Azure Fundamentals Interview Questions

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An advantage of Azure as a cloud offering is the characteristic of high availability. What does this mean and how is it implemented?

This question focuses on the benefits of Azure.

It is often critical for corporate applications to experience very little to no downtime. Azure offers a robust platform for addressing this issue. Azure instances are organized by geographical locations throughout the world and defined as specific regions (ie. Australia, US West, US East, etc). Each region has at least 16 individual datacenters with separate cooling, power, and storage capabilities. Each region can be paired with another region such that if one region becomes unavailable, access can be automatically switched to its region pair. Regions are physically separated by at least 300 miles.

Azure Fundamentals Interview Questions

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    An advantage of Azure as a cloud offering is the characteristic of high availability. What does this mean and how is it implemented?

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    At a high level, Azure services is arranged in a hierarchical structure which allows an organization to better manage their Azure footprint. Describe this structure.

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    Describe the difference between authentication and authorization.

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    What is meant by "infrastructure as code"?

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    If a company currently has an on-premises authentication store, how can they leverage that to secure resources hosted on Azure?

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    Your company has come up with a series of specifications governing how virtual machines are set up and where they are set up. What Azure service allows your organization to be compliant with these requirements?

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    How can you prevent accidental deletion or modification of a resource?

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    There are multiple support tiers available for Azure subscribers. What are they and what is offered for each tier?

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    What service offerings enable communication between physical smart devices and Azure reporting and control infrastructure?

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    What service allows Azure clients to securely store and manage credentials or other enterprise secrets?

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    Government agencies may have very specific security and regulatory requirements for hosting their resources in the cloud. Certain countries also have strict requirements. How can Azure meet these requirements?

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    Azure provides a way to assign metadata to a resource. What Azure facility provides this?

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    Azure offers numerous facilities for securing your cloud resources. Name a feature which provides the opportunity to be proactive toward your security posture?

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    It is always important to know the state of your cloud infrastructure. For example, are there any upcoming maintenance events that may affect your resources? Is my company following Microsoft best practices ? How can Azure address these questions?

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    If the organization's security and network bandwidth requirements go beyond what is available through Azure's normal network offerings, what specific Azure feature can help to meet those requirements?

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    What is MFA?

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    What is cloud computing and why would you want to use it?

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    The goal of AI is to enable developers to program applications which can learn and adapt without being explicitly programmed to do so. What features of Azure offer this capability?

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    What are Azure's available data storage options?

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    What is a serverless computing?

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    What does Azure have to offer regarding data analytics and big data analysis?

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    You are tasked with building out a set of virtual machines for your Azure subscription You have some idea of the processing and load needs initially, but you don't know if this will increase in the future. What Azure feature facilitates this task?

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    Azure provides a robust database platforms for a variety of use cases. What are they?

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    What is needed to get started in Azure?

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    Define the following: IAAS, PAAS, SAAS