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Tell me some techniques you use to keep an office organized?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Dental Assistant interview

How to Answer

First and foremost, prioritize your daily tasks. Maybe there is an operation due early in the morning, so you must ensure that the dental surgery room is prepared and the instruments are all laid out correctly. Share with the interviewer how you remain organized throughout the day.

Tell me some techniques you use to keep an office organized?
Answer example

"In my current role, I build the daily schedule for each technician and provider. It's important for me to pay attention to detail so I pair the technician and provider appropriately, time all procedures accurately and not overbook the dentist."

Entry Level

"I believe that the key to keeping an organized office is to be properly trained in the software programs, pay attention to the schedule, and avoid overbooking the dentist. Also, confirmation calls to future patients are a lifesaver!"


"I use a variety of techniques for organization. I used our internal booking system with diligence. Also, I make sure to call all appointments the day before, to confirm their time. It's amazing how one or two late clients can change your entire day. Also, I have a checklist for the office team to ensure they know the expectations for the day when it comes to supplies, cleaning, and equipment sterilization."

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Tell me some techniques you use to keep an office organized?
I was in charge of inventory and ordering and keeping a budget for all supplies.. I was able to create a pattern of when items were needed so it was something that was prepared for when the cost came up... I frequently inventoried as I was working to notice things needing updating or ordering and I started a order system that worked very well.. Doc always stated that he never ran out of anything cause I was able to anticipate what would be needed in the future and make sure it was on hand.
I like to stay ahead of the game and prepare for procedures ahead of time if time allows, and I like to make sure my charting is done in the beginning so all that is needed after the procedure is finishing my note.
Keep a positive and clutter free environment. And making sure that everyone is on the same page with how things need to be run in the office.
I offer assistance to other hygienists to keep the flow of patients running smoothly and monitor the scheduler.
I believe the last Doctor I worked for was amazing. We got along very well. I had his procedures memorized and knew what he wanted and needed before the next step.
I place things where they belong as soon as they are used. I also keep my place kleen at all times.
Making sure that there are enough supplies in each treatment room and everything that is needed for the treatment is in the room before starting the treatment.
Digital communication, files organised and not left out scheduling systems with reminders an environment clutter free, draws labelled the days appointments for each dr printed out and placed on the dental assistiants side,
I maintain a positive attitude and even though dental offices can get pretty crazy I will try my best to make sure all of my task are completed in a timely manner.
Time management, communicating.
I can make sure I'm proficient with expanded functions, productive, and on hand.
Check lists, properly putting things where they belong.
Punctual, time management, schedules.
I always clean up after a treatment. If I see that things are disorganized around the office then I take care of it without it being mentioned by the rest of the team.
Have all office supplies in one place, dental supplies in a storage room, label properly.
Like getting the patient files ready the day before. Making sure that the dentist and hygienist schedule coordinates so the Dentist could see the patient.
Make a checklist for all the common daily procedures and ensure that everything is perfect during the work.
I use sticky labels for things that are highly important and I would set out new tools for each patient who came through, making sure everything in the office is tidy and clean.
Instruments being ready and room being cleaned.
Working with co-workers to allow each other to know where everything is.
Keeping a clean &neat office and finding a place for every item to be stored.
Color coding, Labeling, Keeping Inventory and staying with a routine.
When you use something put it back once our done.
Everything and everyone has a place not moving without proper reasoning.
I use a tag system for supplies, I have made notes and charts of maintenance of equipment, daily duties, track lab work, and shipments.
Put things away right away.
I am very organized. I like things to be neat and tidy everything clean and in its place.
I don't like clutter so I try to get paperwork done as fast as I can, I'm also very good with memorizing patient names and important information.
Daily and Monthly maintenance, daily operations, OHSA regulations, Patient records and charting.
To keep an office organised I need to keep it in a clean and organised environment.
Clean and place items accordingly before and after patients.
Logging down maintenance, labeling, staying on top of tasks, consistancy.
To keep an office organized by a clean and organized environment.
I like things orderly and with my OCD it helps that I like been organised I would ensure things are returned to their rightful place I would monitor stock levels and clean the office to ensure that everything is in good repair.
I like a clean and uncluttered workspace. Make sure things are labelled so anyone can find what they're looking for. Paper work is giving a filing system.
I love to have things organized, things like filling, and labeling always seem to help me.
I like to write notes, I like to prepare myself for something a head of time. I like to keep things in their proper place so I can find them every time.
I use labels on everything and make sure everything is in order when it is stocked.
Positive approach to work, team work and respect to other ideas and opinions.
I am used in Putting things back to where there should be so that I twill be more easy to find the instruments, cements, and etc.
Keeping the environment I work in clean as possible at all times.
At home, I use folders and binders to keep everything organized and together and easily accessible.
Checking inventory daily, great time management.
I always make it a point that as I wait for the next patient, I try my very best to do what needs to be done especially cleaning up or organizing files, supplies and instruments.
Honesty, positive energy and determination to achieve daily goals. Teamwork, and being on time.
Even though I have never been employed in an office I do know how to answer the phone professionally. My mom always made us answer the phone that way at home because you never knew who would be calling. I am also very proficient with the computer, if I dont know it I will figure it out.
I clean as I go, and I put materials in areas that are easiest to clean and retrieve when needed. I think ahead and have ready what is needed for the day.
Put things back where you got them.
By keeping the office in clean and organised enviroment.
Priorities my work load to ensure that there are no complaints and that the working environment runs as smoothly as possible. Ensure stock rotation and that everything that is needed on a day to day basis is at hand.
Clean zone and dirty zone.
Making sure everything is in the right places.
I employ techniques such as having a checklist of jobs which need to get done.
I make sure that everything gets put back in the space it belonged to, wipe down and clean everything to ensure sanitization.
Stock rotation, restocking on a regular basis, tidiness.
I am a quite organized person and I like to keep my staff and my office clean and tidy. I organize all the documents in folders and arrange them in alphabetical order to be easy to find what I need.
I file right away I keep good notes, I'm very organized I like a clean work space.
I belive in a clean and positive attitude and having everyone on the same page definitely will help the office grow.
Run comics smoothly calmy making sure stock is kept up to dare.
I would listen to the dentists instructions. I would keep a planner and labels and keep everything clean and in order at all times.
I would want everything neat, stocked up and in the correct place at all times.
Steady pace. Follow all safety guidelines and keep my head focused.
To keep myself and an office organized I like to write lists, make labels, and color code.
Have a known filling system for important information, where multiple things can be stored under categories for easy access to information. A clean desk space where stationary is easily accessible.
Filing skills, notes, messages.
When I see something that is running low I will let the dentist know so we can order more.
Everything has to be filed and following filing procedures accordingly. Put files or other procedural items immediately to the correct spot, do not overload items for last minute .
Up keep of patient files and.
Keep cataloged product, dates, suppliers, for ordering for the office. Keep a schedule of both back and front office duties that are allocated and rotated, so to be fair as what tasks are being done,
Tidy as I go, lay out tools in order.
To use a positive attitude and keep exam rooms stocked and organized per dentist needs for procedures and to keep instruments clean and sterilized throughout the day to help keep the day running.
I think keeping the records in check and most importantly never leaving today's work for tomorrow I think that creates the most confused and unorganized office atmosphere.
I do not like clutter, so maybe when I am free, I can help organize?
Check list, good time keeping, good filling system.
See how everything is done, and keep doing it the way you all have it done.
Keeping a positive attitude with both clients and patients and also making sure everything is in stock.
Make sure everything is stock up and in its proper place so that the day can run smoothly.
Type 45 wpm, organized, multi-tasker, project oriented, clean environment, file, daily (hourly) charting, manage a schedule,
Having notebooks handy and check lists of what needs to be done during the day. Notebooks to write in case supplies need to be ordered and check lists just ensure that everything is getting done on time and in the order in which it needs to be done.
I try to stay on top of things. Good time management.
Properly arranged welcoming desk, arranged surgical area,
Constantly wiping down, everything has a place. Operatory is organized.
I record all return dates for lab work, my draws and cupboards are kept neat and organised enabling me to find material quickly.
Putting things in order, keeping files neat and tidy so I know which one is which and also labelling things really help me.
I love to be organized. I will file charts in the correct order, and put equipment back where it belongs,
I keep logs for daily tool inventory as well as weekly list of what needs to be done.
Make the day run smoothly, and sterilize instrument after each procedure.
Communication with all the co workers, time management.
I would of course go by regulation and everything I have been taught in school, and by the office to employ me.
Keeping all the instruments and equipment in the correct place and making sure there is no clutter. Also if some of the tools are colorized to make sure I always put them back in the correct place.
Ensuring that the instruments being used are cleaned and put in the ultra sonic pkaged and then auto claved soon as possible, tiding up operatory soon as we get done with patients.
Follow the rules, do everything by the book and you wont make mistakes, put everything back where you found it and keep it neat.
Keeping all the instruments and equipment in the correct place and making sure there is no clutter. Also if some of the tools are colorized to make sure I always put them back in the correct place.
I make sure that the files I need to file are put in my inbox and that I scan them in as soon as possible. Being a paperless office really helps keep things organized, and even the paper files we do keep are organized alphabetically and are reviewed every few months to remove old documents that are no longer pertinent. With each of us making our own effort to keep the office neat and tidy, it is pretty easy to keep an organized office!
Making sure I do not get behind on schedule so I wont have a lot of catching up on work to do and keeping things a certain place and way so I will know exactly where things are.
Make sure everything is stocked and ready to go. Look at the day's schedule and anticipate what the day will bring. Prioritize.
I maintain all paperwork together nice and neatly, get things done in a timely manner.
A daily to do list, complete task through to the end, don't revisit it if avoidable. You will optimize your time if you touch it once and don't have to go back to it. Help others if you have down time, this will enable more production and a flow to the office if you can step in and assist in a busy area if you are not busy.
Finish my tasks on time and never start a new assignment before getting done the previous one.
Always have it clean.
Filing, lableing, cleaning.
Learning the alphabet for filing.
I would try to keep an office organized by keeping a positvie and clean environment. I would always to to keep an in order steady work pace goin.
Making sure that everyone is on the same page with how things are supposed to run.
Keeping a uplifting and positive attitude and use the teamwork technique. Always making sure everything is stocked and sterilized to make the day run smoothly.
Keeping a notebook, making sure that I write down messages from patients, the dates and times that they called. Keeping separate folders for each patient according to their needs.
Keeping organizational skills and be s team player.

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