."
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Where do you see your electrical career taking you in the next five years?
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How to Answer
It's impossible to know where you will be in 5 years but do assure the interviewer that, given all possible circumstances, you could see yourself as a long-term fit for their position.

Perhaps you aspire to work on larger scale projects in a management role. Use your electrician skills. Planning, strategy, and ability to follow through are vital skills you'll need to be successful. How do you use those skills when setting and attaining a career goal?

Talk about the details. What skills and knowledge will you gain from this job you're applying for that will help you to accomplish your goal? Knowing how this new position will fit into your career goals and articulating that to your interviewer will help you score extra points!

Answer Example
"Ideally, five years from now, I would love to see myself growing into a team lead role within your business. My career interests align very nicely with your business goals of growth which helps me to see a great long-term fit here."
Entry Level Example
"In 5 years I would like to be seen as an authority in the electrical industry. I would like to be well-connected and trusted when it comes to my work here."
Experienced Example
"5 years from now, I would like to be supervising a team of junior electricians, and leading commercial projects. I feel like I am progressing at a rate that will make this a possibility."
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Question 5 of 25
If your supervisor asked you to do something in a way you were not used to, how would you react?
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How to Answer
The interviewer wants to know that you can take direction and that you aren't too proud to accept feedback, and additional training, from time to time. Every manager has their style of communication, so it's a great time to ask the interviewer what their leadership style is.

Answer Example
"First I would make sure I understood what you were asking. If it was another way of doing something, like repairing, I might ask if you can show me what you're talking about. I would rather get something done right the first time than have to waste time and energy doing it a second time just because I misunderstood what you needed."
Entry Level Example
"If my supervisor asked me to do something in a way I was not used to, I would make sure that I was clear on expectations. Clear communication is important to me, and if there's anything that I could be doing better, I want to know about it right away. Could you share with me your leadership style?"
Experienced Example
"I am an experienced electrician, but I am certainly not a know-it-all when it comes to my work. I am always willing to take on new styles of work to help with my efficiency."
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First written on: 12/04/2010
Last modified on: 08/17/2018

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About Electrician

August 19th, 2018

Electricians specialize in performing the full suite of electrical-related tasks from installing and testing to maintaining and repairing electrical fixtures, wiring, and equipment. During their work day, they may install or inspect electrical systems and equipment, connect wiring to transformers and circuit breakers, identify the cause of breakdowns or diagnose and repair faulty systems.
In addition to having thorough knowledge of electricity, electrical systems, and individual electrical components, electricians must also have knowledge of building and road construction materials as well as knowledge of how to use different types of tools and equipment that is used on the job. Above all, they must have thorough knowledge of public safety protocol, which includes safety measures, policies, and equipment that may be required to safeguard people, property, and data during any electrical mishap.
At the interview, your interviewer will listen to your answers carefully to gauge whether or not you have the necessary knowledge and experience to carry out all electrical tasks safely and efficiently. Your answers must demonstrate that you have what it takes to become an asset to the company. At Mock Questions, you will find a list of questions that are commonly asked at electrician interviews. Rehearsing your answers to these questions will help you be more confident when answering any question the interviewer asks you at your interview.