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How did your education prepare you for this career?
If you have work experience, focus on how your coursework and training has made you successful so far. If you are interviewing for your first position, you can talk about how your education will help you to be successful. When we use the word successful, we mean that you are equipped to do the job well. You have the skills and the training to fulfill your duties. Some of the skills we learn throughout our education are helpful for any job. People skills and learning how to work as a team will help you to interact with your new coworkers. Critical thinking and problem solving skills will help you to analyze information, notice details and deal with difficult problems on the job. Think through the specific skills you will need to be successful in the job and reflect on how your education taught you those very tools.
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"I actually had some very good teachers who explained the reality of working to me. Learning all the required readings is not enough to prepare you for the real world."

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User-Submitted Answers

How did your education prepare you for this career?
Not that much.. Its only they give me hint about that and it was enough to change flame into fire.
Exposure to C#/ASP.NET with an instructor who has deep experience. In general I have learned general web programming (front end) on my own.
This trade has nothing to do with the subject of my major, Perhaps the most important thing college prepared me for was to meet deadlines.