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How has your post-secondary education prepared you for this job?

This question has been answered 9 times by professional recruiters and hiring managers. View their answers below.

While attending post-secondary studies, you likely learned some core skills that would be transferable to any position. Think about what you learned in your highest levels of education and how that knowledge applies (or will apply) to your work. Some of these skills could include:

- Time Management
- Creative Thinking
- Proposal Writing
- Public Speaking
- Presentation Building
- Independent Learning
- Academic Research
- Self-Motivation

Be sure to comb the job description for keywords so that you can match your post-secondary experiences with the skills for which they are seeking!
Admin answer example
"My post-secondary education provided me with the information and structure needed to perform in the administrative world. Interning helped get my feet wet with my career as an administrative assistant."
Court Clerk answer example
"I've earned my BS in Criminology and utilized my degree in my last court clerk position. In addition to understanding the legal jargon and other components related to this career path, my post-secondary education also molded my abilities in research, writing, and communication."
Law Enforcement answer example
"I have a Bachelor's Degree in Law Enforcement from the University of Louisville. I am very proud to say that I graduated with honors, and was even working part time during those studies. Since then, I have been working on completing my Masters Degree. This should be complete in the next 2 years as I am working and taking online courses in tandem."
Manager answer example
"My degree is in Economics and International Studies, which taught me not only the theoretics behind a business but also interpersonal relations across cultures and nations. I also learned a lot about presentation building, public speaking, and working in a collaborative environment. All of these skills have been an asset to my career to date."
Marketing answer example
"I am a big believer in post-secondary education. It adds a lot of value to those newer to the workplace. My post-secondary education was in Communications and Journalism. The courses in this program helped me to develop stronger business relationships through professional correspondence. I also learned persuasive writing skills which have proven to be incredibly helpful when working on client proposals, and in negotiations."
Newspaper Editor answer example
"I really enjoyed my creative nonfiction course because it taught me many different ways to convey a single truth, which I think is going to be a great asset in the human interest pieces. And the most challenging course was poetry. In that class, I learned how to do close readings and how to give effective constructive criticism, which definitely will help the writers turn in their work faster."
Proofreaders and Copy Markers answer example
"As you can see on my resume, I graduated from the (X university) with a bachelor's degree in X. Throughout my studies, I acquired advanced proofreading/copy marking skills, such as (X courses). I furthermore gained some hands-on experience while working on projects such as (X projects that helped you develop proofreading/copy marking skills)."
Retail answer example
"I believe my combination of studies in both a community college, where I earned my associates in fashion merchandising, as well as my time spent getting my B.A. in communications, have uniquely positioned me to succeed in this industry as a whole, and your organization specifically. I learned the nuts and bolts of how things should work in college both from a fashion standpoint as well as best practices in communications. Daily, I apply my academic training in fashion, merchandising, department floor planning, how to run sales, as well as public speaking and presentation making. I will continue to refine these skills daily as I join your team."
Sales answer example
"I learned in college while taking an overload of credit hours and working full time that I respond well to pressure. This resistance to stress is something that I've brought into my professional life as well. I prefer a heavier workload, within reason, and feel the most accomplished and thrive in these sorts of situations. Of course, I have also learned my limits and know when I need to ask for help or a break."

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How has your post-secondary education prepared you for this job?
It has prepared me to wait like a dog for approval by an authority figure.
It has prepared me to wait like a dog for approval by an authority figure.
It has prepared me to wait like a dog for approval by an authority figure.
Incredible points. Great arguments. Keep up the great spirit.
My education has prepared me for my career because all the courses I have taken and my currently taking involve group work which require working with other people to get a job done.
It prepared me by helping me to stay focus and pay attention to detail in everything. Plus provides me the basic framework of necessary skills I need.
I majored in economics and learnt macro economic analysis, computer applications, research methods and data analysis all of which you essential for some to perfect in this role.
My education has given me the research capabilities necessary to investigate, inspect, write reports, and orally present data in a comprehensive, yet in an informative manner.
I never had a path to follow at the point of my education, however I have worked, all my life, and to be honest being hands on are better than reading about it.
I was travelled with some kind of.
I had a strong desire to go into this field after a successful business career. So I was very ready for this educational experience and took full advantage of opportunities and clinical experiences.
My education has prepared me for a career in ways like I have been around many different kinds and personalities for the majority of my life so I am le to deal with different kinds of people. Also classes like English, math and global studies and US studies have taught me a copious amount of information that I need to know and understand to function correctly in todays society.
Its has giving me an egde to work and adapt to any organisation and also made sure I can effect a change to them.
My education has prepared me a lot for my career. I might be in a different field than what I studied but all the analytical skills and the problem solving skills are acquired from University I use them in my everyday role. I tend to believe that education doesn't teach you how to do your job when you get one but it teaches you how to learn which you will be doing a lot when you get a job.
I've been around many different types of people, and learned how to deal with all of their different types of personalities.
It prepared me well. In a way of methods and managment.
It prepared me well. In a way of methods and managment.
The more prepare you are the better you will be able to satisfy your job expectations, qualifications and requirements.
To sustain and being stable for a long time.
To be friendly and to adapt to any type of situation.
My educational background has always been focused on business and public relations.
The environment I would say has prepared me better.
I have knowledge of the chemistry used in cleaning solutions and a business mind.
My math would have been the biggest help that has prepared me for this career. Without math we wouldn't know anything.
I feel my work experience has prepared me for my career.
Knowledge and think positive and creative and take dicision with good manor and time keeping.
Well taking business classes help me a great deal, going in the industry of customer service, learning accounting, communication, work ethics, computer skills, team work.
I've learned to manage my time, and the value of an honest days work.
I feel my education has prepared me very well for my career by having to meet dead lines and dealing with the pressure of making it or failing.
My education has provided a foundation for building a successful career; and my love of continuing education has helped me to stay current and relevant in my field.
Yes Definitely basics is necessary. But Ethics and Culture is my strength.
We learned about plcs, robotics, electrical stuff.
It's prepared me to want to learn new things no matter how hard it is.
Its taught me good people skills and being able to talk to anyone in any situation.
How to interact with people, to listen carefully to have eye contact and to make them feel they as the customers r the most important person.
My education has prepared me for my career because I have taken college classes while still in highschool to get ahead to pursue Pharmacology in college.
I have learned many skills during my education period and few skills will remain with me for life, I have learnt to make big project into manageable task, during class projects initially it may seem as big and unattainable but I have successfully completed them no matter how big the projects if you break it down to smaller managebale task I hve learned computer skills.
At my high school I was pushed to always go the extra mile and think harder, to problem solve, and to always keep trying.
My education prepared not only academically but sociable. It have taught me how to adventure out in the world.
I earned a bachelors degree in History from the university of northern colorado. My education focused on research, interpretations, and a vast amount of knowledge retention. Through the pre law program I learned to problem solve, adapt to changing ideaology, and work with a multitude of different personalities and cultures.
I know not to quit no matter how tired I am or confused by a job.
I finished a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering. My education is in line and related to my present work.
Given good basic technical knowledge. Most importantly developed soft skills like communication, relationship management, public speaking, be inquisitive.
How to speak with different character of people.
Be prepared for anything, any changes to society or the rictor scale of failure... Does not exist.
Yes, MBA, BSEE, Data Analysis.
Training has always being my strongest point, thus I easily share what I know with my peers.
Knowledge and experience.
With my educational knowledge, l can work efficiently and effectively with little or no supervision.
Taking different english and science developed a sense of understanding how things work.
Analytical, interpersonal common body of knowledge.
Degree in biology taught me necessary scientific background and increased time-management and interpersonal skills.
Well good to some extent.
Most of the courses I took had real life projects.
Selling ideas thoughts and vision to teachers. Listening teamwork.
I studied Management Assistant which prepared me for the admin work that I did, after that I studied Pastel Accounting which prepared me for the student accounts that I was doing.
My internships and class work had given me some knowledge to prepare me for my career but I feel that my first position really helped prepare me for my future.
GPA and interpersonal experience.
It has given my the excitement to learn and do more. To be more inquisitive and to strive for new things.
Honestly speaking it hasn't cause I'm still striving to go forward and do more because I've realized it's only few things that I know.
So much so much.. Expand my thought to understand others that realy impact on the sucessful outcome.
I have 17 years of customer services experience, a fingerprint clearance card, and have 11 years experience in administration.
I've study Law Enforcement, Restorative Justice.
I qm currently on an apprenticeship programme at dwp. I never really considered customer serivce, but when.
I have 7 yrs customer service/clerical experience.
I studied at Northern Michigan university in the criminal justice program with a focus on sociology. I also had an internship with a community corrections department as well as volunteer work with Lutheran social services for juveniles. For the past few years I have been working in a professional office setting and having polished my skills as a law clerk and executive assistant to a top attorney.
I completed my master in information technology I am currently working in self finance engineering college as assistant prof in it department since 2010
I graduated parker high school with a 3.8 gpa and was the top 20 of my class. And I am currently in mcc taking my general classes.
I obtained a Masters of Science in Criminal Justice from Saint Josephs University with a 3.47 GPA.
I have my B.E in mechanical engineering stream. My degree completed in 2013 and recently I am lecturer in diploma college in mehmadabad.
I am a commerce graduate and done Post graduate diploma in Industrial relations and personal management.
I have a BA from Alma College with studies in Business and English. While I was there I completed a public relations internship with the Philadelphia 76ers and was an active member of SIFE. Currently I work for the Girl Scouts as a Data Services Rep where I maintain databases, work with volunteers, and keep paperwork organized.
I have passed my graduation from gujarat university.
I have masters in economics and teachrs training. I have computer skills and certification in MS word, excel and power point 2007.
I recieved a b. S. In biology from fayeteville state university and other training from robeson community college like public speaking. I then began to work in customer service for 11years working with the public.
I am bachlor in commerce strem.
I have excellent training in filing paperwork, answering phone lines, multi-tasking,
I did bcom llb from saurashtra university & mba from bhavnagar university. I have worked as center head operation in champion agro world at gondal center. It s a multitasking job. In which I have to manage all the function like stocks & sales and promotion of our products.
I am graduated in law from a brazilian school and I worked in a government office that here it would work as a probation office. I also took classes at NOVA and I am currently working at a legal firm in the united states.
After compeleting my high school and Secondary education, I got selected in ITI Chandigarh, later simultaneously I pursue my graduation in Arts and completed the same in 2006.
Formal training in information technology, business, health.
High school and some collage.
I finished my high school in 2008 attaining a c- grade. After that I joined college for a certificate in computer applications in 2009 then later for a diploma in computer engineering at 2011.
I am currently in school finishing my business degree, I have advocated for the special needs community in a legal assistants role for several years and I have led several nonprofit organizations while helping re-assess their business and budget plans.
I am almost finished (three classes away) with my AAOT with an emphasis on women and crime, children and crime, corrections psychology, clinical psychology, and I am a certified prevention specialist. I am trained to facilitate Positive Indian Parenting, Darkness 2 Light (in community child sexual abuse prevention), QPR and ASSIST - suicide prevention curriculums and men and women's talking circles.
I am diploma older in business management from the university of nairobi, certificate of in business management from masinde muliro of science and technology, computer packages from excel scool, c-minus from randani secondary school, and c plain from kababi primary school.
Nvq level 2&3 working towards nvq 5 health and social care.
I have passes the ssc in 1999 and inter in the year of 2002 degree in the year of 2005
Educated to BA Hons and have trained as an FE lecturere and a personal development and wellbeing subject leader.
I have 2 years in secretarial science and 1 year in business administration, DCI certification for 15 years, and notary public certification,
University ba hon in english and creative writing 2:1 city and guilds community care cert.
Well recently I acquired an associated degree in Criminal Justice while working as an office manager for Lifeworks. I was also part of the Criminal Justice Club where I attended several events and seminars. I have 6 years of experience in administration support, handling files, data, technology all while working with a diverse population.
I passed my N6 Business Management in East cape Midlands Collage in June 2015
I all ways became first class student as well as all rounder also and confident about my work.
I am a professional teacher for more than 30 years.
I have a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Sociology. Most of my Associates was spent taking paralegal coursework.
I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and have been employed in law enforcement for thirteen years. In the past, I had an internship with Community Corrections and currently work in an office environment where I type and transcribe and process legal documents.
I attended a secondary modern school gaining 6 CSEs I have done various courses during my employment with probation some of which included handling difficult situations and diversity.
I have a bachelors of science and an associates in general studies. With these two degrees I have completed 4 internships where I worked with clients and helped set up events that were being held for an organization. I helped give clients resources that would help them with any needs they had. I helped with a clothing drive where I went through the clothes with a client to help them find any sizes they needed. I also helped update a resource list that was given to clients this process took three to four month and I would call and visit organizations to update their information within the organization I was with.
My education is graduation and no traning.
After receiving my high school diploma I gained a lot of knowledge working hands on and then eventually obtaining my paralegal certificate.

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