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Great communication skills are critical when working as an IT Consultant. Walk me through a time when you were successful in communicating with a person that was difficult to work with, and under difficult circumstances?

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    Great communication skills are critical when working as an IT Consultant. Walk me through a time when you were successful in communicating with a person that was difficult to work with, and under difficult circumstances?

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    Getting team members on the same page and committed to common goals has its challenges when you encounter differing opinions. Tell me about a time when you were able to influence team members to be more committed to a project?

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    Describe a situation where a project you were managing failed. What did you learn about this failure, and were you able to salvage or turn it around?

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    At Avanade we take privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Are you willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement, if hired?

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    The fashion industry is fast paced and unpredictable. Your work schedule may reflect that unpredictability. Are you flexible in your schedule?

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    Have you ever created a user manual or book of operational procedures?

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    What is the difference between Asymmetric and Symmetric encryption and which one is better?

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    Have you worked on application development projects, if so what technologies have you used, and what was your specific role on those projects?

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    How do you prevent and manage scope creep when managing a project?

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    What strategies do you use in preparing for and mitigating risk in the project management process?

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    Your client is considering entering a new market. They have a choice of buying an existing company, or developing the technology in-house. What approach would you take about advising them on making the best business decision?

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    What actions do you take when you recognize project deadlines will not be met?

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    What tools do you use when managing a project?

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    Explain qualitative vs. quantitative reasoning.

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    What are the various ways to inform employees about information security policies and procedures?

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    Help me understand your standards for success in your last job. Please describe what you did to attain those standards, and if you fell short of expectations, what did you do to remedy the problem?

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    Are you LEAN Six Sigma certified?

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    There are times when you need to consider a broad range of options before recommending a solution. What was the situation, and did the solution help the client?

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    Tell me about a time where you made a great recommendation that you think would have greatly benefited your client, but they just didn't like it. What approach did you take to convince them?

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    What is the highest ROI percentage you have delivered to a client?

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    How does data drive a business' success?

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    How do you manage and coordinate the many tasks and deliverables associated with a project?

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    A client wants to implement a new software system that was recommended by a different division of the same company. How do you evaluate it to ensure it's the right choice?

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    Every employee with Avanade is expected to be sales-minded and target driven. Walk me through your experience in sales based roles.

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    Describe a time you helped implement a new technology for your client. Did you encounter any challenges, and how did you address them?

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    A client of ours wants to discuss a possible divestiture of some of their company locations. What are some key points during a consulting discovery that you want to understand to determine if our firm can potentially assist them?

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    There have been several virus attacks recently, what have you done to protect your organization from these cyber attacks?

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    The way we approach clients in our business is we identify client needs and recommend solutions to their needs. Tell me about a time when your knowledge and expertise allowed you to make a recommendation to resolve a problem or address a pain point?

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    How can Avanade motivate you on the job?

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    How do you assess a clients' current technology systems and solutions?