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What is your long-range career objective?

36 Answer Examples

By: Rachelle Enns

How to Answer

Onboarding new employees is a time consuming and costly endeavor, so the interviewer wants to make sure that this role will be a long-term fit for you. Be open to the interviewer about your dreams within this company, on a long-term basis. Share what promotions you hope to eventually receive and discuss what you wish to learn from being a part of their organization. The key to answering this question is to express to the interviewer that you plan to stay with the company for many years to come.

Professional Answer Examples
Answer example

"While visiting your company website I noticed that you have some leadership opportunities available in a variety of locations. I would love to work my way into a management or leadership role with your organization and would be willing to relocate to do so. I like what your organization stands for, and I hope to see a current fit, and future growth, here."

Answer example

"Currently I support a couple of management-level executives; however, as you can see from my application to your position, I wish to gain a position that includes supporting executives in the C-suite. I want to earn my way to the top of your executive chain by proving my dedication to the people whom I support."

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"My long-range objective is to be a director within your organization. I am constantly looking to improve myself professionally and personally and would welcome the opportunity to do that within your organization."

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"I am looking for a position with which I can grow, specifically into a Director of Marketing position. I know it's a few years off, of course, but that's where I am looking to end up within the next 5 or so years."

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"I am a long-haul type of employee, as you can see from my decade-plus employment with my current organization. That said, I am looking to make a longterm career change. One in which I can grow into an executive management role, with my eyes set on GM of the store in the next four years or so. Of course, I know there are plenty of milestones to reach on the way to that end and intend to achieve floor manager in the next 1-2 years."

Answer example

"My long-term goal is to move into an executive leadership role: ideally a VP of Sales or Customer Success. That said, I know there is a long way to go to getting there, so my next goal is a management role. I love that you promote heavily from within and I look forward to the opportunity to rise through the ranks of the organization into an executive role."

Answer example

"My long-range career objective is to extend my post-secondary education to include a Masters' degree and eventually work my way into a Vice-Principal position. If my passion as an educator could influence other teachers, that would be my biggest dream."

Animal Control Workers
Answer example

"I am looking for a long-term fit within animal control. As you can see, I have an Undergraduate degree in Animal Sciences. My plan is to continue a career in Animal Control and eventually work my way into a leadership opportunity."

Power Plant Operator
Answer example

"My long term career goal is to manage a larger plant and be responsible for a larger crew. In my current position, I manage a team of 15. One of the reasons why I am so interested in working for your company is because it would allow me to grown in my career and achieve those long term goals."

Proofreaders and Copy Markers
Answer example

"In 7 to 10 years from now, I would like to have grown within the same company I started off with, having acquired skills enabling me to establish myself as an expert. I would love to be responsible for more managerial duties and ultimately lead a team of professionals."

Activities aide
Answer example

"I'm trusted with confidential information every day. I make a point to leave my work at work and not discuss patients outside of the facili. By not discussing confidential information about the patients I'm ensuring that I'm not breaking any rules and giving information to those that are not on a need to know basis."

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Written by:

Rachelle Enns
Rachelle Enns is an executive head-hunter and job search expert. Utilized by top executives from Fortune 100 & 500 companies like Fitbit, Microsoft, General Electric, Nestle, and more, she helps professionals position themselves in a competitive marketplace. Rachelle founded Renovate My Resume, a company that focuses on helping job seekers get their edge back. Renovate My Resume creates stand-out resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and professional summaries for new grads, all the way to corporate executives. Rachelle spends much of her time training career coaches, recruiters, and resume writers. She also holds interview workshops for students and interns, globally. For great tips and tricks, follow Rachelle on Instagram @_rachelle_e or @renovatemyresume.
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown, is the creator of MockQuestions. He has over ten years experience creating interview questions. His website has helped over 10 million job seekers in their interview preparation.
Last modified on: 12/23/2018

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What is your long-range career objective?
To be a senior QA and retire from a company.
To get the hell out of here!
To shine in my career with higher level of posting, and to do some what innovative things in my field.
To get the hell out of here!
A happy, healthy, & productive life...
I would like to build a career and become an effective team member. Being able to showcase my skills and abilities and excel in my position.
Grow professionally and contribute to the community.
Be the best, knowledgable instructor I can be.
To work for as long as I can.
Eventually I would like to be in charge of a team of technicians.
To develop a comprehensive understanding of occupational therapy within community mental health in Kelowna, and a program which will demonstrate positive results related to psychosocial rehabilitation.
To pursue a career that not only is rewarding but is a great company to work for.
I could see myself being a Medical Science Liason one day far in the future, or a senior leader in a clinical setting, managing genetic counselors and using my business skills to improve the system and patient care.
My long range objective is to graduate from college and have my own house.
My long-range objective is to learn a new job and work to increase my competence while making money I can spend having fun.
To be able to performe to the best of my ability.
To be able to gain work experience and accomplish projects beneficial to the company.
To fullfill all the needs of my family members.
To be happy and to learn and to gain knowledge through expireneces.
My long range objective is to gain the experience necessary to complete the IDP and obtain liscensure. I plan on gaining experience in retail and commercial architecture as well as experience in residential architecture in the future.
My long-range objective is become an important member of a chemical company and acquire a greater role in different projects for product development.
To become successful in my job.
My long range objective is to progress through the ranks of the organisation through enhancing my skills and constantly learning more about the industry applying past and gained experience to achieving set goals.
To further my education in the medical field.
My long range objective is to retire from this hospital.
To be the ceo of this place.
To be a CEO of a company and excel mysely in all the fields.
To work in a environment which perfectly suits me and I can stay their for a long time until I have good growth.
Being a person with integrity and moral principles.
I see my self 5 years from now as a professional tutor here in your company.
To gain experience and to excel in any position that I am in.
I would like to be the best economist this great organization has ever had and contribute positively to the growth and development of my country.
To become a supervisor in the insurance industry, the way I planning on doing is taking management classes, and learn about the way this company prepares there supervisors.
My long range objective is to one day start a nonprofit organization helping people in the community that related to the HeathyPeople 2020 Objectives for the Social Determinants of Health, such as occupation, education, job search, access to health care, and provide resources for food, shelter, and financial help.
To be happy and healthy wherever I am.
I would love to go way up in this business and possibly become a manager one day.
To be as suscssfull in my work as I am in my personal life.
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