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How has your education prepared you for this career?

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How to Answer

If you have work experience, focus on how your coursework and training has made you successful so far. If you are interviewing for your first position, you can talk about how your education will help you to be successful in meeting specific job requirements outlined in the company's job posting.

Assure the interviewer that you have the skills and the training to fulfill these duties, and exceed expectations. Some of the skills we learn throughout our education are helpful for any situation. People skills and team-work will help you to interact with your new coworkers. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills will help you to analyze information, notice details and deal with severe problems on the job.

How has your education prepared you for this career?
Answer example

"Formal education is an important step in any young professional's career. I learned a great deal about discipline and other transferable skills. In specific relation to a career in accounting, the case studies I encountered, along with my job training placement, gave me a major boost of confidence in my accounting knowledge."


"While attending my administration coursework I learned a great deal on a variety of important software programs. You can see on my resume that I am proficient in a great variety of programs listed in your job ad. I am proud to have formal training in these vs. being self-taught with potential bad habits being present."


"My B.A in Business Management is the best gift I could have given myself. I had a few friends who did not attend University and jumped into a start-up with little business knowledge. I see them struggle in particular aspects, especially when it comes to networking and understanding stakeholder relationships."


"I have always been strong when it comes to graphic design and creative thinking. What I did learn while obtaining my degree in Marketing and Communication was more about business strategy, buyer patterns, and the psychology behind advertising. That evergreen knowledge is irreplaceable because, as trends change, human nature will remain the same."


"I have not completed a formal degree; however, I have taken multiple certificates related to customer service and sales. I believe the most helpful aspect of this education has been the coursework I took in customer disputes and negotiations. I no longer shy away from upset customers because I have the confidence in myself to handle their issues swiftly and professionally."


"I recently graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in International Business and plan to earn my MBA online, while working full-time. Because I am focused on being a sales professional who travels internationally, I believe my education has significantly elevated my understanding of organizational structure and the presence of various business issues in a variety of cultures."


"My Masters' degree in Education has boosted my confidence a great deal. I always wanted to be a teacher, and a well educated one. This elevated degree will help me to show my students that higher education is essential. I want to be a great example to them."


"Because I do not have a completed degree in forestry, I did not complete an internship. With that said, I had the opportunity to go to Canada and train on a weekend cleanup crew with Weyerhaeuser. The hands-on experience I gained was immeasurable."

Legal Assistants

"When I was attending university, I would have to say that my favourite, and most applicable course, was the Family Law Procedures course. Attending post-secondary education, in itself, taught me a lot about managing deadlines and being efficient with my time."

Language Interpreter

"While attending College I was part of an exchange internship program in China. This internship was followed by another local internship with a private ESL school. These opportunities gave me a broad range of experiences which most definitely started my career off on the right foot."

Speech Pathology

"In my undergraduate training, I worked both in and out of the classroom on volunteer activities that placed me in both educational and hospital settings working with speech pathology teams. I have integrated experience within the hospital setting as part of a medical team involving speech-language pathologists, and I have been able to observe the evaluation and treatment of multiple types of patients."

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How has your education prepared you for this career?
Not that much.. Its only they give me hint about that and it was enough to change flame into fire.
This trade has nothing to do with the subject of my major, Perhaps the most important thing college prepared me for was to meet deadlines.
Exposure to C#/ASP.NET with an instructor who has deep experience. In general I have learned general web programming (front end) on my own.

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