Air New Zealand Limited Aircraft Mechanic Mock Interview

To help you prepare for an Aircraft Mechanic interview at Air New Zealand Limited, here are 20 interview questions and answer examples.

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Have you ever performed maintenance on an integrated drive generator system on an aircraft?

As you look to interview for an Aircraft Mechanic role with Air New Zealand, you can certainly expect some technical questions like this to pop up. Whether you have the direct experience working with an IDG or not, your interviewer will at least be looking to hear that you are familiar with the fact that they are used on the Air New Zealand fleet to help supply electrical power. They'll also look to hear that you have knowledge of the IDGs requirements for maintenance on the oil within the system as a regular part of the work that you'll perform. If you do have direct experience, be sure to talk about that as you answer this question.

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Air New Zealand Limited Aircraft Mechanic Interview Questions & Answers

  • 1. Have you ever performed maintenance on an integrated drive generator system on an aircraft?

  • 2. Which facet of the work of an Aircraft Mechanic do you excel at compared to your peers?

  • 3. How would you work effectively under stressful, pressure-packed situations at Air New Zealand?

  • 4. What are some of the key safety precautions you would take if you were tasked with changing a wheel on an airplane?

  • 5. The next Aircraft Mechanic who joins Air New Zealand will need to be relied upon to show up to work every day they are scheduled. Tell me about your attendance record in your current job over the past year.

  • 6. How do you work with others who are from different cultural backgrounds than you? How do you seek to understand their perspective?

  • 7. If I were to talk to your previous supervisors and colleagues, how would they describe the work ethic you would bring to Air New Zealand?

  • 8. What personal protective equipment are you used to utilizing in your work, and do you have any issues with standard PPE in this line of work?

  • 9. How would you rate your knowledge of the ATA codes?

  • 10. What would you say you enjoy the most about being an Aircraft Mechanic?

  • 11. As an Aircraft Mechanic, what do you consider to be the most important tool in your bag, on a daily basis?

  • 12. Talk about a time that you had to solve a problem quickly on the job. What steps did you take to ensure a great result?

  • 13. Give an example of a time that your attention to detail helped to avoid a potential mistake on the job.

  • 14. Work on the aircraft engineering team at Air New Zealand has some physically demanding requirements. Are you able to handle the physical requirements of this job?

  • 15. Our fleet engineering team is required to travel from time to time. Are you able to travel when required for the job?

  • 16. Have you used x-ray or ultrasonic inspection equipment at any point during your career?

  • 17. At Air New Zealand, the prompt update of maintenance and repair logs is vital. When have you had to make sure your work was accurately documented in the past?

  • 18. How experienced are you in reading technical plans and blueprints?

  • 19. Do you know and understand the color coding of a hydraulic system on an aircraft?

  • 20. What would safety mean to you if you joined the Air New Zealand team?