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Tell me some techniques you use to keep an office organized?
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I was in charge of inventory and ordering and keeping a budget for all supplies.. I was able to create a pattern of when items were needed so it was something that was prepared for when the cost came up... I frequently inventoried as I was working to notice things needing updating or ordering and I started a order system that worked very well.. Doc always stated that he never ran out of anything cause I was able to anticipate what would be needed in the future and make sure it was on hand.
I like to stay ahead of the game and prepare for procedures ahead of time if time allows, and I like to make sure my charting is done in the beginning so all that is needed after the procedure is finishing my note.
Keep a positive and clutter free environment. And making sure that everyone is on the same page with how things need to be run in the office.
I offer assistance to other hygienists to keep the flow of patients running smoothly and monitor the scheduler.
I believe the last Doctor I worked for was amazing. We got along very well. I had his procedures memorized and knew what he wanted and needed before the next step.
I place things where they belong as soon as they are used. I also keep my place kleen at all times.
Making sure that there are enough supplies in each treatment room and everything that is needed for the treatment is in the room before starting the treatment.
Digital communication, files organised and not left out scheduling systems with reminders an environment clutter free, draws labelled the days appointments for each dr printed out and placed on the dental assistiants side,
I maintain a positive attitude and even though dental offices can get pretty crazy I will try my best to make sure all of my task are completed in a timely manner.
Time management, communicating.
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