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What is one unique personality trait you possess that would help you be successful in this role with Chief Architect?

"From what my parents have told me about me as a young child, passion has been a personality trait that has driven me my whole life. When I tackle something in life, I need to be passionate about it for it to be a success. From my time as a young child up to today, I have been passionate about physical fitness and this has driven me to participate in running and biking races across the country. This same passion in the pursuit of excellence has translated into my career as a software engineer. From tinkering with computer hardware at a young age and learning the internal components of a system to learning how to create and design software, you'll quickly find that my passion to engineer the most unique software here at Chief Architect will be extremely beneficial to your team."

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27 Chief Architect Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. What is one unique personality trait you possess that would help you be successful in this role with Chief Architect?

  • 2. What software analysis and design tools do you have familiarity working with?

  • 3. If you can, please provide your thoughts on the function of managed object context in developing iOS apps and software.

  • 4. What do you feel are the primary features and benefits of the Java programming language?

  • 5. If hired here at Chief Architect to develop iOS and Android software, when would you use a fragment rather than an activity?

  • 6. Do you consider yourself stronger in C++, C#, Java, or Python?

  • 7. What programming languages would you consider yourself fluent in?

  • 8. Discuss a couple of software sales techniques. Which sales technique do you think is most effective for Chief Architect, and why?

  • 9. Would you say that you are a goal oriented on the job? What would I be able to do as your manager to help you achieve your goals if hired here at Chief Architect?

  • 10. What SDLC models are you familiar in working with?

  • 11. What experience do you have in the different types of software maintenance?

  • 12. Beyond revenue, how do Chief Architect's products benefit our clients?

  • 13. Do you have experience writing a custom exception in Java?

  • 14. In a technical support role here at Chief Architect, we expect that you would be able to bring great customer service skills to the role. Describe your customer service philosophy in the support that you would provide.

  • 15. What do you know about our products and how do you think you'll be able to handle a support role surrounding them?

  • 16. If you could work on any project you wanted for 2 months, assuming money isn't an issue, what would it be and why?

  • 17. How do you stay organized and on track when working on multiple projects or duties at the same time?

  • 18. In Java, why shouldn't you use strings to store a password?

  • 19. If you were asked to review a colleague's code that they had written, what key things would you look for?

  • 20. How do you ensure that you have a healthy work-life balance in your career?

  • 21. If you were faced with a situation that you didn't know the answer to or understand, what would your next steps be?

  • 22. Walk me through your experience in enterprise software sales, and complex sales cycles.

  • 23. If hired here at Chief Architect, what do you feel would be the biggest hurdle for you to overcome from the start?

  • 24. In designing Android software, what is your experience using parcelable versus serializable within an app?

  • 25. Do you have experience working with different CASE tools? If so, what do you have experience with?

  • 26. At Chief Architect, we rely on a full team effort to deliver top quality products to our customers. Tell me about a time that you worked well as part of a team. Are you comfortable in a similar role here?

  • 27. If hired for this position here at Chief Architect, would you be comfortable handling overall project manager responsibilities for new software development?