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Social Work Interview Questions

30 Social Work Interview Questions
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How does the work in this organization fit your professional mission?
How to Answer
If you simply take a job for the paycheck then you will never be happy. If the organization fits well with your career aspirations, you'll naturally be motivated to do good work there. Tell the interviewer how similar the organization's mission is to yours. Tell the interviewer what it was about the organization's mission that got you excited to interview for this position.
Answer Example
"Our mission is the same: to provide quality care to patients."
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Question 2 of 30
What is your ideal schedule?
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How to Answer
This question could be a way for you to flip the tables and find out what schedules they work and what they wanted the new hire to work in. Be sure to voice at this time if day shift is the only shift you can work because of other obligations.

Answer Example
"I'm available to work any shift you need me on. What shifts do you all have here? Was there one that you needed me to fill? "
Answer Example
"My ideal schedule would be day shift but I'm able to work any shift with a few days notice."
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Question 3 of 30
What is your experience with the target population that you will be working with?
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How to Answer
Because you've done your homework before the interview, you won't have to ask the awkward question of who your population will be. Have some situational stories handy to share with the interviewer. If you've never worked with the target population let the interviewer know but that you are excited at the chance to do something new. Do you best to relate your past work experience to what you are applying to.
Answer Example
"I haven't had the chance to work too much with adults as much of my experience is working with children. I look forward to the opportunity to work with a new population, learn and grow with them."
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Question 4 of 30
After reviewing our job description, what do you feel makes you most qualified for this position with us?
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How to Answer
This question is similar to the famous 'Tell us about yourself' question. Were you drawn to this agencies description because you felt it was written just for you? Is the description something out of your comfort zone and you're ready for the challenge? Be confident with your answer. Don't talk yourself out of the job by stating you don't have the experience. Secure the job by showing your enthusiasm, confirming your capabilities through your education and skills and let the interviewer know that you are a new set of eyes ready for the challenge.

Answer Example
"When I read your job announcement I knew I had to apply, I felt like it was written just for me! I've had the opportunity through my experience to match up to all of your qualifications and then some! I'm excited for the opportunity to share my experience with co-workers and pick up where I left off with new clients."
Answer Example
"I've been following your company for years just waiting for a position to open up. I have all of the qualifications on paper and more. I'd like the opportunity to bring a new approach to your company and provide excellent care to your patients."
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Question 5 of 30
What are your professional qualifications?
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How to Answer
This question is why it is important to review your resume before the interview. Because we update our resume's so often you'll want to be sure you are hitting all the important information. Briefly, tell the interviewer what your education level and if you are licensed. The interviewer will want to hear about your recent work experiences and how they relate to the position you are interviewing for. Without spending too much time answering this question, concentrate on a handful of highlights during your career that will make you stand out and have the interviewer excited to ask more questions.
Answer Example
"I spent my internship working within the adoption and social work field and in an assisted living facility. With my wide range of experience paired with my education I know I would be an asset to your company."
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Author of Social Work Answers and Questions

Heather Douglass
Heather Douglass has over 20 years experience recruiting and hiring candidates. She has a knack for resume writing. You can find her on twitter at @heatherinidaho.
First written on: 03/09/2014
Last modified on: 08/17/2018

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About Social Work

August 28th, 2018

As a Social Worker, you are a member of an elite group of helping professionals. You may work with individuals, couples, families or small groups. Social Workers help patients with problems such as poverty, abuse, addiction, unemployment, educational problems, disability, trauma and mental illness. Social workers provide individual, family and group counseling, case management services connecting clients with resources and service providers, and other services to empower clients to meet their own needs. As a Social Worker you help patients identify internal struggles, help them examine their relationships, family structure, community environment, and the systems and policies that impact them to identify ways to help address challenges. Social workers use a strengths-based approach while counseling patients. This technique suggests that individuals have strengths and resources and the social worker’s role is to help build upon a person’s skills and support systems.

As a Social Worker your patients and schedule can be demanding. Flexibility and patience go hand and hand in this career field. Knowing how to prioritize and complete several tasks at once is crucial to getting things done in an effective and efficient manner as a Social Worker. Your passion and empathy will show during your counseling sessions when you go the extra mile to empower others to lead healthier, more productive lives.

During your interview, it will be important to know your target population. Do your homework before this interview to know exactly what position you are interviewing for and what type of clients you'll be working with. The interviewer will be interested to know how you made an impact at your last job. Have a few short stories handy to share with the interviewer. By using the STAR method, you can cover all your bases as you would in a counseling session. Situation: Briefly describe the situation. Task: Point out the desired goal. Action: Share the steps you took to achieve the objective. Result: Describe the positive outcome. You can also share if there were lessons learned from the situation and how it impacted your last job.