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Why did you choose a career in the Pharma/Biotech industry?

"I chose a career in Pharma/Biotech because I have always had an attraction to the study of medicine, and science, and the correlation between them. It's an ever-changing industry which never becomes dull."

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29 Bio-Rad Laboratories Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. Why did you choose a career in the Pharma/Biotech industry?

  • 2. List 3 qualities that make you the best candidate for Bio-Rad Laboratories.

  • 3. How many years have you worked in the Pharma/Biotech industry? What keeps you interested in our line of work?

  • 4. What industry related changes do you foresee in the next 12 months?

  • 5. How do you stay informed on changes in the Pharma/Biotech industry?

  • 6. This position requires a minimum Bachelor's Degree in a science related field. Walk me through your post-secondary education.

  • 7. If you could choose any special area of focus with Bio-Rad Laboratories, which would you choose?

  • 8. Would you further your post-secondary education to include a Ph.D. in your field?

  • 9. In your opinion, what is the biggest development in Biotechnology in the past 3 years?

  • 10. In your opinion, what is the biggest development in Pharmaceuticals in the past 3 years?

  • 11. If you could choose any area in your field to study further, which area would you focus on? How do you feel that would help you with a career at Bio-Rad Laboratories?

  • 12. Do you prefer to work with studies related to humans, animals, or plant life?

  • 13. If you could research any particular disorder, disease, or illness which one would you choose, and why?

  • 14. Tell me about your greatest work related accomplishment.

  • 15. In your opinion, why is it important to develop relationships with coworkers?

  • 16. When have you had to be extra thorough in completing tasks?

  • 17. By this time in your career, you should have advanced further. What has slowed down your career progression?

  • 18. How does this position fit into your career goals?

  • 19. Who would you say inspires you?

  • 20. What are your strengths?

  • 21. What sources do you look to when you need to solve a complicated problem?

  • 22. When a problem requires a quick solution, how do you respond?

  • 23. How do you determine priorities when you have multiple projects due?

  • 24. When have you shown great integrity at work?

  • 25. How do you define success?

  • 26. Describe to me your ideal employer.

  • 27. What are your salary expectations?

  • 28. Are you applying for any other jobs?

  • 29. How would you rate your performance in this interview so far?