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Our staff are expected to withhold the highest standards of professionalism while on the job. What does being professional mean to you on the job?

"I've always prided myself on being a true professional in any job that I've held during my career. For this job as a Customer Service Agent, that would mean coming to work each day well groomed and in uniform, well rested, and ready to go. From there, my professionalism would be on display by the way that I reflect the airline's core values of honesty, integrity, pride, and excellence in all that I do. I really appreciate the fact that Air New Zealand is open to Ta Moko tattoos on their staff to recognize the heritage of the Maori people."

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Air New Zealand Limited Airline Customer Service Agent Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. Our staff are expected to withhold the highest standards of professionalism while on the job. What does being professional mean to you on the job?

  • 2. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment during your career?

  • 3. At Air New Zealand, teamwork is the key to providing the best overall experience to our customers. How do you work as part of a larger team?

  • 4. If a customer approached you with a question or request that you weren't sure how to respond to, what would be the next steps you would take?

  • 5. Talk about a time you had to deal with an unreasonable person in the workplace. How did you handle that situation with ease?

  • 6. What appeals to you most about being our next Customer Service Agent at Air New Zealand?

  • 7. This position would require a background and employment verification check. Would you have any issues being subjected to this?

  • 8. Safety and security are extremely important to us at Air New Zealand. How can you help foster a culture of safety for our staff and customers?

  • 9. Talk about a job where you had to multitask your duties each day. What did you do to stay organized and on task throughout the day?

  • 10. Talk about a time that you identified an area for improvement on the job in the past. How did you go about ensuring that changes were made, and why did you take this course of action?

  • 11. Have you every had a job where you provided service over the phone? What key skills from that experience would you bring with you to Air New Zealand?

  • 12. Part of this role will entail escorting passengers to and from flights in a timely manner. What interpersonal skills do you have that will make you excel in this aspect of the job?

  • 13. As a Customer Service Agent at Air New Zealand, you will help with ensuring that aircraft are prepared for flight inside the cabin. Do you have any cleaning and/or stocking experience during your career?

  • 14. Our Customer Service Agents often have to handle unique requests from our customers with a smile on their face. Talk about a time you had to handle a unique request that fell outside of your typical job duties. Why did you oblige the request?

  • 15. At times in this role with Air New Zealand, you may be required to transport passengers via a shuttle van. Do you have a valid driver's license and a clean driving record?

  • 16. As our next Customer Service Agent, you will be expected to know the entire Air New Zealand business. Have you ever held a role where knowing your business from back to front was necessary for your role?

  • 17. What communication style would you bring to the Air New Zealand team?

  • 18. Have you had any cash handling experience during your career at any point, and why would this be beneficial at Air New Zealand?

  • 19. If hired as our next Customer Service Agent, you would be expected to train diligently on our software programs during your orientation process so you can hit the ground running. How would you rate your ability to do this?

  • 20. If you were on the phone with a customer who was demanding that you match the ticket pricing of a competitor airline, how would you handle that situation?