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If you couldn't work in this field, what would you do instead?
What is your dream job? You may have chosen a profession simply because it was the path you were on since college. You always knew you wanted to be an event planner, so why consider something else? This question gives you the opportunity to talk about your other interests and passions. The only way you can answer this incorrectly is by not answering it at all! Sometimes interviewers ask questions like this to get to know you and see if you are prepared. If you secretly always wanted to be an acrobat but knew it wasn't the best option if you wanted to raise a family in the future, this is a great time to share!
Answer examples
" If I could choose something completely different, without concern for responsibilities, I would have pursued being a dancer. With that said, I do not regret anything about my career path thus far."
"I would probably become a consultant or an adult education teacher. I like helping others and meeting new people."

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User-Submitted Answers

If you couldn't work in this field, what would you do instead?
I would love doing prepare for AFCAT to join airforce.
Professional gambler or accountant.
I don't really know. What I learned in 2008 is my options became very limited due to my age. I quickly learned what "overqualified" meant as my job search was often met with rejection.