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What role do you usually take in team projects?

9 Answer Examples | Learn how to answer this question from professional recruiters

How to Answer
The interviewer truly wants to understand the role that you naturally take on, when put into a team-based environment. If you tend to take the lead, you can let the interviewer know, but avoid sounding overbearing. If you usually like to generate new ideas and allow someone else to execute them, share your creative side but express that you prefer for others to take the lead.

"When it comes to team projects I do not mind taking a backseat and, rather than being the leader, being more of an administrator. I like to organize data and analyze progress rather than lead others."
"I am usually the 'ideas person' in team projects. In my current position, I am not the most persuasive salesperson, but I am highly creative. This skill means that, in most projects, I am great at creating a plan of action but am most comfortable passing the final client-facing tasks to our more extroverted personnel."
Cost Accountant
"I am usually the 'ideas person' in team projects. In my current position, I am not the most seasoned cost accountant, but I am highly creative. This means that, in most projects, I am great at creating a strategic plan but am most comfortable passing the final client-facing tasks to our more extroverted personnel."
Junior Accountant
"Be candid with the interviewer expressing where you typically land in a team environment. Are you the person always leading the pack? Or, are you an actively involved participant? Maybe you tend to be the quiet one who offers great suggestions and creative ideas. Or, perhaps you like to be the person who takes the lead on executing ideas that others come up with. Be true to yourself expressing what role you typically took in a team setting."
Management Analyst
"I have had instances of being the leader, but I feel like I am at my best as the logistics person. By logistics, I mean doing the leg work or the research required for the project. Why? Because I love being in the middle of action. I get energised when interacting with our subjects/respondents and being at the 'battlefield' so to speak."
"I like to take the lead on team projects. I am very vocal and organized which makes me a natural leader. I suppose that is why I am a personnel manager by trade!"
"I am newer to my marketing career so, at this point, I will be quite careful with making suggestions in group meetings. I have great ideas that I am more comfortable pitching one-on-one with my boss. The more experience that I gain, the more comfortable I am becoming when it comes to speaking up in team meetings or during team collaborations."
"When it comes to team projects, I am the numbers and data person. I like to take our goals, break them down into smaller goals, and then show the team exactly how we can reach the sales targets given to us."
"In team projects, I tend to take the lead. Not in an overbearing way, but in a mentoring type of way. In my current role, I am one of the most experienced business development professionals which means that this title puts me into a natural leadership role, anyways. I choose to embrace that and help my team members learn from my experiences and knowledge."

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What role do you usually take in team projects?
The kind of role I prefer in team projects is more of a support role.
Allow someone who wants to grow to take the lead.
I have no problem taking initiative if needed and assigning roles to everyone, including myself, to insure the project is completed in time.
I enjoy being the point of call for projects and creating clear paths of organisation for productivity.
I am neutral. I'm not the boss but I am open to guiding the group if needed.
When it's team projects I'm never the leader. I'm more of the person in the back but it helps me learn well.
I enjoy being the planner of the group because I love thinking of ways to accomplish it and coming up with alternatives. If I thoroughly know the subject and feel confident, I enjoy leading the team. I love taking action and assisting those that need help.
Sometimes I like to lead the team on projects that I am knowledgeable to and other time I like to be led. It is a musical chair.
I generally am a follower who likes to research.
Leading and organizing tasks.
The energizer, the one who can turn something boring into something worthwhile.
Anything that I can help the tem with.
Generally I want to focused my technical skill to contribute my organization.
Team player, work with others complete the project.
I like to be the reasercher.
Depends on the project requirement.
I like to get my hands dirty and go to the field physically. But if I was given a chance to lead the team, it will be and honored.
I love being a team mate and the leader.
Involvement in decision makings.
I like to get my point across if I think nessecesry to make it better but I like to be instructed and get on.
I will try anything as this offers great scope for interacting with colleagues on all levels. So long as we are working together and achieving results together.
Depends on how well I'm knowledgeable or comfortable. There's time where I think I could bring more to a project than others. As well there could be project where others are able to bring more knowledge than myself. It's knowing when to step or step back and let others leader.
I would generally like to take on the role of editing and feedback because I like to fine tune work and view the projects from outsiders' point of view so as to further improve the project.
Lessen from them how should be.
Leader if needed or role player if best for the team.
I prefer to take a backseat to begin with and listen to everyone's thoughts and I would then offer my thoughts and ideas.
I always doing my part of the work as best as I can and always enjoying helps others.
I usually take the position as team leader, often in a multi-disciplinary team environment.
I am a good team player & I am also a good team leader.
I am usually an active member of the team ready to take any responsibility.
Engineer; aiming to be leader of group.
It really depends on my knowledge of the situation. I like to be in the team leader when the situation allows, but I have no problem accepting a secondary role if someone is more qualified. I feel that this gives me a chance to observe and learn from others.
I usually try to get a feel for what everyones responsibilities are and try to fill in where help is needed.
A strong team supporter - encouraging each and every member with their accomplishments and learning from their accomplishments.
This is totally dependent upon my level of experience for the task being performed. I am very comfortable taking charge in some situations, but have no problem following the lead of others.
I take the role of assessing the current state of the project. I listen intently to any changes or modifications to affect cost and schedule. I then think through and assess the situation and then make an analysis with talking to the group after listening.
In CMIS projects, where I feel my strengths lie, I tend to take a lead developer or project manager role. I believe I have organizational and communication skills that allow my teams projects to result in success.
I would assess the situation and determine where they needed my assistance for the project. I would fill where ever the void was.
Lead I love helping others lean and seeing them succeed.
Hopefully before I am put in that team environment I alredy know if a am the leader, facilitator or follower or subject matter expert worker-bee. in the air force I always handled my role concurrently as a leader and follower, I have the skills to do both. this is why I am an effect mgr because I can adapt.
Lead the team.
Depending on the situation I can either lead or follow. It would all depend on the experience I have on the subject. If I feel that someone has more experience and knowledge in the subject than I do then I wouldn't mind being supportive of the leads decisions. On the other hand, I also don't mind taking the active role as leader if I feel I can have a more positive impact on achieving our common goal.
Business analyst.
Depending on the situation I can either lead or follow. It would all depend on the experience I have on the subject. If I feel that someone has more experience and knowledge in the subject than I do then I wouldn't mind being supportive of the leads decisions. On the other hand, I also don't mind taking the active role as leader if I feel I can have a more positive impact on achieving our common goal.
It all depends, if it is related to accounting I could take the lead therefore, it depends what the team is working with, I am great working independently and alone both.
I sometime do the role of a team player, I play volleyball so I know how to interact with the team.. I can also work by my one cause im a self starter.
I am more of hands on person so I am comfortable with cleaning the date and lead by example.
I have good qualities to lead but I m flexible as subordinate aas practice and experience make man perfect.
Dynamic, result-oriented, very communicated teams.
As a leader who insipres other to do well.
My position is junior accountant casher and I try my best for my duty.
I am versatile. But I always look at what I am able to offer best then offer that. However I am very involved in almost every aspect of whats happening in the team if necessary.
I will accept as a Key Bowler in cricket.
I normally prefer to be jovial and friendly person who can make them laugh at odd times and make the team work smooth. I just want to end to end about the entire team. I possess some leadership skills too.
I like being a Team Leader although everybodys opinion and link counts as we all part of a chain,
I take the role of assessing the current state of the project. I listen intently to any changes or modifications to affect cost and schedule.
I can manage and working a team member.
People who do not suffer with work and who do not work under presser like that kind of people I would like to work.
I am very active and like to lead a team or give new ideas. I do not accept passive positions in teams.
Keep together and drive forward the team.
I'm have to take Higher level only.
It all depends, when there is an alpa individual I follow and assist that person, however when there does't appear to be a leader I step in and lead the group.
I somewhat take a leader position, however if there is an appointed leader. I would take the next leadership position, being careful on not to overstep.
Being a team player and at the same time I can work independently.
Team member doing my part.
Ok sir, setting goal in order to win the game. Boosting their morale or to motivate them to achieve company goals is very important. Like I said being a support team player is very important because to have to boost a characters feelings or to encourage them to the best of their limits.
I am a team player. I enjoy working in a group.
I have the ability to work with and lead, if called upon, a diverse group.
Listens actively to others..... Team players who can absorb, understand, and consider ideas and points of view from other people without debating and arguing every point. Receive criticism without reacting defensively. Most important, for effective communication and problem solving, team members need the discipline to listen first and speak second so that meaningful dialogue results.
Team player, help where needed.
With a lot of patience can motivate our team with enthusiasticmanner and people should feel comfortable.
People should feel comfortable while working together.
I find that I can work easily with others.
Clear communication and a good relation with clear vision.
I love to work in teams because you always get a chance to learn new things.
Every one should happy to work together.
I can manage the people, because I have lot of patience and.
I am a team player. Willing to work with team, gel up with team and always believe in team work than individual.
Being patient and comfort in working together.
I am a good hard worker.Strongly believe in my work. At the same time I love hearing suggestions and ideas of my team partners.
I can be supportive to any type of work that is being required as a team.
I am good in my work and some times my leader apriciated me. I played a key role in my team.
I am good team leader. I always dedicated to work and always be connected with team members.
I am very friendly and easy to approach, and will participate in every tasks given.
I consider myself to be a team player which is one of the reasons as to why I would like to work for Beaverbrooks as they are a family run company. I have experience of working within a team through when I worked overseas as a holiday representative. Here we all had to pull together to make sure our customers were having a holiday to remember. I consider myself to be confident, outgoing and a great listener which are qualities needed to work in a team as not only do you need to be able to put your own ideas forward but being able to listen to others is just as important which is essential in this job role as you would need to be able to listen to exactly what the customer is after in order to be able to sell them the right product.
I find it extremely easy to work within a team as I have danced in a team from the age of 3
I feel that I am a brilliant team player, I am very outgoing, enthusatic and form relationships easily.
I am using to working with a team and as a dancer you have to be a team player and work together especially with a partner doing dangerous lifts etc so being part of a team and working together has always been a huge part of my work ethic.
I am a brilliant team member, being a part of musical theatre, it is very much a team effort to put on shows and everyone has to be supportive of each other and the course could not be successful without everyone working together.
I am good team worker, whose works with the concern of their team members without any risk.
I am a team asset as I work with team requirement.
A clear concept & a better understanding thus leading the ideas being transformed into action.
Engineering work cannot be performed by a single person. Its need a team work. And I have 6 years of that team work experience.
Support the team members whenever my team members required untill the project is successfully finished.
I have knowledge with piratical experience in the field I do that.
I give my best affort to complete my job which is given to me. If there is going something wronge I will definately try to solve the problem.
I am able to make all the best for the team and for me; I will put all me force in the work.
I have many experiences working in a team as a member and I understand what it means to be a part something larger than yourself and how to work with a group to accomplish the same goals.
I am a team player person, and I like to work with team, because while you have a team you can reach lot's of goals.
Helpful, smart, responsible.
Very co-operative and a team player ability to handle pressure.

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