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Describe your knowledge and experience in using data to inform decisions.
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1. Describe your knowledge and experience in using data to inform decisions.
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I have analyzed testing data to identify strengths and weakness in order to provide intervention strategies.
I input data into excel and powerpoint to come up with the best possible way to solve my problem or task.
2. Tell me about yourself?
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I am a seasoned Administrative Assistant strong in seeking out ways to make processes and procedures less time consuming. In my previous job, I revamped the entire filing system and reorganized the supply room for ease of access and usage. Developed a system for files to be logged in and out and created and maintained a file records/archive listing accounting for each file. Also, I created a logging system and spread-sheet of the activity for the office supplies. With this information, I was able to track cost and forecast the supply budget each year, resulting in a reduction of the required supplies of 40%.
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Married with one child and seeking partime vacancy.
In terms of my work experience i offer a solid customer service background as well as supervisor. I have over 10 year's experiences with customer. I have learned how to solve proplem and serve customer with possitive attitude. I really enjoyed working with customers.
I am 54 years, permanently settled at Thane, married andfamily consists of wife and son.At present I am employed with Sohan Lal Commodity management P Ltd. Mumbai since last November 2011 as Office Manager
Im gerlie mbongwe from estcourt ive stated to work hear as as an office cleaner from prestige from 1998 and join sarcc in 2005 as an assistant administrative
Tell me about your self.
I am very orginazied and fast learner.
3. What is your knowledge of Google Docs, and what type of role do you see foreplaying in the future with such software?
4. What is your education background?
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I have studied up to BA Final from Gauhati University and then I did correspondence course B Com from Mumbai University in the year 2000
5. Tell me about your cash handling experience.
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I have had a lot of cash handling experience. I have worked in a variety of settings where I had to handle cash upto 3-4 grand. I worked at dollar stores, apparel, Lottery centres etc.
Experience of handling cash.
Experience of handling cash ?
6. Have you ever coordinated an event? How did it go?
7. Give me an example of when you procastinated and it led to a very difficult situation? Whether requiring you more work in the end or turned a project into a disaster?
8. Give me examples of your leadership experiences in the past? What was the most defining role for you?
Best Answer
Training new staff.
9. Tell me about a time when you've had to fire an employee?
Best Answer
When an employee cross the organizational polices.
10. What do you percieve as a top priority for office administrators?
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Keeping projects and people running smoothly, taking care of any concerns as they arise. Making sure all deadlines are met and keeping the department up to speed with its annual tasks to be completed.
11. What do you feel about traveling? Were you asked to travel at your last job?
12. What three expectations do you have of your office staff?
13. Tell me about the most difficult supervisor you have ever worked with, and how you went about working with him or her?
14. How well would you say you supervise people?
Best Answer
According to their job allocation and at the end of the day job is done.
15. What are your experiences with Excel and Powerpoint? What successful Powerpoint presentations have you made in the past?
Best Answer
The calculation with excel.
16. You have been asked to set up a meeting, quickly go over the steps you take to make this meeting happen?
17. Walk me through a typical day for you at your last office.
Best Answer
I am in early and answer calls received from employees who may have a problem
18. What was your main weakness at your last job that you would like to improve upon at this one?
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my weakeness used to be i accepted more work in an effort to please everybody and i relaised later that is detrimental to my work performance.
19. Can you multi-task? What experiences have you done that represent to me how well you multi-task?
20. Describe to me a situation when you were given a large amount of data, had a purpose to analyze it, and gave an outcome regarding this data, explain to me the process you took forth in each stage of that process?
21. What is your ideal company?
Best Answer
One that recognizes their employees as future leaders and take pride in listening to new ways of performing old procedures. Company that appreciates its employees by rewarding those who excel. A company who treats all employees with fairness.
22. The moment you walk in here, I'd hope you would have goals set in place for a specific time period, what do you think they will be?
23. An office administrator needs to be very organized, describe to me your organization characteristics?
24. There is a strong demand for office administrators, why are you better than the rest?
25. How did you handle the recent financial crisis with customers?
26. What in the office is least important to you, or could be removed?
Best Answer
Nothing is least important i rather improve people the way of doing things.
27. Explain to me your favorite business software. How do you use it in your office?
28. Tell me about your favorite co-worker/boss you've had in the past.
29. Give me an example of how you keep track of details while engaging in conversation?
30. Explain your experience in running meetings and team groups?
31. How do you keep a sales team motivated? What are your tactics?
32. How well do you think on your feet?
33. If you could, would you like a more important role in your company? Such as an executive in the future?
34. Why do you want to work for this office?
35. Why do you want to be an office administrator?
Best Answer
I enjoy an office environment, i enjoy to tackle issues that we normally encounter.
36. What signs of trust have you demonstrated in the past while working?
Best Answer
Done my job well, went in vunrable peoples homes unattended, cashed and banked business money.
37. What attracted you to this company?
Best Answer
To decorate the company and open plan space so that employees can work without noise.
What attracted you to this company?
38. What tactics in the past have you employed that kept close watch on competition?
39. Some days as an Office Administrator you will have large amounts to due, others, but rarely, will have nothing to do, what will you do during those slow times?
Best Answer
Will work on the back log if any or will plan for the next week.
40. What is the most important piece to a successful office? A certain worker, a certain computer, what?
41. Describe a bad customer service experience you have had in the past and how you handled it?
Best Answer
It was an angry customer phone and wanted to why her matter has not been resolved. I listened to what she was saying then I calmly reply her by telling her that I am willing to assist her, asked her to give me her name and contact number so that I will make a follow up and phone her back regarding the status of her complaint
Okay, well I went to oregon davis schools
I have more than 15 years experience in advising
42. How would you go about developing a new sales tactic, explain to me the process you would begin with the marketing people and how that would eventually be in the hands of the sales people?
43. Office Administrator requires you to have a large wealth of knowledge about every aspect in the office, what can you tell me about the accountants role and their importance in team functions?
44. Why are you the best person for this position?
Best Answer
Because i know the work and i dont need to be trained, i'm punctual, I am a hard worker and i'm always willing to go an extra mile.
45. Are you okay working without a break if the office needs it?
46. How many years of office work have you had?
47. How do you keep office workers motivated?
48. How well do you work in teams? When was the last team leading position you've held?
49. Why did you leave your last job?
50. Customers can have a nasty attitude for no reason, either way, what techniques do you employ to calm down customers when they are irratated?
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Make them see that you clearly understand them and their concerns. put them in my position for the sake of resolving the problem at that particular time.
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Education Requirements

Educational requirements vary by the type of organization and the work they do. They must have related work experience.

Work Environment

Administrative services managers spend much of their day in an office. They sometimes make site visits around the building, go outdoors to supervise groundskeeping activities, or inspect other facilities under their management.