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Top 15 Able Seaman Interview Questions
List of Able Seaman Interview Questions
  1. What do you enjoy most about being a seaman?
  2. What type of routine maintenance did you perform on your last ship?
  3. If you saw a fellow seaman doing something unsafe what would you do?
  4. How well to you respond to authority even when you may not agree with their decision?
  5. Tell me about your previous employment. How have these previous experiences helped you prepare for a career at sea?
  6. When did you first want to become a sailor?
  7. How do you handle working with a fellow seaman?
  8. Do you have a history of being late or calling in sick?
  9. How many years of service do you have on deck?
  10. What experience do you have being an Able Seaman?
  11. If hired, what steps would you take to understand the operations of our ship, prior to your start date?
  12. What is the worst weather condition you had to operate under?
  13. How do you foresee yourself handling long periods of time at sea?
  14. Have you ever had to keep watch for long periods of time? How do you keep yourself wide awake and keen?
  15. Are you fully trained in the use of lifeboats and life rafts?
  16. Are you trained in First Aid and CPR?
  17. How strong is your sense of direction?
Contributing Author
Rachelle Enns
Contributing Author
Diana D'Souza
HR Professional
Able Seaman Information
August 17th, 2017

An able seaman is a sailor who generally serves as a ship's helmsman. Able seamen perform multiple tasks on deck. They stand watch to look for obstructions in the ship's path, turn the wheel on bridge, measure water depth, and use emergency equipment under instructions from the mate. They are also responsible for painting and chipping rust from the ship's structure.
Government-issued certification is a must to be employed as an able seaman. This is a strenuous job. Able seamen must have the physical strength and stamina to handle the rigors of the job.
Prospective employers will be looking for applicants who can handle being away at sea for several weeks if not months at a time. Not everybody can handle long sea voyages. If you have not done any sea voyage, either as an apprentice or employee, employers will be reluctant to hire you. At the interview, you must emphasize your 'can do' attitude as that is crucial when you are working as part of a ship's crew. You must also stress that you work well as part of a team. Be prepared to answer all kinds of questions about working aboard a ship and also about being out at sea. You can get an idea of what kinds of questions to expect when you go to mock questions.
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