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Answering Salary Questions

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What is the most amount of money you have ever earned? Why did you leave that position?

Example #1
"With Company ABC, I earned approximately $95K/year. Yes, I was earning a touch more than was is being offered for this role, but I chose to leave because the workweek was over 60 hours and I had no family life. The sacrifice simply wasn't worth the extra income."
Example #2
"I earned a larger amount of money when I worked as a virtual assistant, but it was a freelance position, which typically pays higher. I did have to make my tax deductions and had the expense of working from home, and paying my office-related bills such as internet and long-distance calling."
Example #3
"The most amount of money I have earned in my work history would be the position in which I currently work. I am not only driven by base salary; however. I am seeking a role with additional perks such as less overnight travel, better health benefits, and more vacation time. I am interested in entertaining more creative compensation packages."
Example #4
"A few years ago, I left a lucrative marketing position, earning low six-figures, to join a start-up company. I was very passionate about the product that this new company was launching and agreed to take a smaller salary in exchange for shares. It worked out well and was worth the leap of faith and I gained some new skills in the process. It was worth taking a bit of a pay cut for."
Example #5
"I do not earn as much now, in retail, as I did working as a server when I was in my first year of University. With that said, the tips were great but the hours were not conducive to my study schedule. I am fine with taking a smaller paycheck and having the energy to study and have a personal life at the same time."
Example #6
"My current position offers a higher base salary; however, the overall commission structure is not as generous as your is. When I make a strong comparison, I can see that with some hard work, and a bit of time, the role you are offering will end up being more lucrative."
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