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Do you respond differently when the IT-related issue you are facing is more severe or critical?

"When a severe or critical IT-related issue occurs, the first thing I do is remind myself to remain calm and utilize my experience, knowledge, skills, and other resources to address and resolve the situation. I carefully analyze the issue, determine the time frame in which it must be resolved, estimate the resources required, and put together a plan to move forward. I then implement the plan using the identified resources, making adjustments as needed based on the progress my team and I are making and the issue's status. Nine times out of ten, I can resolve the issue quickly and with little stress."

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Cisco IT Engineer Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. Do you respond differently when the IT-related issue you are facing is more severe or critical?

  • 2. How quickly do you feel you can you adapt to Cisco's culture and integrate yourself into our IT engineering team?

  • 3. Can you describe some IT engineering projects you have worked on, and which of them are similar to Cisco's IT environment?

  • 4. What is your experience implementing network infrastructures? When doing this, what are some of the challenges you encounter?

  • 5. How knowledgeable are you with some of the more popular programming languages, such as C++, Java, and Python?

  • 6. Can you describe your strategy for staying updated on current developments in the IT industry?

  • 7. Here at Cisco, we use Zendesk for our Customer Relationship Management, or CRM system. Can you describe your experience with this software?

  • 8. What process do you follow when a business stakeholder asks you to implement a new IT system recommended by a third party?

  • 9. Can you explain the benefits of creating subnets within an organization's network infrastructure?

  • 10. What information would you collect when creating an IT system analysis report for Cisco's IT environment?

  • 11. What tools and strategies do you use to organize your team's work to best meet IT deliverables?

  • 12. What steps do you take when you realize a project you are working on will miss a deadline?

  • 13. How do you collaborate with the stakeholders you work with outside of IT to ensure that your team's work supports Cisco's overall business goals?

  • 14. Describe a Disaster Recovery plan you have created and how well it performed.

  • 15. Can you walk me through the steps you use to address a situation where productivity is decreasing?

  • 16. In your opinion, what is the role of a Cisco IT engineer?

  • 17. How do you monitor and maintain systems to ensure maximum productivity?

  • 18. How often do you think Cisco hardware systems need to be upgraded, and what criteria do you use to determine when to upgrade them?

  • 19. Do you have direct experience designing a piece of software or a hardware system? Can you describe it to me?

  • 20. How would you handle a situation in which a Cisco IT engineer on your team wanted to use a design that you knew was inefficient or inappropriate for the project?

  • 21. How would you react if a key Cisco project stakeholder asked you to eliminate a safety-related item you included as part of your engineering plan?

  • 22. What steps do you take to check your work and ensure that you don't make any mistakes?

  • 23. How will you recover when one of your Cisco teammates makes a serious mistake that impacts the project you are working on?

  • 24. Do you enjoy learning about new technology, and how do you stay current with developing trends in this industry?

  • 25. How do you manage your and your team's time during an engineering project with tight deadlines?

  • 26. What experience do you have leading teams of IT Engineers?

  • 27. What IT engineering challenges are you most passionate about, and why?

  • 28. How would you communicate technical concepts to Cisco project stakeholders or clients who don't have a technical background?

  • 29. Can you describe the most challenging engineering project you have ever worked on and how you overcame the obstacles you encountered?

  • 30. What are the key qualities a Cisco IT engineer should possess?