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1. Why do you believe you will have success at this position?
2. Tell me about a situation in which you had to work with fellow team members who did not like you.
3. What do you see as the most difficult task in being a manager?
4. As a manager, what is your greatest weakness?
5. How many people did you supervise at your last position?
6. What type of employees do you find difficult to manage?
7. What do you think our company's biggest challenge is?
8. What do you believe is the biggest challenge for this management position?
9. Tell me about a critical decision you have made that greatly affected your team's performance.
10. What do your team members think of you as the team leader?
11. As a manager, who has been your greatest influence?
12. As a manager, how have you built successful teams in the past?
13. What personality traits do you look for in people you are hiring?
14. Have you ever had to fire an employee? What were the reasons for their termination?
15. How do you evaluate success among your team members?
16. Tell me about a time when you were effective at handling multiple projects at once.
17. How do you successfully motivate your team?
18. When have you made a mistake delegating tasks to your team members?
19. What type of goals do you like to set for yourself and your team?
20. When have you effectively delegated tasks to your employees?
21. What would you do if an employee is not meeting their goals?
22. Tell me about a situation in which your group began to unravel. How did you overcome your challenges and lead your team?
23. What characteristics or events have contributed towards your success as a leader?
24. Tell me about one of your worst supervisors you have had. What character flaws did they possess that made them a poor leader?
25. What has made you ready for this responsibility?