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What kind of roles do you prefer?
Most actors don't want to be pigeon-holed into a particular role, but you have to start somewhere! It's important to know your strengths and be willing to take on new challenges. Having a clear sense of who you are, and what you're good at, is a great start. If you are going to offer examples of preferences for roles you haven't tried, keep them within the range of what you know you can do. This will help casting directors and agents to know what auditions to recommend.
Answer examples
"I would prefer playing the bad boy or the hot shot, but I am also open to trying the contender or the fall guy."
Entry Level answer example
"My experience is limited; however, I have preferred playing roles that are more humorous in nature. I love comedy and find the best fit when I'm playing a character that offers comedic relief."
Experienced answer example
"I do not want to be typecast in my career as an actor which is why I often accept roles that are outside of my comfort zone. I prefer to first read a script and then see if it speaks to me in any way. The characters that I can relate to are the ones that I embody the best."

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User-Submitted Answers

What kind of roles do you prefer?
Me, I like challenging roles. I like roles that require hard workin and a character that someone can do. I like being the bad guy to see how they act.
Kid comedy, energetic, or the under dog.
Comedy roles like being the stupid guy because I want my audience to laugh and be happy about the movie.
Any role will be good so far that I am learning new things.
I prefer the more dramatic roles.
Something that is not like me in any way.
I prefer challenging yet fun roles.
I like playing scared girls. Their fun! And when it's the first day on set, I get nervous and shaky, so I'm in the perfect mood!
Lead roles, Performing roles, Featured roles.
Strong roles, sarcastic, psychopathic, heroic and inspirational.
I prefer dramatic and strong characters, but as I mentioned, I am looking for versatility and want more practise with comic roles, naive roles, gentle roles.
Anything really I can do all.
Book characters I can read the books and have my own take on the charater.
I prefer romactics roles.
I prefer Legend roles which make sense in between of viewers.
I have not learned yet at all... But I attended a school in colombia; when I came to us I went to a semester in au, and then I attended many seminars until I went to barraza's studio. now I am looking for my next gig.
I love action movies, drama or sad movies.
Fantasy, romance, action.
I guess you could say I prefer a more serious role I like the intense.
I like roles that are quite wild. A role that I wouldn't be comfortable in, like recently I played an insane teenager and it was something new and hard to get used to but it was one of the best roles I've ever had.
Sister, Lover and Daughter.
Well, that's a difficult question... I really don't have a clue about it, but if I have to chose I'd say principal ones...
Something that challenges me or something where I can really connect with the character.
It really doesn't matter to me any role is good enough but if you had to choice probably one of the main characters because then I can express my acting more and show everyone what I got.
I prefer to act as a loud, independent character with bold values.
Well the main roles of course, why would I choose anything else.
I prefer any scary and funny roles.
I like any roles but if I had to choose it'd probably be bad girls because they're just so much fun and I get to do a lot of wild things that I'd never do in real life.
Playing the Interesting one.
Actually, every type I don't really have a favorite one.
Well, Acting would be any actors job and a hobby so being an actor I have to do any roles I get. I have to put my heart and soul in whichever role I get. So, there's no such specific roles. 😊
All in emotional acts, Iam best.
It depends on the plot but I prefere not to wear any dresses and make up.
I prefer to play the villain roles because those roles aren't boring at all.
I prefer lead role in film or serial.
Ideally, a cop or a gangster. Most preferably, in a movie with lots of cars and high speed races.
Ideally, a cop or a gangster. Most preferably, in a movie with lots of cars and high speed races.
I don't prefer any types of roles.
I prefer the snobby villain roles, or the valley girls as they tend to be fun, but I just adore being out onstage so I try to fit into and have fun with any role I get.
I mean, playing the villain is always really fun, getting to explore parts of yourself and human nature that you normally wouldn't want to. But other than that, I love playing just really dynamic characters, someone memorable, someone, especially, who isn't me. You know what I mean? It's not acting if you're playing a character just like yourself, it's just placing yourself in situations.
I would like to be in an adventures shows.
Any roles. I just love to act.
Anytype of role ... Prefer to leadrole.
I prefer to be a cop or a criminal.
Be safe and be a ensemble.
Those which I will be well paid for.
Initially, ive always liked everything, I just like the warm tones of the underground, infused with hip hop and minimal wonk.
I am a comedic actor; I enjoy both slap-stick and black comedy. I also enjoy more serious roles as it pulls me out of my comfort zone and allows me to expand on my skills more.
The negative role because I feel that those ones r the people who can make a film famous.
Comedic or dramatic... Depends on the cast and story usually.
I prefer feisty characters, courageous, loving, unstopabble and assertive.
Iam actually open to any role. Beause acting is about stepping out of your comfort zone so I will do anything really.
Like I said shenzi because I had to take risks to be that character and I had to challenge myself and I did and thats how I over came that role.
Lead and Supporting roles.
Roles that may involve a character who may be sarcastic at timesnot too serious.
I like the big bossy kind of roles, like the enemy.
Comedy, fannntasy, super heroes, tv shows.
Historical, dramatic roles. I very much enjoyed playing John Barrymore in the play by William Luce. The opportunity to play the many characters in his life, as interpreted by (my interpretation of) him was a multi-layered treat. I'd like to do that one again, and I'd like to play the Stage Manager in "Our Town" again.
I prefer romantic, drama rolles.
Act any role with switchuvation.
I prefer roles that show change throughout the play. Whether a comedic or dramatic role the impact of the play comes out of the changes in the characters.