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What is your ideal work environment?

This question has been answered 13 times by professional recruiters and hiring managers. View their answers below.

When applying for a job, the fit has to match both ways. The interviewer knows this and wants to ensure that the work environment they offer is suitable for you.

There are a few factors to take into consideration when looking at the work environment:

- Are questions encouraged without judgment?
- Is continuing education encouraged?
- Does the company promote an entrepreneurial mindset?
- Does the office allow for flexibility such as working from home or flex in hours?
- Are there regular team huddles?
- Is it an open-air environment without cubicles or walled offices?
- Is feedback, from both sides, encouraged and acceptable?
- Are goals set as a team, or only individually?
- Are there strict dress codes, after-hours expectations, and other restrictions?
- Is the initial training through or is there a sink-or-swim mentality?
- Is there recognition for a job well done, or incentives on a regular basis?
- Is nepotism a factor, if the business is family-run?
- Are employees promoted based on performance, or tenure only?

Choose two to three of these factors that are important to you, and before accepting a job offer, ensure that the company hits these 'must-haves' for you and your ideal work environment.
Accounts Payable Clerk answer example
"Before you answer this question, it is important to be aware of what your ideal work setting really is. The answer to this question is almost limitless - you can discuss your preferred company size, the type of company culture you are looking for, and you can add aspects of what you want personally like a work-life balance - you might not want to take your work home with you. Some examples of appropriate responses include: "I want to work in a setting that allows you to learn and grow" or "My ideal work setting is to be part of a team and collaborating with others" or "It is important for me to work in an environment that is positive and supportive. For me, positivity is key to a healthy workplace"
Admin answer example
"My ideal work environment is one where mistakes are an opportunity for learning, where full training is available, and there are opportunities for continued education. Would you say that Company ABC meets these factors?"
Bacteriologist answer example
"An ideal working environment for me is one in which everyone is focused and working towards the same goal. I enjoy working with lots of people, I like the buzz and excitement of deadlines, and ideally would like to be working with a friendly, confident team. "
Health Information Technician answer example
"My ideal work environment is one that fosters positive, professional working relationships. Mutual respect and an encouraging working and learning environment is my ideal work environment."
Loan Officer answer example
"Where is the perfect place for you to go to work each day? You do not need to name a specific company. Focus on qualities of an ideal company instead! What type of environment do you hope to walk into each day? What kind of schedule does this company have you work? What is the senior leadership team like? What is their culture? Is it a large company or a small company? What kinds of benefits does this company have? Simply share your vision for the perfect company to work for!"
Manager answer example
"I am seeking a work environment where promotions happen on results and performance, and not tenure. I may easily outperform a manager who has been with the company for ten years and would like to know that my achievements will be recognized and rewarded, despite my being newer to the company. Can you share with me the factors that Company ABC takes into account when considering title promotions?"
Marketing answer example
"I seek a creative environment where office doors remain open, or better yet; there is a collaborative collective office environment. I love working in open-air environments with regular team huddles. Does this match the environment offered here?"
Nursing answer example
"My ideal work environment is one that inspires and motivates their employees."
Psychiatric Technicians answer example
"Draw from your past experience, whether in the same field or working somewhere completely different. As a Psychiatric Technician, you play a key role in influencing the work environment, but there are many other factors. Describe some of the best aspects of your favorite places to work in the past. What do you like most about your current place of work? Qualities like open communication, positive environment, and working with motivated professionals reveal your values. If you haven't worked in the dental field before, think about some of the things you observed or learned in school that appealed to you. "
Radiology answer example
"To me, an ideal work environment is a place where everyone feels important and a place where everyone can learn openly. I work best in an environment where employees are nurtured and encouraged to grow."
Retail answer example
"I seek a work environment where questions are encouraged, and there is an opportunity to give and receive feedback. I am not interested in joining a class-based work environment where those at the top simply give direction with no room for exploring alternate methods. Do you feel that Company ABC fits this description?"
Sales answer example
"My ideal work environment is one that offers flexibility and a high level of trust. In my current role, I can take a Friday afternoon off, because my boss knows that I will be in my email over the weekend and would never leave a client hanging. I can choose to work from home time-to-time, and there is no strictly enforced dress code because the managers know that I understand how to dress without being told. How would you say Company ABC fairs in this department?"
Treasurer answer example
"Describe the aspects on an office environment that you enjoy most and why. Are you motivated by the positive attitudes of others? Do you thrive when your boss empowers you by giving you autonomy over decisions? It's important to know what you need and what you want out of a work situation. Share some qualities and attributes of the people and environment that you thrive in. Sometimes it's hard to know if the past places you've been employed were not the best for you. Think about an environment where you feel you will learn and grow best and describe that to the interviewer."

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What is your ideal work environment?
It is important to work in a supportive work environment where staff are eager to help eachother. Also, an institution that fosters learning, research and uses evidence-based research as guidelines to provide quality patient care. Lastly, I value a supportive managerial staff that provides debriefment for nurses who are stressed or burnt out.
A place that is safe, secure and therapeutic.
An ideal work environment would be were everyone works as a team to achieve a certain goal.
Working peacefully without any fights among staffs, co-operative attitude, not too much challenging but still can be sometimes, friendly environment, gossip free place, supportive and encouraging place, educative and preceptive.
I am searching for the answer.
Conducive environment , team working , respect for others, friendly staff, opportunity for career development and educational staff development.
Being able to come to a safe and enjoyable work enviroment. Bein able to work together as a team.
I would become an educator or policy maker and advocate for occupational therapy services.
I would more than likely become a yoga instructor and or work in a coffee shop because it would allow me to practice being mindful, developing patience, focusing on myself and also interacting with many people (By working in a coffee shop)
Funnily enough I would probably say a police officer. I have always wanted a career where I can make a difference and that provides a challenge every day.
Never thought about that, I always want to be an OT. I guess another position with children maybe social worker.
I would choose to be an OT assistant as this would allow me to be in the same line of work, using the same knowledge and skills while still doing something I enjoy.
I enjoy working with older adults best - their life histories are interesting and they mostly work really hard to reach their goals.
I think I would be a counsellor of some sort. Maybe working older people, as I'm very interested in care of the elderly, as you'll be able to see in my dissertation.
A career involving music and a career still where I am in a position helping others, as this I find so rewarding.
Interior design - I would like to let my artistic self be expressed.
I could image doing anything else.
If I could not longer be a therapist I would like to work providing information to firms to help them make the environment more independent and accessable to people with disabilities.
I used to be a bar and hotel manager so I suppose I could do that but I think I would prefer to open my own dog grooming business.
I am really not sure, I can only see myself within this type of profession. I am very passionate about occupational therapy and helping people become independet so definetely osmething within the healthcare or social field.
Fast pace, low drama, competitive pay, and a rewarding experience.
Which could provide me with basic training and excellent working conditions and opportunity to learn.
One that respects its employees and enhances career development with a good working environment.
A company with the ability to respect their employees, allow growth from both the outside and inside.
Good people with growth.
A company that has clear communication from person to person, department to department from upper management all the way to the bottom line workers.
My Ideal company is to work with a company that has integrity and a team Support and sucessful!
The company has fast pace of work and have potentail growth for the intiatr and creative perrson.
Somewhere where employees are recognized for their success.
My ideal company is a hard working yet fun environment where we get things done the most efficent way possible.
My ideal co is banking sector.
A growing company who strives to treat their customers and employees to the best of their ability.
For me, the company which gives me an opportunities and room for learning.
Any governament organisation.
A firm with growth opportunities and competitive environment.
Tanzania investment bank.
A stable company that will allow me to grow tenure and job stability.
I deal that company name CBC is good bank in cambodia and is a big companny.
My ideal company is a company that deals with financial advisement. Because I have a passion for advising person on how to make money, are how to make whatever assets the have make money for them.
One where you know that you are offering excellent service and the customer feels satisfied at the end of a meeting and offers great support and growth opportunities for staff.
A growing company that is supportive that matches my business aptitude and Ideas.
Established, with experienced staff, steadily in growth.
A company that allows me to excel, a company that takes it's employees seriously and provide all tools need to succeed to it's employees.
My ideal company is Choice Financial.
As long as it is business oriented and working with customers to make them happy, I will enjoy it.
My deal company is that which is in a growing industry.
A company that has a positive impact on society. One of the things that brings great job satisfaction is helping people and a company that enables you to do that at work is a company I would always love to work at. Also it is vital to gain experience that will help you in your career and progression is a bonus.
My Ideal company is a company that has the capability to help people.
My greastest strenght is my communication skills with customers and my problem solving skills.
I look forward to a company that will nature me into my desired career and offering career advancement opportunities .It should be professional, well reputable and values integrity .
A company that is ethical and has integrity, growth oriented and veiws it's organization as a family.
That company which is encourages new ideas.
One that is flexible enough to meet the needs of their clients individual circumstances while operating within socially responsible standards.
A company that will allow me to use my ability to grow relationships and expand my business for optimal success.
One that recognizes their employees as future leaders and take pride in listening to new ways of performing old procedures. Company that appreciates its employees by rewarding those who excel. A company who treats all employees with fairness.
Friendly people and lots to do.
Friendly, something new every day, always learning.
Good structure, asurrounded by a good team of people.
Safe, supported and approachable management with a degree of flexiblity.
Social work environment that allows for growth with high tech.
Have a team work calture.
Where I can increase my knowledge with the field I am with.
A company where I can increase my knowledge with the feild I am with.
One where I interact with a new people, I'm apart of a team and I get to travel.
I hope I am working with good company.
The Company which not only feels the customer is a king but also its emplyees. Yes when company expects something great from employees, then there is no wrong for employee too feel the same.
Any kind of company which provides faithfull in their work.
Research and Development Company.
Challenging and flexible.
FMCG, Warehouse Management, Transport management.
A company with the need for employer to have more skills.
Where I can utilise my skills and grow with company.
Somewhere where I can learn and row for my career and myself.
A forward thinking company.
A company with a great starting salary and good benefits.
In my experience I feel that the city employees, in the long term, are able to live a better quality of life over most others . I've known a lot of good friends working for different city's over the years and in my opinion these people are all doing better than most.
A company where I can learned new skills and grow.
I Handle a stressful situation with my brain efforts.
An honest hard working company.
A company that likes to get the job done in a perfectionist way.
A team where I have good amount of support and encouragements.
I want to work with a major player therefore I will be breaking new trends and technologies.
Produsing production from the open pit mine.
I think disupile is most importent for company do work.
I have numerous years of training in safety and plant orientations.
How to develop ideal company to create database management system?
I would like to be involved in a company that, drives change and and helps motivate their staff to live up to their full potential.
My ideal company is one that has diversity, good learning experience and use your skills too.
Working with a group that gets along using my brain and being able to see a the finished product.
Anglo platinum.
Good leadership.
A company that has good leadership, hard, and motivated workers, you also need good communication throughout the company and you need you need teamwork.
A clean energy company which values the sustainable resources of the earth and the company which provides an opportunity for me to grow as a successful person is what my ideal company would be. I believe, Nextera Energy is where I want to grow as an individual while contributing to the growth of company alongside.
My ideal company is a company where my contributions contribute to the overall success of the company.
My ideal company is a company where my contribution contributes to the overall success of the company.
My ideal company is a company where my contribution contributes to the overall success of the company.
How do you think that you can add value to our Project ?
A company in which the employees are all threated equally.
I would want to work for a manager who is knowledgable, easy to speak to, and willing to help. Someone who is confident in their decision making.
I want to work for a company that I feel I can grow with. I am looking for a career and it starts with working for a company I believe in and hold the similar values with.

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