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Michael Kors

27 Interview Questions & Answers

Rachelle Enns
Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter who helps everyone from students to fortune 500 executives find success in their career.
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Tell me about your greatest work related accomplishment.
How do you feel about Michael Kors' performance incentives?
What are your salary expectations?
How do you manage a large workload?
Michael Kors is a global brand with employees from all over the world. What is your experience working with a diverse group of people?
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What can you tell me about the Michael Kors supply chain structure?
Rate your communication skills from 1-10 with proper examples backing your given rating.
How do you believe the acquisition of Jimmy Choo Group Limited will affect the Michael Kors brand and its profitability moving forward?
Would your former or current boss describe you as a worker who gladly goes the extra mile to complete their tasks?
What career path interests you the most in this company?
Think about a difficult boss, professor or other person. What made him or her difficult? How did you successfully interact with this person?
What can you tell me about the Michael Kors Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and how you would abide by it?
Tell me about your favorite Michael Kors product - what do you like about it?
If you were hired today, what would you accomplish first?
At Michael Kors we encourage our customers to create their own style. How would you describe your personal style?
Do you consider yourself to be more creative or analytical minded?
Tell me a little about what the Michael Kors mission of "jet set" fashion means to you.
How do you stay on top of trends in the fashion industry?
At Michael Kors we offer many areas of opportunity and growth. Where would you like to see your career in the next 3-5 years?
Our industry is fast-paced, competitive, and stressful. How do you cope with high levels of pressure?
Do you have any post-secondary education related to the fashion industry?
Why is it so important for a fashion brand like Michael Kors to fully embrace diversity and inclusion?
Who is your favorite fashion designer and why?
At Michael Kors we have thousands of applicants per year. Why should we choose you for this position?
When did you realize that you wanted a career in fashion?
Your current employer has a strong reputation in the fashion industry. Why do you want to work for Michael Kors?
What can you tell me about Michael Kors' personal and corporate commitment to philanthropy, and how would you help further it?
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