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Tell me about a critical decision you have made that greatly affected your team's performance.

Example #1
"Just last week I had to decide to terminate one of our most popular team leads. This decision was critical because the team liked the individual; however, his performance was poor. This action produced low morale for a few days until the team recovered enough to see that their productivity was increasing without the distraction of this particular individual."
Example #2
"I put in a request to have my teams desked moved closer to the accounts payable /accounts receivable department. We needed to improve communication between departments and being on a different floor was no longer an option. With the request granted, we have seen a great improvement in communication since then."
Example #3
"In a past team experience, we were made up of several different functions and having a hard time sharing updates and communications outside of email updates. Our schedules were hectic, so we did not always have everyone in our update meetings. I decided to create and implement a shared team workspace so we could easily share documents and update communications as we went. It helped the team's performance tremendously and bridged the gap in our lacking communications."
Example #4
"I decided to change our agency from a generalist agency to one that specialized in working within the food and beverage, and entertainment industry. 80% of our clients were already in that space, and I felt by carving out a niche we would gain further distinction in a saturated market. My plan worked, and my team is now busier than ever, and we have increased our employee retention rate by 56%."
Example #5
"My two most senior associates have been in retail for a combined 60+ years and are as competitive as anyone I've ever seen. It has been a morale suck on the entire team. After months of trying to mediate this, I had to separate them and have only one overlap in shifts. Even though I expected a dip in sales because they weren't working as often, I found only one week impacted. With their negativity removed, my other associates began to shine. Also, the morale has greatly improved now that we're not all tiptoeing around their antics. Overall, sales are the same or up, and morale is greatly improved! Win-win all around!"
Example #6
"With three states in my territory and three associates setting appointments, it would seem simple to divide them evenly or fairly, but no one is ever happy with how the territories are divided. So, rather than hear complaints, I decided to try something new. No more divisions by state, but rather by OEM. I took all of the total dealerships in the three states and grouped them into three equal groups and assigned one to each rep. This way they not only saw how it was all exactly even, but it allowed them to become experts on those dealerships. It upped productivity and morale while decreasing their complaints, so a great solution all around."
Example #7
"I changed our seating plan around! It may sound insignificant; however, changing the seating plans of best friends in Grade 3 is no easy task. The students did not like the change, but it has benefitted them in the way of increased concentration and new bonds with other classmates."
Example #8
"I left my previous position due to many reasons but mostly because I wanted to grow professionally and I wanted to have better opportunities. I don't believe my previous firm was capable of advancing me further as an engineer."
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