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Do you consider yourself a team player?

This question has been answered 13 times by professional recruiters and hiring managers. View their answers below.

The answer to this question should always be, yes! No matter where you work, you need to be a team player, to help your company achieve its goals. Be prepared with an energetic and enthusiastic, 'Yes, I am!' Expand on this answer by sharing your philosophy on the importance of teamwork and being an active part of a team. Show the interviewer you understand that it takes a group of people for a company to achieve its goals, and you recognize that each person is a piece of the puzzle.

Admin answer example
"I am always happy to help out the team and have demonstrated this in many roles. On numerous occasions, I've covered for other admin assistants to help set appointments for another team member, or taken over someone's accounts for the day. It is an additional challenge and fun to put on a different hat, all while helping out the team."
Basic answer example
"I recognize that there may be days where I need to perform duties outside of my usual job description to help out. For instance, in my current role, I may occasionally need to spend additional time mentoring and coaching new employees to ensure they fit in with the team. This responsibility creates a tighter timeline for my other important deadlines; however, I see that the end goal is to create a well-oiled machine and that cannot happen without everyone being equally trained."
Elementary Teacher answer example
"I think being a team player is very important because as teachers we can grow and improve so much more by being a part of a team. In fact, it's necessary to the smooth operation of a school. We all need to be able to rely on each other. For example..."
Home Health Aide answer example
"I do work well with others and am happy to be a team player. Just last week one of my colleagues was running behind on shift. I finished my work for the day but rather than going home, I offered to care for her last client of the day. It's gestures like this that made work a positive place to be and I am confident that my colleagues would do the same for me."
Interior Designer answer example
"We recommend that you carefully review the job description and company website before arriving for your interview to gain an understanding of the role. This will allow you to see if the role requires working individually or in teams. When asked this question, express that you are open to working in teams or individually. If you have a strong preference for one environment over the other, be sure to mention which you prefer still sharing that you will happily work in either environment on a day-to-day basis."
Landscaping answer example
"Yes! I really enjoy working in teams because I enjoy working with others on projects. Everyone on the team is important because each person plays a valuable role in helping the project come together. When I am working on a landscaping job, I communicate with the team about my observations and anything I notice that could be problematic later on. We communicate constructively about solving issues and creating solutions. When we're done with a yard, it's quite amazing to see the end results. The lawn and the garden beds always look incredible!" Talk about how you work as a team in your current or most recent position. Share what you enjoy about it and how your teamwork pays off. "
Legal Assistants answer example
"I do enjoy working as part of a team. I am productive in both a team and independent environment. Do you offer a strong team environment here, or are you more individually task driven?"
Loan Officer answer example
"Absolutely! Financial Institutions are team oriented. Everyone has to work together to get referrals and help the financial succeed, and the interviewer needs to know that you will do this. Simply share that you are a team player, and you understand everyone needs to work together to get those referrals!"
Manager answer example
"It is not possible to accomplish something well without a team. You are only as good as your team, so it is important to me to be an active team player. I am always looking for new ways to bring value and help leverage the team's strengths."
Marketing answer example
"I would certainly say I'm a team player. I've been in organized sports my entire life, so I know that without a team, you can't accomplish very much. I value the relationships I have formed from working in teams throughout my life, not to mention how much I have learned from my coworkers when collaborating across departments or the hierarchy of the organization. All in all, I know the importance of a team, and I work very well in a collaborative environment."
Nursery and Greenhouse answer example
"I recognize that there may be days where I need to perform duties outside of my usual job description to help out. For instance, in my current role, I may occasionally need to spend additional time mentoring and coaching new employees to ensure they are fitting in with the team.This creates a tighter timeline for my other important deadlines; however, I see that the end goal is to create a well-oiled machine and that cannot happen without everyone being equally trained."
Retail answer example
"I'm a team player. I know full well that the department itself, and the store as a whole, will not run if we are not working as one cohesive, collaborative unit. I am always willing to lend a hand and help out a coworker. Examples include taking an extra turn cleaning out the dressing rooms, working an undesirable shift, or bringing the schedule home with me so I can tweak it to fit the requests and needs of the department. You name it, I've done it and am happy to do it again."
Sales answer example
"I value a team environment because talking things out, leaning on each other, and working collaboratively are so crucial to anyone's success. I've always enjoyed most when our sales organization is set up with a team atmosphere. To succeed, you need your pod or teammate to thrive as well. In such a competitive field, you need to put into place some policies to remind everyone that we accomplish together and that an individual's successes can only go so far."

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Do you consider yourself a team player?
As long as I am the only one in the team, yes!
Yes. By working as a liasion between editorial, creative services, IT and marketing, ensuring communication between departments is essential to uphold the reputation of the organization.
Yes . I work with a partner in branch atms and also manage the line to the counter with colleagues. Some times we decide on things like let one of us handle bulk cusomers and lest handle others for the line to move.
Yes, you need everyone on the same page to keep the wheels in motion, stronger together.
I am. I worked successfully on a small team of 6-7 people managing a $100 million portfolio. We were working in a fast paced, often stressful environment building small technology companies and needed to be able to listen to each other, come to consensus on many issues, trust each other individually and collectively, plan for our future and make ethical decisions. Not always easy, but a lot of fun. I enjoyed my job tremendously as well as the people worked most closely with.
I am a team player. I feel that I work well in teams and can get along with others and listen and understand what they have to contribute to the team.
Definitely. I play soccer and its a team sport of 11 or 7 players.Team work is needed.
Yes I am, I can say I am always very comfortable to jump in on any task, and help anyone from my team on any project.
Yes being in a team is a way in which we can accomplish and learn many things.
Yes, I love people and you realize very quickly that there is no "I" in the word team and together we will all be better people for the organization.
Yes I think so. I can play a neutral when needed and be aggressive when needed.
Yes, but I also work well alone.
Yes I am always a team player.
Yes I am a team player and I'm also able to be a independent player as well.
Most definitely, that's the only way you can get a job done. Working well with your peers.
Yes, I work well in a team, I believe the work one does benefits from the efforts put in by each individual.
Yes, and I believe I would be an asset to any team.
Yes I love to work with others.
Yes, I love helping my team and making us become a lot better.
Yes im a good team player.
Yes, my current team says so.
Yes, I enjoy collaborating with my team members to come up with the best possible solution to benefit the company.
Yes I work well in a team environment but also enjoy working alone.
Yes very much a team player, unity we are one.
Tasking my priorities assginment and persue with relevant personal, email, mail, to get it done within the time span.
I always try to do what is best for, not just myself, but for the whole team. That means having a positive attitude, helping each other when we need it, and several other factors.
Yes I can be a team player because I work well with others.
Yes, as I said before, I am on a team at my school and have been for 2 years. I understand completely what a team player means and how you can encourage one another to work together to achieve goals.
I work pretty good with other people.
Yes love the company but can also work happily on my own.
Yes I am I don't have a problem with it I'm a team player.
I am I believe a team is the best way to go in this type of job.
I have always enjoyed being a part of a team because of the interchange of learning. I work well with others and usually play a key role in helping the team to meet its objectives.
Yes. I will do my best and help coworkers if they want.
I am a team player but also work well by myself.
I can work well as part of a team I willingly listen to what others have to say and will take on board any comments that are said.
Yes.I am a team player I enjoy working both as apart of a team and on my own if I see someone that needs a bit of help in what they are doing I don't mind helping.
Yes I have a lot of experience to be a team player I am a part of my local camongie player and.
Yes. I love working in teams in order to get the job done.
Yes. In all my time working I have been a good team player. I get along with everyone I work withand like to have fu.
I am a very good team player as I work well with other peoplea and im a good communicator so I am able to give feedback to anyone if needed.
Yes I am a team player, I think to get the best out of your working environment you have to be a team player. Team playing, helping each other and politeness are all key to a happy working environment which I think gets noticed by customers therefore customers have a happy shopping experience.
Yes, working in VUE means working as part of a close knit team, Id help anyone out and we all work together to get ques down quicker and customers seated in time.
Yes I work well with all differnt type of people.
I have always been known for my teamwork, during my education and employment. I have been involved in a number of group tasks and assignment at work and university. I firmly believe that a team can achieve much more than an individual it allows bring in more hands and ideas. I have always been an active team member, I always take initiative and carefully listen to rest of the team and share my thoughts and ideas. I know that in teamwork people always have different personalities and through my work experience I have always managed to get along with everyone. Keeping the team spirit high and motivated to accomplish the task. On occasions I have been a member of the team and team leader as well and my teams have always been the best.
Absolutely. I believe that team work is very important to a company because you get to hear new ideas and different views from people about a project. Thinking outside of the box is the best way to go.
Yes, it's what I prefer to do in my working environment. In fact with my position at Wells Fargo, I was voted team lead.
Yes. I enjoy working and collaborating with different personalities. I believe that everyone can contribute something with thei differnt life experiences.
Yes. I enjoy working and collaborating with different personalities. I believe that everyone can contribute something with thei differnt life experiences.
I believe working as a team makes the work perfect than working alone, so yes am a team player.
Yes I have always been part of team and always have enjoyed with the team where it involves sharing knowledge and understading others perspective and learning good from others which will help me and the team grow and provide the best service for our clients.
Yes I work very well with different team members, and different departments.
Definitely yes, this was the first skill that I developed during my call center days, wherein I learned to be people oriented, to listen, to cooperate, to share, and be reliable, to be a problem solver for the sake of the whole team.
I am a team player.
Yes, I really enjoy working with others.
Very much so, I love working with others and sharing ideas.
I am definitely a team player, I have built many team skills throughout years of education, playing sports and working.
I am a team player with a positive, can-do attitude. I welcome constructive criticism!
Yes. I am a team player and working in a team is one of my strengths, I think it is important to be able to communicate thoroughly and listen to other colleagues.
Yes I am, I always play by the rules and I will get my work done and not get distracted, I work really well in a team.
Yes I am. As I have worked in a lot of environments which meant that I had to work within a team I learned how to interact and how to use their skills to help improve the company and get every job done.
I am a fantastic team player, I always think of the good of the team and put all of my team members ahead of myself.
I really enjoy working with others, Iím out-going and enjoy the team spirit Iím good at understanding the needs of others and to tell them what matters rather than drowning them in irrelevant detail. Iím also good at spotting flaws in approaches and can come up with good suggestions on how to resolve them. I understand that a happy team is a successful team and I do my best to contribute a positive can do attitude to any team which I work with.
Yes, I am able to work with others and give them a hand if I see they are struggling with a dificult customer.
Yes I am, although I do work very well on my own too.
Yes, definitely. All my past experience involved a balance of working alone and working in a team and I believe I do well in both situations.
Yes. I really enjoy being able to work alongside others to achieve a common goal and make friends in the process.
Yes because I will listen to other worker and help them if need be.
I love working in teams. Sports has always been a huge passion of mine and team sports are my personal favourite as you create a bond with your team mates and you work as one unit to overcome challenges and obstacles together.
Yes, I definitely have excellent team work skills. Since a very young age I have always been able to work in a group. As well as providing new ideas or suggestions, I always make sure that every individual has a say as well as myself.
I would like to think that I am a team player yes.
Yes in both my work and uni environment team work is required.
Yes - I enjoy working as part of a team. Worked in a team at cr where cooperation was key to keeping the bar running smoothly in such a busy environment whilst keeping the area safe and tidy to work in.
Yes I am, I have participated in many team building exercises throughout school and college such as a spaghetti building bridge which involved using my own initiative. Within the group, we all worked together effectively without any conflict.
Definitely I also play for a football club.
Yes, I played football for 10 years.
Yes I see my self as a team player as being part of a team is rewarding and it also allows you to learn skill of each other.
Depending on who I'm around, I can acclimate very easily to a team of workers.
Yes, I find working in a team to be more rewarding than on your own.
Yes, I am a naturally friendly person and enjoy being around people, so I find it very easy to work in a team.
Yeah I like working with people it make things more interesting.
Yes I am a team player and happy to work in groups however I can work independently as well.
Yes, I am a very confident, out going person I enjoy working in a team.
Yes, I feel that I work best in a team as I can bounce back on other peoples ideas and work harder with that new found knowledge.
I would say I am due to me working in teams not only at my previous job but also at university doing group presentations.
Absolutely, Ienjoy working as as team and achieving goals together.
Yes I always work and communicate with my team members wherever in what role to get tasks done on time.
Having worked as part of a team for the last 14 years I would like to say that I am very much a team player. Working regularly with a team of between 4 and 9 crew members it is important to communicate clearly and to listen to others.
Yes I am. An example of this was with the team at Browns Bar in town, we were all working together with a variety of different background and skills to produce a result which none of us could have achieved individually, This is because we all had similar but very different roles and goals to achieve by the end of the night. It's important to note that this was my first every job, so it was important to me to communicate with others and make sure I was on track for delivering my part of my individual role. I also worked closely with several key team members throughout the different shifts to make sure I kept my portion of the Bar Backing duties were on track. The end result is that I successfully achieved my goal witch was completing all of my tasks within the team.
Having worked as part of a team for the last 14 years I would like to say that I am very much a team player. Working regularly with a team of between 4 and 9 crew members it is important to communicate clearly and to listen to others.
Yes, I like to be very organized and on top of the game in any team. I make sure everyone is on task and that everyone has an equal amount of work to be done. I like to be equal, giving everyone equal work. A team environment is a way to be productive and to seek out more into working well with others in the near future or throughout life in general.
Yes, and I have proven this with my jobs at starcom and changs.
Yes I think that when working as a team you can do things more productively, and also learn from eachother.
Yes. I am very much a do as I do not as I say person.
Yes. I think it helps to had people to relaid on, and it feels good to help people.
I am absolutely a team player, but I'm not afraid to take initiative and be a leader, either.
Absolutely. I thrive in teamwork and love being apart of it.
Yes I am. I think working in a team usually brings out better results than doing things individually would.
Yes, I love interacting with other people. They motivate me to do my best.
Yes. I feel working in a team will get the job done faster. The more people working, the more thoughts are put in the work.
Yes, I team member received a call that her family member is in the hospital,I asked her not to panic, asked her to leave work early and I covered her shift.

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