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Cosmetologist Interview

25 Cosmetologist Interview Questions

By: Elisabeth Walter

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What excites you about designing hair styles?
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"I love being creative and finding ways that will be more flattering to enhance my client's eyes or jaw line. I get a lot of ideas from clients and I love making them happy."

Is it the creativity? Is it customer satisfaction? What gets you going when you get to try new styles on your clients?
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Tell me about your experience styling hair?
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Think about your clients, their hair, colors, and ways you have helped them get the look that they want. Even if your clients were all from hair school, talk about the ones who kept coming back. Those client relationships show you are competent in your skills and knowledge. What are some of the best moments from your experience? What were some of the challenges and how did you overcome them? Give the interviewer a brief summary of your experience and what you have learned.
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What aspect of doing hair is most challenging for you?
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Are you new to color? Do you have trouble with ethnic hairstyles? How do you feel about client interactions? Doing hair can be one of the most fun and challenging aspects of working as a cosmetologist. If you are new to the career, you may still feel a little shaky about making conversation with your clients. You may feel nervous about creating certain styles or big changes on a person. As you talk with the interviewer, explain the challenge but focus on what you're doing to overcome it. When you're new, it can be hard to have confidence in your skills. Practice makes all the difference! Answer with confidence about what you already know and then reassure them you are working on perfecting those areas where you're not as strong.
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How do you communicate with clients who are introverted or shy?
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Give an example from your experience. Here's an idea of how to approach this:

"I had a new client who wanted her haircut but had trouble communicating what she really wanted. I showed her pictures and gave her time to think it through. I described what I recommended based on her current style and the pictures she showed me. Once we figured out what she needed, I asked her questions to get to know her and told stories I thought she might like. It can be hard to break the ice, but I've learned ways to communicate with even the most shy individuals."

Some people get tense in social settings. Helping your clients relax will help them to feel more comfortable and might also help them know better what they really want.
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How do you help clients choose the best hair style?
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When a client comes to you looking for a change, how do you help them make the best decision? Do you ask them to look through magazines to find their ideal haircut? Do you make sure they're not making a last minute emotional decision? Your job is to help identify what clients like and make sure that you are both on the same page about expectations. Explain that you know how important it is to have clear communication with your clients in order to give them what they want.
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Author of Cosmetologist Answers and Questions

Elisabeth Walter
Elisabeth Walter has over five years of experience in the corporate recruiting world. More recently, she has been freelance writing for the past two years. You can reach out to Elisabeth by visiting her LinkedIn profile, at
First written on: 02/20/2011
Last modified on: 08/20/2018

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About Cosmetologist

September 14th, 2018

Cosmetologists are highly skilled and talented professionals who specialize in providing a variety of beauty services such as hair styling, skin care, makeup application, hair removal, manicures, and pedicures amongst others. They are committed to helping their clients look good and feel more confident. Cosmetologists typically work in privately owned salons or in salons and spas attached to hotels.
Smaller salons may hire cosmetologists who have completed a general cosmetology training program. However, high-end salons will only hire applicants who have a undergone specialized training in each individual beauty service. Cosmetologists must have great aesthetic sense and excellent customer service skills. Physical stamina and endurance also play a role as the job involves staying in the same position for the major part of the day. Experience is crucial. Very few employers will want to hire someone who has not had any experience.
At your cosmetologist interview, the salon owner, who will be conducting the interview, will ask you why you chose this particular career. They will also want to know if you have had any experience working in a salon and what beauty services you provided during that time. They will also ask you if you are willing to undergo a training period to learn their particular styling and beauty techniques. Knowing the questions that you are likely to be asked can give you the advantage at this type of interview. You can find these at mock interview questions. Check them out and take the time to prepare compelling answers before heading off to your cosmetologist interview.