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Tell me about the most rewarding experience you have had, working in a team environment. What made it so rewarding?
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When working in Udders, the aim of my team was to promote new items on the menu, namely different kind of sundaes, to cater to customers who have many different cravings at the same time. There was profit-sharing if we reached a certain target and we worked together to promote the sundaes by considering the choices of flavours the customers indicated. We managed to hit the target and customers were pleased with our recommendations as well. It was a win-win situation.
Getting volunteers team members on a special project and succeeding that Goal!
There are number of occssion which are rewarding team experience.
Brainstorm ideas to raise money and awareness. Bounce house, big turn out for kids.
When a job I m pharmaceuticals goes well and there's no 100% checks needed to be done and that means we all worked together looking watching each others back know.
I learned that working with other people you pick up new things that you dint know before.
Being apart of the World Baseball Fair back in 2003. Where I assisted coaches from the US to be teach children from all over the world play baseball. It was an amazing experience.
Dinner and dance. Great social event to get to know colleagues outside of work and great bonding experience.
Whilst working at Royal Mail every shift we would have targets to clear the mail we are sorting and when we achieved this then this gave me a great sense of job satisfaction and teamwork.
A rewarding team experience is when I went to Missouri with a group of people from my church. I helped out build houses, pain, and many other things because a tornado was there that occured so I helped out.