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Approach this question with a little caution. Tell the interviewer that you take people at face value and that you try and see everyone you meet in the best possible light. There is bound to be small clashes along the way but keep your answer as positive as you can.
Answer examples
"There have been times that my coworkers and I don't see eye to eye but it has never affected our customer service or ability to work together professionally."

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User-Submitted Answers

I like team work , that make me work easier.
Not been a single incident always try to get along yes sometimes its hard some people r bossy at sich times I need to tell them to maintain the space and lines at times you do not like peoples ways we have to avid tehm for taleeling but be a balance peron and h=get along thats what best for the compamt.
No, I've always worked well with others. When someone ask me to help them out or get them something, I'm usually the first to help. I don't like to just stand there and watch other people work when I'm capable to help out.
No, there will always be times when people will step on each other's toes. If it becomes a problem it should be addressed professionally and politely. After talking it out and reaching a solution it should be forgiven and forgotten.
No, I always work well with others.
Iv'e always worked well with others.
I take the work I am doing personally, so I may be perceived to be serious.
I try to get along with everyone because stress in the workplace makes for a long day.
Yes but I have always beeen able to work through it and everythign works out great.
Everyone has conflicts, I try to make the best of every situation and keep this posttive and to a professional level.
I try my best not to every show that someone may not be my favorite person to work with, and if for some reason there is adversity, I try to reach an healthy relationship.
No, I try my best to get along with others to make work less stressful.
What qualities do you believe you have to offer which sets you apart from the other applicants as a dental assistant.
I am a cooperative person and easy going and enjoy working with others.
I wouldnt say not worked well as withwork there will always be people you will come across and not in a job but its important to be positive, professional and work well to keep everything running smoothly.
Yes-Not everyone works well with one another. I try to evaluate the situation and find a common ground where we can work together.
I get along with everyone and always have a smile on my face.
No, I always have gotten along with everyone I work with. It is important to understand that work environments are diverse and everyone needs to work well together to assure each patient is give the best care possible.
I cannot relate to any experience where I have not worked well with others. I am an individual who communicates effectively and seek the best interest of others in a kind manner.
I get on well with people and feel I am a person people can get on easily with.
In times of conflict I try to look at the situation from the other persons point of view. If I am being irrational I recognise this and solve the problem. If it is the other person being irrational, I clearly explain myself to them.
No, I have always gotten along with all of my coworkers.
No I always understand whenever someone is going through a tough time in their life.
Yes, conflict with co-worker. Failed to provide enough food for the residents. Repeatedly had conversations to improve grocery shoping.
Most of the time I work collaboratively with my team members.
Not at all, I can get along with anybody.
I have always worked well with others.
Some people work differently to others so having the ability to adapt is a must. I am able to do this so I have not had any problems working with others to date.
I cannot think of a single time this has happened.
No I do not recall a time where working with others was an issue.
Rarely, I get along most of the time.
No. I always work well with others, I'm very easy to get along with.
I think I have always worked well with others. If I don't like to work with someone, and it does happen and it has happened in the past I just deal with it and do my own work and worry about my responsibilities.
I've only worked at two different places so far, and both of those times I worked with really lovely people I got along really well with. I think as long as you're polite and friendly, you can work well with anybody, and I always try my best to do that.
No really, I am very laid back and easygoing.
Yes. I find myself to be friendly and very accommodating.
No, I feel like I'm a very good people person.
No, I typically always work well with others.
When the other isn't doing as they're suppose to.
I have gotten along with all of my coworkers even when we had moral differences or differences in our level of expectation. I always endeavor to get along with the people I work with and consider myself a friendly and approachable individual.
Never, but if I would stay positive if I ever come across that situation.
I don't know that you would say not worked well, but in my last job we did get a new supervisor and she didn't know HR at all. She was very aggressive to speak with and demeaning. I made several attempts to talk to her to figure out what her problem with me was and correct it. I explained I wanted us to work as a team and I wanted to understand what she wanted but the communication was not there. I after several attempts went to the administrator and told her we have some kind of disconnect and I have asked her how we could fix it and she doesn't want to fix anything. It is very hard to work under her. I was advised we better work it out or one of us would be gone. I continued to work under her and when she did not make any attempt to resolve the issues (which I never even knew what the real issue was) I resigned. I felt I had made several attempts to work with her and she continually was demeaning and would change her mind on what and how she wanted things due her lack of knowledge of the job. I resigned from the company when the stress was to much to bear. She resigned her position two days after I gave my notice.
No I've worked with people all my career in different environments and worked well with them all.
I never worked as a dental nurse, but my mom's shifts was a basic experience and this wasn't so much necessary for getting that far to giving me the chance to work with people's theeth health.
No, not really. I think I have a strong ability to adapt to the people I am working with and ensure that we work as efficiently as we can together.
There has been a time that me and a coworker did not see eye to eye. But we did not let that Come in between our work. And the teams progress.
On a regular basis I've gotten along with co workers. I think any work environment there can be spats and difference of opinions.
I've always worked well with others.
Nope. Yeah I know of a lot of people who have had difficulties working with some people or some people who are difficult to work with but I have never had that experience myself.
I dont feel that I have from memory.
No I always work well with everyone even if its not the best friend relationship.
I have always worked well with others.
Not often, but I had to earn respect in my last job.
No. I try my very hardest to get along with everyone.
No because You can't please everybody and all of us have our own idiosyncrasies. I am patient and would never judge someone because I don't know what they are going through.
No, up to now I known as someone who can get along well with basicly everyone I work with.
No. I always get along with everyone.
No, it's pretty easy for me to get along with others.
No. At least not that I'm aware of.
No, I've always gotten along with everyone I've worked with. I've had great friendships come from past work experiences.
No, since I have started working I have always been able to get along with others.
No, I have always worked well with others.
No I always have been a lover of people this is why I wanted to help others.
I wouldn't say not worked well but yes I have had to talk with other employees to fix a problem.
Yes I was in an office once where I worked with someone who would not come out of her office To help When super busy.
No! I always try my best to get along with whomever.
Yes, when other team members slack off and make my job harder than it needs to be.