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What has been your best experience thus far, as a dental assistant?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Dental Assistant interview

This question is assuming you have had previous experience working as a dental assistant before. If you have, tell them about your best experience, ensuring to showcase your attributes in care and compassion.

Basic answer example
"A patient came into the surgery absolutely petrified to see the dentist and having the treatment done. I took their hand and stayed with them every second they were in the dentist's chair reassuring them it would be fine. The best part of this experience was when the patient walked out of the surgery, thanking me for making them feel so comfortable."
Entry Level answer example
"As I am new to my career as a dental assistant, I would say that the best experience so far has been my practicum with Clinic ABC. I was able to lean a great deal from the dentist and also the dental hygienists. Feeling so welcome and accepted in this industry has by far been my favorite experience."
Experienced answer example
"Every day brings new opportunity for learning and helping new clients. Overall, I would say that my best experiences surround the times when a client is nervous about their procedure, and I can help calm their nerves. I am especially skilled in helping kids to feel comfortable."

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What has been your best experience thus far, as a dental assistant?
List the qualities that you feel describe a dental professional ?
I've had many great experiences thus far. My two best experiences would be any time I see a patient leave happy and promising a return. Also, when I perform a procedure to the best of my ability keeping the dr impressed with my work.
When the dentist I worked with had enough trust on me and let me put the sutures on a patient.
Been learning alot out of it.
Being able to be detailed in my help to the dentist, being able to cover for someone when things don't go according to plan.
Helping people that really need it.
I love the fact that I get to help people and meet new peple everyday.
I am a quick leaner and can take instruction very well.
Listening, creating a safe, effective environment, teamwork.
Making patientes fee safe and comfortable while them were receiving dental care.
This will be my first time working as a dental assistant.
Watching how smoothly a Dooctor handled a filling in a 3 year old.
The satisfaction of the pt leaving happy after a painless procedure and the promise of their return.
I love having kids come to the office and say they love the dentist, especially when they have had a lot of work done. It is nice to know it has been a pleasant experience for them so far and it will continue to be. Also, when a patient comes in and is really scared of the dentist but when they leave they have a smile of their face.
My best experience as a da has been working with the dental students at uwo. You never knew what youd be doing that day and you got to see how each dentist and client is differnt.
Working in a health and social care setting because it gives me a chance to work with different types of people with different needs.
Seeing patients leave happy.
Seeing those happy smiles of my patients.
My best experience as a dental assistant has been seeing patients so grateful for my services and being able to calm a child down with them learning to trust you.
Working in Oral Maxilliofacial surgery doing trauma cases.
Working for Dr Service for 8 and half years.
There is always new ways to do things. You never stop learning.
Chairside assisting in restorative procedures and patient care.
My placement with dr patrick.
While working in a pediatric dental office, helping the children over come their fears at the dentist was my best experience in this field so far.
My best experience was being an extern at Bright Dental.
Helping ease nervous patience to overcome their fears and attend regular appointments.
Working as a student in my externship was the best experience thus far.
Working on the different departments and gaining experience.
Seeing a patient go from poor teeth and home care to fully restored and their education to continue care of their new smile.
Being present when my dentist lanced an abscess.
Dealing with lots of different patients and being an integral role in the dental team in the surgery.
I do not have dental experience in a dental office. The experience I have is my dental assisting program where I became certified. Having this opportunity will help me gain experience towards my career.
Watching people smile in confident and becoming well from their pain makes me satisfied in what a Dental assistant does.
I am unable to answer this question, because I have yet to have experience in a Dental office. How ever I look forward to experience working on any procedure with the doctor.
I have non yet in a office, but I look forward to working with the dentist to treat patients oral health.
None, so far, but I am excited to work with the dentist and many patients.
Be always there help oters.
Being able to help patients overcome their anxiety about dental care.
Developing relationships with the patients I have met.
The best experience that I have so far as a dental assistant is the pleasure of still learning the rights and wrongs.
Every experience is my best because my pts come first how ever when the pts procedure is over they were comfortable they remained calm and best of all they reschedule an appt w/no problem I feel like I did my job and successfully assisted my doctor.
My best experience was assisting in Orthodontics because it was interesting to watch the dentist rewire, tighten, and reband braces. I also liked the photos taken after braces are removed.
My best experience so far as a dental assistant was interacting with patients and chair side assisting.
As far as experience goes, I was certified in an "hands on" program which I had practice on actual people and meniquins. I graduated high school early to attend the dental assistant program I was in.
Having patients that came in fearful walk out calm and relaxed. I think addressing patients fears and making them more comfortable is very important.
Seeing patients that come into the practice who are not happy about there dental health, and our team being able to make suggestions so they can improve their oral health.
My best experience is how to deal with the people and have patients for them.
My best experience thus far has to be when I was working in pediatric dentistry during an internship and I was able to go to different schools and teach children the importance of dental health.
Interacting with patients.
Helping other help themselves.
My best experience so far is coronal polishing. I enjoyed coronal polishing because I want to became dental hygienist and I like giving my patient fresh, clean and healthy mouth.
Seeing the delight in a patients face when we fitted a complete upper arch bridge.
Interaction with my patients. Helping them to trust dentistry rather than to fear it. Making their visit pleasant and relaxed. By the end of their visit, they usually are looking forward to coming back.
Getting to know what really goes on behind closed doors.
I have non thus far, but my best experience in health care was when I worked in the labor unit of a hospital and seeing all of the new happy parents walking out of the unit with the biggest smile on their face.
Seeing a patient stop putting their hand over their mouth when they smiled. Watching them light up with delight when they saw their results after treatment.
My first job was a great experience as I did my externship there, it was actually my dentist at the time and he was kind enough to let me extern. It was great because I was familiar with everyone and it just so happened when I finished school he had an opening and offered me a job. I learned a lot there because it was a really busy office.
My best experience so far was when I received a compliment from a patient.
I love seeing the patient very pleased after each appointment.
Just working with the patients.
My best experience in dental assisting would be how quickly I caught on to model trimming and impression taking.
I have not worked out in the field but during school I felt very confident. I knew what needed to be done at all times.
I have not yet work as a dental assistant.
A lady came into the surgery with her front teeth missing due to a fall. She was very embarrassed and asked if there was anything that could be done. The dentist when through a list of options where the lady opted to have a partial upper denture. One the partial denture was fitted, the last started to cry as she loved her new teeth so much and that she could smile again. I found being apart of this experience very rewarding.
When a patient had a better experience than they thought they would have.
Seeing being confident with their smile.
Seeing how much you help patients.
Experiencing 4 hand dentistry at OCHWA
Knowing what to do, how to set up for procedures and being independant.
Watching people come into the office not happy with their smile and walking out smiling. Its very rewarding.
The trust I gained from the doctor and my patients.
My best experience as a dental assistant would be when a patient brought me back a rose for making her visit feel so comfortable.
Making a difference in kids lives and their perception of dentistry.
Working with the patient and educating the about oral hygienes.
My best experience was with a happy pediatric dental patient who was cooperative all through the treatment.
Watching a child with a really difficult case, turn into a young adult with a fabulous smile.
None, I am willing to start fresh with an open mind and get on the job training.
Learning has been my best experience.
Work with dental hygienist, assessing patient with dental phobic.
I have no experience working with a dentist, I am fresh out of school and I have an amazing experience while completing the Dental Program, by being the mentor of the class, I needed to show leadership, more responsibility, and a positive attitude, In my opinion being a mentor was a really great and challenging experience.
The greatest experience I have had thus far was delivering a complete upper and lower denture to a man whom had been without for many years.
I have not been able to do any chair side assisting yet, but I would say to just make the client feel pain free and happy with their experience.
Fixing a small childs teeth.
I have never been a dental assistant however I believe I would excel in the job as I am a people person and am able to follow direction well.
As a treatment assistant my best experience was when I got to help a patient figure out exactly what treatment she was getting done on her teeth.
The way I work during pressure and my ability to priortise my work loads.
My best experience this far as a dental assistant student was when we got to coronal polish. It was a great experience and I was taught from an instructor who does this daily.
My best experience thus far as a dental assistant is.
My best best experience thus far has to be the team effort. In school we would have a task that needed to be done and as a group we would come together to get it done in the best way. I love that in the dental profession it's a team effort.
Unfortunately, I haven't worked as a dental assistant yet, but I look forward to gaining experience in this field.
At my current job we had a patient who felt very nauseous due to her nerves. As the assistant it was my job to console her and check up on her every once in awhile to make sure she was okay. I was able to calm her down and help her feel at ease so we could begin the procedure.
Learning procedures in dentistry and being hands on.
When I was completing my traineeship, We had a young boy come in for multiple extractions. He was quite scared and in quite a lot of discomfort from the problematic teeth. He wasn't allowing the dentist to get into his mouth to help. So to calm the young boy down, I showed him all the tools the dentist was going to use on him and explained what they did. When I had finished the boy had calmed down significantly and was ready to be performed on. He sat through the whole producer holding one of my hands being a very brave boy. When we had finished, he was very happy and thankful to myself and the dentist. I gave the boy a gift bag full of things for your teeth and information on how to keep your teeth healthy. He was very appreciative of the gift and then went home. This for me the best experience i've had so far because I was able to calm down the boy and help him with the pain he was in.
It is a very rewarding job. My best experience is when I was able to help a down syndrome patient.
At school I enjoyed making models.
I love taking care of patients and making them feel as comfortable as they can be.
I just graduated from college and this will be my first experience working at a dental office.
Being able to provide good and postive attitute toward the patient and seeing the patient happy.
Creating a connection with the patients.
Helping the dentist help his patients achieve their perfect smile.

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