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Are you willing to travel?

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    Are you willing to travel?

      How to Answer

      There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but you do need to be honest. If the interviewer is asking for travel in this role you should clarify just how much, and what type of travel, will be required of you. Keep your answer brief and ask as many questions as you need until you fully understand the travel requirements.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I am willing to do some daytime travel as well as some overnights for events and conferences. Could you share with me the travel expectations for this role?"

      Rachelle's Answer for an Admin Interview

      "My commitments require me to be home on the weekends, and evenings, as often as possible. Before I answer yes or no, could you provide me with further details on any travel required in this role?"

      Rachelle's Answer for a Manager Interview

      "I have traveled for work in the past and am open to travel again if the opportunity is right. For this particular role, do you require a lot of overnight travel? I would love to learn more about the expectations in this position."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Marketing Interview

      "I am happy to travel, as required, for this position. I understand from your job posting that approximately 20% overnight travel is a job requirement. Could you share with me the details regarding which clients I would be seeing and where?"

      Rachelle's Answer for a Retail Interview

      "I have been a district retail manager for the past five years, and am no stranger to travel. I would love further details regarding locations and what percent would be overnight travel, but otherwise, I am happy to commit to the needs of your multiple locations."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Sales Interview

      "Travel and sales seem to go hand in hand! Currently, I travel 50% of the time, primarily for overnight trips. I would like to cut that back slightly to around 30%. Are you able to share with me further details on the travel expectations for this position?"

      Rachelle's Answer for a Teacher Interview

      "As a middle school educator, I am rarely asked to travel outside of school hours. I will move around for field trips, conferences, and other school-related activities and events from Monday to Friday. I would like to keep overnight travel to a minimum. Could you tell me more about any annual travel requirements?"

      Sue's Answer for an Electrical Engineer Interview

      "I'm willing to travel up to 30% of the time. That's what I did in my last job, and I know I'm comfortable with that amount. I enjoy traveling for my job because I find that it allows me to expand my knowledge of the many facets of a company's customer base. Travel allows me to not only expand my education but also my professional network."

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      Anonymous Answer

      "Yes, I am willing to travel. Can you share with me the travel expectations for this role?"

      Alexandra's Answer

      Good answer.

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      Anonymous Answer

      "I have traveled for work in the past, and I am open to travel again."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Alright, good! If you have traveled for work in the past...with which role? How often? Where? Overnight or daytime? International or local? The more information you can provide, the less the interviewer will have to carry the conversation.

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