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Do you consider yourself a team player?

12 Answer Examples | Learn how to answer this question from professional recruiters

How to Answer

The answer to this question should always be, yes! No matter where you work, you need to be a team player, to help your company achieve its goals. Be prepared with an energetic and enthusiastic, 'Yes, I am!' Expand on this answer by sharing your philosophy on the importance of teamwork and being an active part of a team. Show the interviewer you understand that it takes a group of people for a company to achieve its goals, and you recognize that each person is a piece of the puzzle.

Do you consider yourself a team player?
Answer example

"I recognize that there may be days where I need to perform duties outside of my usual job description to help out. For instance, in my current role, I may occasionally need to spend additional time mentoring and coaching new employees to ensure they fit in with the team. This responsibility creates a tighter timeline for my other important deadlines; however, I see that the end goal is to create a well-oiled machine and that cannot happen without everyone being equally trained."


"I am always happy to help out the team and have demonstrated this in many roles. On numerous occasions, I've covered for other admin assistants to help set appointments for another team member, or taken over someone's accounts for the day. It is an additional challenge and fun to put on a different hat, all while helping out the team."


"It is not possible to accomplish something well without a team. You are only as good as your team, so it is important to me to be an active team player. I am always looking for new ways to bring value and help leverage the team's strengths."


"I would certainly say I'm a team player. I've been in organized sports my entire life, so I know that without a team, you can't accomplish very much. I value the relationships I have formed from working in teams throughout my life, not to mention how much I have learned from my coworkers when collaborating across departments or the hierarchy of the organization. All in all, I know the importance of a team, and I work very well in a collaborative environment."


"I'm a team player. I know full well that the department itself, and the store as a whole, will not run if we are not working as one cohesive, collaborative unit. I am always willing to lend a hand and help out a coworker. Examples include taking an extra turn cleaning out the dressing rooms, working an undesirable shift, or bringing the schedule home with me so I can tweak it to fit the requests and needs of the department. You name it, I've done it and am happy to do it again."


"I value a team environment because talking things out, leaning on each other, and working collaboratively are so crucial to anyone's success. I've always enjoyed most when our sales organization is set up with a team atmosphere. To succeed, you need your pod or teammate to thrive as well. In such a competitive field, you need to put into place some policies to remind everyone that we accomplish together and that an individual's successes can only go so far."


"I am most certainly a team player! I collaborate with teachers, other members of the faculty, my students, and the parent community, on a regular basis. My current Principal will attest to this when you call for a reference. I also participate in many extra-curricular activities as an assistant soccer coach or field-trip supervisor."

Nursery and Greenhouse

"Yes, I am!"

Legal Assistants

"I do enjoy working as part of a team. I am productive in both a team and independent environment. Do you offer a strong team environment here, or are you more individually task driven?"

Home Health Aide

"I do work well with others and am happy to be a team player. Just last week one of my colleagues was running behind on shift. I finished my work for the day but rather than going home, I offered to care for her last client of the day. It's gestures like this that made work a positive place to be and I am confident that my colleagues would do the same for me."


"Yes! I really enjoy working in teams because I enjoy working with others on projects. Everyone on the team is important because each person plays a valuable role in helping the project come together. When I am working on a landscaping job, I communicate with the team about my observations and anything I notice that could be problematic later on. We communicate constructively about solving issues and creating solutions. When we're done with a yard, it's quite amazing to see the end results. The lawn and the garden beds always look incredible!"

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Do you consider yourself a team player?
Yes im a good team player.
Yes I am a team player and I'm also able to be a independent player as well.
Yes, I work well in a team, I believe the work one does benefits from the efforts put in by each individual.
Yes I love to work with others.
Definitely. I play soccer and its a team sport of 11 or 7 players.Team work is needed.
Yes, my current team says so.
Yes, you need everyone on the same page to keep the wheels in motion, stronger together.
As long as I am the only one in the team, yes!
Yes I am always a team player.
Yes, I love helping my team and making us become a lot better.
Yes I work well in a team environment but also enjoy working alone.
Yes, I enjoy collaborating with my team members to come up with the best possible solution to benefit the company.
I am. I worked successfully on a small team of 6-7 people managing a $100 million portfolio. We were working in a fast paced, often stressful environment building small technology companies and needed to be able to listen to each other, come to consensus on many issues, trust each other individually and collectively, plan for our future and make ethical decisions. Not always easy, but a lot of fun. I enjoyed my job tremendously as well as the people worked most closely with.
Yes, I love people and you realize very quickly that there is no "I" in the word team and together we will all be better people for the organization.
Yes I am, I can say I am always very comfortable to jump in on any task, and help anyone from my team on any project.
Tasking my priorities assginment and persue with relevant personal, email, mail, to get it done within the time span.
Yes being in a team is a way in which we can accomplish and learn many things.
Yes, and I believe I would be an asset to any team.
Yes I think so. I can play a neutral when needed and be aggressive when needed.
Yes very much a team player, unity we are one.
Most definitely, that's the only way you can get a job done. Working well with your peers.
I am a team player. I feel that I work well in teams and can get along with others and listen and understand what they have to contribute to the team.
Yes, but I also work well alone.
Yes . I work with a partner in branch atms and also manage the line to the counter with colleagues. Some times we decide on things like let one of us handle bulk cusomers and lest handle others for the line to move.
Yes. By working as a liasion between editorial, creative services, IT and marketing, ensuring communication between departments is essential to uphold the reputation of the organization.

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