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Quicken Loans works hard to recognize and reward our hardest working employees. Describe your work ethic.
Let's explore the concept of work ethic. Someone with solid work ethic will: - Show up, no matter what. - Apply values to everything they do. - Consistently submit quality work. - Be a positive person to be around. - Happily work towards a greater goal. - Apply discipline and encourage the same of their co-workers. Taking it to the next level, think about some of the moral principals that drive you. Integrity shows up in the quality of work you offer. You are honest, and reliable. You motivate others and work collaboratively with your coworkers. You are able to take responsibility, and follow through with your commitments. Consider using some of these concepts when you discuss this topic with Quicken Loans in your interview.

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User-Submitted Answers

Quicken Loans works hard to recognize and reward our hardest working employees. Describe your work ethic.
Teamwork. Do your best.
Hard work and dedication.
I believe that when you are doing a job you love, its not work.
You can only expect to get out what you put in.
Motivation: Commitment, dedication and loyalty towards work – Commitment will bring in dedication, hard work and best results. Resourceful: The creative use of resources. Being resourceful – Making the best use of own resource and external resources to get the results you want.
Work should always be a little challenging, and a little fun. If you're not being challenged in your work, then you're not growing as a person, nor are you really contributing. If you can't find fun in your work, then you're going to burn out and become unproductive.
My philosophy towards work is that you should always have outstanding work ethics.
If you want to be number one. Train like you're Number 2.
Coming to work with a positive attitude and excitement to do the job goes a long way.