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What are your salary expectations?
The compensation question can be tough to answer. It's always best to start with what you are currently earning and then discuss what your future compensation goals look like.
Answer examples
"I am currently making $40,000 per year plus benefits. I am looking for compensation that is aligned with the role and provides an opportunity for growth."
Entry Level answer example
"As I am new to my career and this industry, I am happy to negotiate my earnings based on your typical salary for this role."
Experienced answer example
"I can share with you what I am currently earning, and where I would like to be in my next position. Currently, I am earning a base salary of $48K plus benefits. I'd like to earn a bit above that in my next position."

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User-Submitted Answers

What are your salary expectations?
By putting effort in school.
Dental assisting college.
I know a lot about dental assistant, I have read up about this as it is a future career I would like to go in to.
I gained all the necessary knowledge while attending dental school for 18mo.
I possess the knowledge of knowing what to do as a Dental Assistant in which iv'e obtained by attending Dental Assisting school.
I've obtained Dental Knowledge by attending Dental School for 18 months.
Along with attending Career College, I go online and have obtained CE credits from dental courese.
I posess quite basic knowledge. I am positive that through the relevant experience I shall be able to absorb even more!
I am gaining all the necessary knowledge by attending the dental nurse course.
I start having the knowledge through my dental nurse course.
I am studying dental assistant course at the college.
All the knowledge of learned from school and look forward to bring my skills and knowledge into a dental field.
I dont posess much knowledge but my goal is to achieve as much knowledge and experience while working as a dental assistant as it will help as I go on to college.
About different types of dental procedures. I laerned by reading Books and actual experiences.
Only knowledge I have is what I learned from school.
I have basic knowledge of oral hygiene, anatomy of the oral cavity, passing and proper cleaning of dental instruments, operatory clean-up and PPE and I completed 120 of 130 hour vocational-dental assisting program.
I have alot of knowledge in dental and I posses this from the knowledge I have gained at school and from the working interviews I have had.
I learned and gain all assisting knowledge defore graduting from dental college. And after 3-4 ys practice experience, I am very confident to work in this field.
I do know how to take dental impressions along with tooth charting and I also have taught a number of patients how to properly brush and floss their teeth.
Knowledge of the field itself, from knowing signs of a possible root canal from symptoms patients share with me to recognizing a cavity on an xray. Able to take Impressions, write up some of the Doctors notes on the charts if asked to do so. As well as able to explain the procedures to the patients and an estimated length of time it will take to accomplish. My knowledge comes from many years of experience in the dental field.
I have worked in both general and Endodontic practices. Through the years I have learned various techniques and procedures: fillings, crowns, full round house restorations, veneers, and Implants. I enjoy learning new techniques as well.
I have had no training in the dental industry however I understand that taking care of your teeth is important and contributes to how you feel emotionally as well as physically. I understand that regular brushing and flossing will help keep plaque away and keep your teeth and gums healthy.
I know very few, and even though this is all new to me, I was trained in sanitation and sterilization, as well as having pretty good communication skills as far as being on the same page with each client, I feel those are only some of the things I can bring over to this job, and feel confident doing so.
I have a limited knowledge of dental nursing however with training and experience I hope to develop a wealth of knowledge in the future.
I have over 26 yrs experience as a dental nurse from general practice to military so ive alot of k owledge working with different dentists.
I have a large amount of knowledge of dentistry but still room for more as I know I will get from working here. All knowledge I do have I gained from experience and the levison text book which got me through my nebdn exam.
I am familiar with restorative procedures, prophy and exams, and periodontal health. I have been a chairside assistant but have also worked under a hygienist. I have worked with adults and kids in a very fast paced office.
I took a 6 month dental assistant course. I have also worked in the dental office.
I know about veneers and teeth fillings. I also know about braces and I know about this as I have heard of these things before.
I have the knowledge of dental equipment and its used for example, mouth mirror is used to retract lips, cheeks and provide indirect vision. Explorer used to detect cavity and decay. Also have the knowledge of dental cement such zinc ionomer and also know how to make/take and pour impressions. I know all this by taking the dental assistant program and also during my externship.
I am dentist and got my bachelors from the dental school I studied.
I know about sterilization, temporary cementing, acrylic crowns, procedures, instruments, and I love learning new ways. The College of HealthCare Professions.
I know that a filling starts from applying the bond, then flow and after you apply le filling I got this knowledge by attending school and during my placement.
While going to school for dental assisting I learnt a lot in terms of Dental terms, Oral Hygiene assessment, oral Hygiene instruction, sterilization protocol and more. Much of this I learnt from school and through out the experience I have gained.
I know how to do composite and amalgam fillings, chairside assisting, and I have this knowledge from going to school.
Everyday is a learning experience.
I feel I have an above average amount of dental knowledge... It started with dentl assisting school and then after I worked for a fabulous dentist whom was alwasy giving background info on dental related things. From there I have alwasy been inquisitibe and asked questions cause I want to know the answer to it. it helps me understand and in returen I am able to communicate with patients also.
I am conversant with procedures for crowns, restorations, extractions and all clinical procedures. I can order stock make appts, triage emergency pts. I have gained this knowledge through training and work experience.
I would say only a little but I am up for the task of expanding my knowledge as this progresses. I came across this on work experience.
Chair side assisting, sterilization process, disinfecting the operator y rooms, prepare and place patients for designated procedure properly. Mostly restorative procedures, composite restoration,Amalgam restoration and crown preparation were which gave a better knowledge of dental assisting. ,
I have general dental knowledge. I got this knowledge from visiting the dentist in the past and get my education through National Dental Academy.
General dentistry, periodontal therapy, oral surgery assisting .. Working with various specialists and dentists.
I went to a school in spring, tx called houston dental assistant school.
I am currently attending All State Careers Expanded Functions Dental Assistant program where it includes training in Radiology. I have just completed my internship.
I dental knowledge is radiology, infection control, and chairside assistant. I obtain this knowledge through my instructors at Miller Motte Technical College.
I have the basic knowledge of a dental assistant, I graduated from a hands on dental assistant program.
I only have my personal knowledge. I retained a spacer, used invisalign, and had three teeth pulled.
I attended a nine month dental course.
I attendes Houston Dental School where I learned all aspects of a dental office.
I start dental shool in may and I finish in agust so I have 2 month knowledge abaut this branch.
12 years experience as dental nurse. Fully qualified gdc registered, also have oral health and nutrition and health qualification.
I have BDS qualification from India, so I have got enough knowledge about dental field and procedures.
Patient and a physiology classes.
I know a lot about dental technology, I have a diploma in that subject.
I went to school and have externship experience. Very interested in learning more about the dental field.
My schooling taught me alot.
I went to school for a year and was trained extensively in all areas of dental assitsting, lab work, and sterilization.
I possess chair side and dental terminology, sterilization.
I have a large amount of knowledge in dental, I achieved that knowledge by going to school.
I know how to do alginite impressions, pour and trim models, tooth numbering systems, preventative care and more.I obtained my education at seacoast career schools.
I have knowledge of working chair side, I understand the uses for all the materials in surgery and the sterilisation process. I learnt this as a trainee nurse, before undergoing my NEBDN exam.
Digital x-rays, cavity classifications, most instruments, tooth surfaces. I spent two years in Saint Pauls school of nursing as well as practicing online.
I have a vast knowledge of dental assisting which I acquired through my diploma program.
I graduated from a 1 year accredited school which was included in the lesson plan.
I went to Dental Assisting school and really learned as much as I could and tried to prepare myself to be the best dental assistant I could be.
I have studied and learned by hands on training and reading. I have terminology and procedure knowledge in dentistry.
Cda accredited program with 3 years experience.
I have a pretty good grasp on orthodontics, It is by years of experience with different doctors, with different approaches that gives you a well rounded concept of treatment.
I possess the knowledge of taking care of our teeth is one of the most important factors to have a good health, all this knowledge I learned in the Dental Assistant program.
The one thing I have learned, through trial and error is that nothing is ever what it seems & you should always triple check.
The dental knowledge I possess is what I learned at Everest College.
I contain knowledge of x-ray procedures, Dental equipment, and molding.
Fast approach in following instrution during my time in the care sector.
Composite and amalgam fillings, Oral surgery, Impressions, Radiographs, Tooth numbers/letters, Anatomy of the skull. I became about this knowledge during school. I took classes such as Dental and general Anatomy, Radiography, Dental Materials, Dental Chair side.
I've just finished my second year of dentistry, so all of my knowledge comes from the different subjects I've completed. I study hard and I've put a lot of effort into my assignments to do both to the best of my abilities.
I am a dentist in my country.
Basic dental cleaning information, tooth numbers on-the-job training.
I have general knowledge of several types of procedures taught in class, amalgam, composites, crown bridge, impressions, rubberdam, endodontics, oral surgery.
I have general knowledge on procedures, tray set up, sterilization, room teardown and setup, instrument transfer. I took a 10 week course for dental asssiting.
About 10 years experience . School and co workers.
I possess basic knowledge. I am positive in the relevant experience I will have the ability to absorb more.
I have been exposed to the basics in endodontics, orthodontics, crown and bridge, x-rays, periodontics, and tooth anatomy and terminology. I graduated from North Georgia School of Dental Assisting.
I have a certificate in dental assistant that a achieved online through Louisiana tech.
I possess oral surgery knowledge and general dentistry. I obtain my chairside dental assistant certification and I attended many seminar to make me a better dental assistant.
I possess little to no dental knowledge. My only exposure to the dental field is through my own appointments and treatments with dental and orthodontic offices. I always enjoyed my time in these offices, though, and am eager to learn more about what the job entails and what I can do to be a key part of that job.
Some through quoting insurance benefits for local insurance company. I am currently enrolled in dental assistant school.
Many years of experience.
Basic fundamental of dental assisting, through trade school.
I posses quite basic knowledge I am positive that through the relevant experience I should be able to absorb even more.
I completed the dental assisting course at Mineral Area College in 1986. I was certified but it has lapsed. I had a broad knowledge base but have not used it in several years. I feel it would come back to me quickly. I am willing to take any classes needed to continue in this profession.
I don't have much dental knowledge. I am still learning and I am eager to learn more that I actually bought Dental Assisting book so that I could read it and learn more about the career.
I graduated from the Dental Assisting program from Aiken Tech and learned so much.
I have a lot of knowledge I'm able to mix materials, I keep up with cpd training I'm able to develop xrays using automatic developer.
I'd make simple procedures For the unprevidged ones.
Our theeth are the most important, because without them we can not survive. They are the first who are helping for a good digestion. I've studied the human biology and caring about our health is the first thing that we should do.
I am currently in dental assisting school any and all dental knowledge I possess comes from there.
I am knowledgeable about implants, invisalign, surgical procedures, and general dentistry.
I feel there is always more to learn. So I have about 9 months experience. With 1 being in an actual dental office. I graduated from Remington college.
Well I am wanting to do a nzda course which will help me be certified to be a dental assistant.
Basic knowledge but, I am positive and confident I can possess even more during my dental career.
I have 9 months of experience. I obtained this knowledge at Remington college.
I have a bachelors degree in dental hygiene along with 7 years of experience as a dental hygienist.
I have a basic knowledge of dental terms and the ananomy and I gained this knowledge from my previous employer and hands on experience.
I have completed bachelors in dental surgery. It was my parents wish especially my father he always wanted to see me become a doctor. So well I made it my wish too.
A team player because I am work very well with others.
I recently completed my certificate III in Dental Assisting through Open Colleges as part of my training I had to learn about patient scheduling systems infection control procedures I had to learn how to read patients to see how they are reacting to LA or if they where coping with the procedure being done I learnt a little about things to look for on dental radio graphs images how to assist chair side during various procedure such as Rct fillings extractions how to preapre the surgery at the start of day at the end of day how to greet paitents.
I had Basic knowledge of the instruments and techniques its been a yr since I went to school so I need more work.
Chairside Assisting, and knowledge of procedures. I went to school last January for dental assisting. There I learned everything from setting up a room, to taking x-rays.
Certified Level II Dental Assistant. Trillium College.
Took a dental assisting course at a college level.
2 years at lcti dental technology. Lehigh valley school of dental assisting.
Instruments, materials, chairside experience, 11 month accredited program.
I am a graduate from an accredited dental assisting program and I have 300 hours of clinical experince.
I am going through my EDDA certification right now from IDTKY
As a graduating dental student in the Philippines, I was trained for coronal polish, placement of sealants and fillings, sterilize instruments, fabrication of temp. Crowns, taking impressions, pouring and trimming of casts. I also went to Colorado School of Dental Assisting for 3 months and within that period I was able to improve taking X-rays .
Different knowledge about different part of the dnetistary like how the emplants ortho invislines and other procure works.
Through a course taught at a school.
I am knowledgeable in all procedures. I graduated from Delta with an Associates. I passed my board exam both clinical and written.
I have some knowledge, but very basic at this point. I am looking forward to learning more, and attending classes in May. I have learned this by researching information due to interest on the subject.
I have knowledge on multiply procedures and I was trained by a certified dental assistant,
I went to dental assistant school for 9 months.
I have my CDA and my x-Ray certificate. I received these by attending the National School for Dental Assisting.
I like to think I'm pretty knowledgeable with the short amount of schooling I've had. DSSTN was an incredible school to learn from, and they really push you to be the best.
So far the only dental knowledge I have is what I learned at HCC and I just passed my radiology exam. I was hoping after 160 hours of working I could take my expanded function course.
I have a certificate three standard of dental knowledge. I completed this at HMAS Cerberus through the Army.
Just the normal day to day basis knowledge you come across in a dental clinic, like cavities and how to prevent them, implants, the crown part, endo.
I am very aware of the ORCHA laws and attended to seminars to be updated with new materials. As all dental treatments and procedure I learned more and more as I keep my self in the fields.
I possess certificates III and IV in the dental assisting, which includes basic charting, infection control policies and procedures, sterilisation processes etc.
Dental certificated, class and doctors.
I have learned to be very good at making temporarys.
Prior to this School Course I have graduated from a Dental Assisting Courseto this one in 1995 and worked in my field at a Scholl of Dentistry in Mississippi for 2 years.
The knowledge that I have I at learned at Ross Medical Education Center. I did an eight month Dental Assistant program.
Every type of procedure, I know it.I came about it from over 20 years experience.
On-the-job-training I currently have a registered dental assistant coronal polish and x-ray license I can work front desk Financial Arrangements treatment planning insurance.
I came about the knowledge due to friends actually. Some of my friends are dental assistants and it sounds fun to me. I enjoy clean teeth.
I know about sterilization, infection control and osha . I came about this knowledge through dental assisting school.
I have knowledge of the oral atomany and teeth number, and I have some experience with taking x-rays, I vade acquire this knowledge from a dental assisting school.
All aspects of chair side assisting, sterilization and infection control.
I m dental graduate I did bds.
I can take X-rays, sterilize tools, set up operatories, assist the doctor with all procedures.
Fillings and extractions I studied and with a help of my practical hours.
Sound, ive almost completed half of the certificate 3 in dental assisting.
Asa aassistant need to be helping hand for doctor, give advise to patients etc.