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Would you rather lead or follow?

Example #1
"I can quite easily swap between leading and following, depending on the situation. Naturally, I am inclined to lead, but when I am expected to sit back and absorb, I am completely able to do that as well."
Example #2
"I would rather lead in some instances, and follow in others. While I am training and gathering my bearings, I will be more of a listener and follower. Once I know the ropes, I can comfortably take the lead whenever required of me."
Example #3
"As a manager, I am most certainly more of a leader. With that said, I love to learn and absorb new things with requires me to be a follower at times too."
Example #4
"I am more of a follower at times, meaning I like to listen, learn, and absorb. When needed, I am happy to jump into a leadership role as well."
Example #5
"Being in retail, and as a student, I am usually following as opposed to leading. That's not to say that I cannot be a fantastic leader as well. I group project at school, I often take the lead, and I enjoy that."
Example #6
"I am a leader by nature. I am competitive and like to hit my goals and coach others to do the same. With that said, I will be a happy and attentive follower when required."
Example #7
"Teachers always take the lead, it seems - and I am happy to do so! I believe that I offer a solid balance between leading and following, swapping between the two when it's appropriate."
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