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Parole Officer Interview Questions and Answers
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Why do you want to be a Parole Officer?
User Submitted Interview Answers
To counsel and advise parolees to the best of my abilities and keep the citizens safe.
I would love to be able to assist, offenders to make their transition back to becoming a productive citizen and law abiding.
Because I love being on the adminstrative side of Criminal Justice.
I want to monitor the progress of offenders, especially those who have been incarcerated. I also want to continue to promote reentry and cognitive behavior. Lastly, to help lower recidivism rates.
I would like to be able to make a difference in helping individuals rebuild their lives while also keeping the community safe.
I would rate my education as good I recieved a lot of information form my instructors in school, and a lot of good on the job training from both my internship and my current job.
I want to be a parole officer to help people realize that there is more potential in them other than committing crime.
I enjoy working with individuals and trying to offer them a chance to better themselves by giving them skills needed to make proper judgement.
Great question! I like to help people in general. I truly believe that every ex-offender can have an opportunity at second chances and that is where the Parole Officer comes in. They help those individuals with interview questions, dressing for the interview, help them reintegrate back with their families that they once lost before going to prison/jail. Being a Parole Officer takes lots of work and dedication to want to help those individuals. Not everyone is capable of being a Parole Officer, but with my two and half years of working with federal offenders in a Re-entry facility, this is my dream to be a Parole Officer, to be able to continue my work with ex-offenders.
Opportunity to promote and work in a different inmate population.
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