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Can you discuss some of the terminologies commonly used in networking?

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As a networking engineer, you should be intimately familiar with the various components of a computer network. This is a qualifying question the interviewer will use to determine your level of knowledge of this technology. It also provides them with an example of your communication style. The best way to respond to this type of question is using simple language that is not too laden with jargon. Assume you're speaking to someone who does not have a technical background.

Written by William Swansen on September 13th, 2021

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  • Competency


    Can you discuss some of the terminologies commonly used in networking?

  • 2.

    What is a protocol you would use to send data from one network to another one?

  • 3.

    What is a private IP address, and when would you use this?

  • 4.

    What is a UTP cable, and what is the maximum length allowed for one of these?

  • 5.

    Can you describe Network Address Translation or NAT and the function it provides?

  • 6.

    What is a point-to-point link, and when would you use this?

  • 7.

    Can you describe what a subnet mask is and how it is used in your job as a network engineer?

  • 8.

    What are Ipconfig and Ifconfig, and how do they differ from each other?

  • 9.

    What is a VPN? Are there different types of VPNs?

  • 10.

    What is the function of data encapsulation in transmitting information across the network?

  • 11.

    What is a NIC?

  • 12.

    Is the IP address a Class A IP?

  • 13.

    What are the IP classes that make up an IP address?

  • 14.

    Do you have experience working with Proxy Servers? If so, how do you use them to protect a computer network?

  • 15.

    How does a Domain differ from a Workgroup?

  • 16.

    Can you describe what a DNS is and the services it provides?

  • 17.

    What is the function of a Firewall in a network environment?

  • 18.

    What are HTTP and HTTPS, and what port do each of these protocols use?

  • 19.

    Can you explain the TCP/IP Model?

  • 20.

    What are TCP and UDP, and how do they differ from one another?

  • 21.

    Can you describe the differences between a hub, switch, and router?

  • 22.

    Can you describe the OSI reference model, its layers, and their purpose?

  • 23.

    What are the different ways data is moved across networks?

  • 24.

    Can you define the various types of internet connections?

  • 25.

    What are the main types of networks, ranked by their sizes?

  • 26.

    Please explain the important characteristics of computer networking.

  • Experience


    What are the different types of network topologies you've worked with, and what are their advantages?

  • 28.

    Are you familiar with anonymous FTP, and can you provide the use case for it?

  • 29.

    What is a common way hackers attempt to shut down an organization's network?

  • Scenario Based


    Can you describe some of the ways you would secure a computer network?