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What role do you usually take in team projects?
The interviewer truly wants to understand the role that you naturally take on, when put into a team based environment. If you tend to take the lead, let the interviewer know this, but avoid sounding overbearing. If you usually like to generate new ideas and allow someone else to execute them, share your creative side but express that you prefer for others to take the lead.
Answer examples
"I am usually the 'ideas person' in team projects. In my current position, I am not the strongest sales person, but I am highly creative. This means that, in most projects, I am great at creating a plan of action but am most comfortable passing the final client-facing tasks to our more extroverted personnel."
"I definitely like to take the lead on team projects. I am very vocal and organized which makes me a natural leader."
"When it comes to team projects I do not mind taking a backseat and, rather than being the leader, being more of an administrator. I like to organize data and analyze progress rather than lead others."

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User-Submitted Answers

What role do you usually take in team projects?
The kind of role I prefer in team projects is more of a support role.
Allow someone who wants to grow to take the lead.
I have no problem taking initiative if needed and assigning roles to everyone, including myself, to insure the project is completed in time.
I enjoy being the point of call for projects and creating clear paths of organisation for productivity.
I am neutral. I'm not the boss but I am open to guiding the group if needed.
When it's team projects I'm never the leader. I'm more of the person in the back but it helps me learn well.
I enjoy being the planner of the group because I love thinking of ways to accomplish it and coming up with alternatives. If I thoroughly know the subject and feel confident, I enjoy leading the team. I love taking action and assisting those that need help.
Sometimes I like to lead the team on projects that I am knowledgeable to and other time I like to be led. It is a musical chair.
I generally am a follower who likes to research.
Leading and organizing tasks.
The energizer, the one who can turn something boring into something worthwhile.
Anything that I can help the tem with.
Generally I want to focused my technical skill to contribute my organization.
Team player, work with others complete the project.
I like to be the reasercher.
Depends on the project requirement.
I like to get my hands dirty and go to the field physically. But if I was given a chance to lead the team, it will be and honored.
I love being a team mate and the leader.
Involvement in decision makings.
I like to get my point across if I think nessecesry to make it better but I like to be instructed and get on.
I will try anything as this offers great scope for interacting with colleagues on all levels. So long as we are working together and achieving results together.
Depends on how well I'm knowledgeable or comfortable. There's time where I think I could bring more to a project than others. As well there could be project where others are able to bring more knowledge than myself. It's knowing when to step or step back and let others leader.
I would generally like to take on the role of editing and feedback because I like to fine tune work and view the projects from outsiders' point of view so as to further improve the project.
Lessen from them how should be.
Leader if needed or role player if best for the team.
I prefer to take a backseat to begin with and listen to everyone's thoughts and I would then offer my thoughts and ideas.