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When faced with a problem, how do you decide on the best solution?

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There may be more than one solution to a problem, and the interviewer would like to know how you make a final choice when you're in a situation like that. Effectively comparing and contrasting, or weighing the pros and cons, is essential when choosing the best way to solve a problem. The interviewer wants to see that you are capable when it comes to calculating risk vs. reward. Think about a time when you have compared the risk and reward to a potential solution.

When faced with a problem, how do you decide on the best solution?

"When it comes to problem-solving, I will always weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. I will also bounce my thoughts off of some co-workers if I still feel conflicted after that."


"If I have a problem with multiple solutions, I always go back to the classic pros vs. cons method. I fully understand that although no solution is perfect, and some solutions offer lesser sacrifice while others pose potential loss. I have been trained to take the solution that is 'closest to the money' which means that if I am stuck between a rock and a hard place, I will choose the solution that is most beneficial to the company's bottom line."


"My decisions are always based on three factors. One, what is best for the company. Two, what is best for our clients. Three, what will boost employee morale. Now, not all decisions will be popular with all three groups, and I do keep that in mind. In those instances, it is my job to watch our bottom line but ensure customer satisfaction at all times."


"Rock, paper, scissors! Kidding - of course! Our team will collaborate on tough decisions, and we often vote. Majority wins in our office for many creative decisions."


"When I face a problem, I am sure to draw on previous experiences both as a customer and an employee in retail. I then use these experiences to make the most informed decision that I can about the problem at hand. Generally speaking, if I've already seen or experienced a very comparable situation, I can be impactful and exact in my approach by drawing from those experiences."


"As I consider a problem and its solutions, I make a note of what my gut tells me what to do. Then I take a step back and reflect on times that I have faced the situation before. I recall the actions that I took, the outcome, and then pivot as necessary. I trust my instinct because I am heavily knowledgeable in this industry, but I believe in relying on fact as well."


"I am typically a follow-my-gut type of person, so I follow my instinct when possible. I make a note of what my initial inclination was and then I make sure to compare and contrast solutions. Once I have identified the best solution, I check in to see if it feels right. More often than not, my initial instinct is correct. Of course, I am sure to be analytical as I weigh out each decision."

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When faced with a problem, how do you decide on the best solution?
Assess the situation then take the knowledge that has been provided to me get problem solved.
I will thoroughly listen to what the problem is and assist them in any way possible.
I try and figure out a solution and take steps to work it out.
I take the problem apart and look at it from all different sides.
First verify the problem and make sure what is the problem exactly by asking 5 w question. Second gathering the information from reliable resources and if necessary team up with experienced person . Make a time line and start to plan to solve the problem. Take action . Monitor the process of the tasking . Adjusting . Report to my manager and finish the tasks and make sure that next time we would not have the same problem.
Try to help them as best I can, if I cant meet their needs, then find someone else(manager)to help.
With an open mind and good grasp of what the problem is, figure out what to do to solve, make a strategy, consider the results.
Look at problem as a whole... Break it down into do-sble increments. EX... Have to pay rent. I get a job... Create budget, save a little money each week. Starting big and bringing in the focus helps to create goals and plausible steps.
I investigate to see what the problem is, then I try to figure out a workable solution, if all else fails I find someone with more experience to help me.
First of all, try to solve it by myself based on my experience and knowledge also listening to customer. If I can`t solve it alone ask my Colleague who has more experience.
I try and get all the facts and map out a plan to create the best possible outcome that leaves most all the people satisfied.
I first go through the solutions we have set in place. I am the type of person thats not afraid to ask for help but I will work until we have as soultion.
First I try to identify what the actual problem is. Then I come up with several solutions and weigh the pros and cons of each one in terms of the importance of the problem, cost, time, and resources.
I like working with customer, and have a background experience.
First thing is to prioritize. Take the necessary steps to solve the problem.
1) ask questions 2) come up with a couple different solutions depending on characteristics of person you are dealing with.
The first step is to make sure I understand the issue. Depending on the situation, I would try to think of the best way to solve, and if appropriate ask others for input.
I prioritize. Seek council from an experienced team member.
Problem occurs at job get the facts and do best to solve it.
Listen to the customers problem, try my best to help them solve it and if I cant get someone who can or a manager that can.
First, analyze the situation. Then, come up with different solutions. Finally, pick the best solution to solve the problem.
I consider all details, angles and possible solutions of the problem. I then process that information and the possible outcomes or solutions, and then determine what the best avenue is for solving the problem. If it is a problem that I cannot solve on my own, I turn to a team member or a supervisor for their help and/or input.
Gather info, look at options for solutions, ask for help, stay calm.
I first seek the facts of the situation, involve whoever knows about the situation, identify the root causes, and evaluate objective solutions and alternatives.
I assess the situation and from there, develop a plan on how to efficiently solve the problem.
Assess the problem look at all angels and steps to find the best solution and then proceed to solving my problem.
First I examine the problem and how to apply the best solution, then I find the resources and the people I need to get it done right.
You have to address the problem and then come up with a solution.
See if I can resolve the problem myself and if not I would call a manager.
First listen, troubleshoot, solve then execute a solution in a timely manor.
Try and help out to make things better. If it is nothing I can do take it to a supervisor.
First find out the situation, then take the initiative to solve the problem if I was not able to solve the problem I then ask a manager to take of the situation.
Thoroughly listen to the problem is and then assist them in any way possible.
I ananlize the promblem then piroritise into step and solve the problem .
I listen to all sides, assess the information provided, then decide what to do.
Analyze the situation, then eliminate the components. Then once you find the problem, then what is the best solution and least costly way to fixing it.
Look at it from as many angles as I can, come up with a good solution by thinking of the outcomes of any solution I can think of. For example: If I move this item or shelf over here to the left, will it be in the way later? Will it cause safety issues? If not, then I move the display, safely, to the new spot. If it is a customer problem and I have tried all known avenues to fix the problem, myself, I seek the help of a supervisor.
The first thing I do is analyze the problem. Try to understand how the problem accord. Then I come up with a solution that can relieve the problem.
First I investigate to see what the problem is, and whats the cause and put a plan into to action as to how to resolve the problem and take necessary help if I need to.
Analyse what is hte problem, and then look at possible solutions, and then acgt on the most efficent and effective way to corect the problem.
Analyze the situations refine solution, create results.
First find out what the problem is, then if I can't solve it I try to find someone or something that will solve the problem.
Try to find what caused the problem then try to fix it.
1st - identify the problem, sometimes what we perceive as a problem is really just a symptom of the actual problem. 2nd - once the problem is clearly identified, develop a plan 3rd - implement the plan 4th - evaluate the results and figure out of the plan worked or if it needs to be adjusted.
Assess involve in to the situation, finding the way to get solve the problem or seeking help .
Listen, observe, and seek help and try to come up with more then one solution.
Listen, think, then resolve.
I analyze it and think of the solutions that will work best for the problem and then act it out.
Listen or observe, ask questions to clairify. Then use my knowledge, training and resources to provide a solution. If I cannot find someone who can.
I first think things through before I act, I look at all the facts and then I make a decision no rash decision has ever come with a positive outcome.

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