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In the situation where a resident needed to be disciplined for their actions in a patient care situation, what would your approach be as the residency program director?

"First and foremost, I'd ensure that the issue was investigated thoroughly, any impacted people were talked with and policies were consulted for a next plan of action. As the program director, I would take ultimate responsibility for the situation and would never take the initial steps lightly. If required by institutional policy, I would also ensure that HR was consulted with as well and any necessary documentation was submitted. My next move would be to act quickly to meet with the resident in question, because these things shouldn't linger long after any performance issues are noticed. I'm a firm believer that being forthright in situations like this is important and would let them know what the infraction was and what the disciplinary action would be. From there, my mindset would immediately move to helping the resident improve on the situation moving forward and instill my confidence in them. Being one once, I know that confidence is huge for medical residents and I'd try to help boost that in a disciplinary situation."

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25 Residency Program Director Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. In the situation where a resident needed to be disciplined for their actions in a patient care situation, what would your approach be as the residency program director?

  • 2. Instilling our mission and values into our residents will help them thrive throughout their career. How will you help to live and instill these as our residency program director?

  • 3. As you are likely aware, resident burnout has become more prevalent in recent years. Have you thought about tactics to help your residents have productive and fulfilling years of training?

  • 4. What have your working relationships with allied health support staff been like throughout your career? Do you envision the nature of these relationships changing as a residency program director?

  • 5. We'd love to get to know more about you as a person and what interests you. Tell us about yourself.

  • 6. The candidate hired for this position will be expected to be a full participant on several institutional committees. Do you have committee involvement experience during your career? If so, what committees and what roles did you play on them?

  • 7. Take some time to talk about your current clinical practice. How do you envision transitioning in practice to our institution?

  • 8. Our program prides itself on the camaraderie that is built among our residents. How will you help nurture this environment as the program director?

  • 9. Handling the rare resident grievance in a professional manner is a necessary part of this role. Are you familiar with what role you will play in this as a residency program director?

  • 10. What do you know about our institution and what appeals to you about becoming our next residency program director here?

  • 11. If hired as our next residency program director, what do you feel your biggest weakness would be coming into the role?

  • 12. What is your personal motivation for becoming a residency program director given all of the career progressions you could take?

  • 13. What are the key qualities you will be looking for in ranking candidates to match to our program?

  • 14. Continuity for residency program directors is vital to our program and recommended by the ACGME. Are you willing and ready to make a long-term commitment to this role?

  • 15. Take some time to talk about your familiarity with building clinical schedules.

  • 16. As our next residency program director, you'll have ultimate authority for the policies and procedures our residents work under. Have you had similar responsibilities in the past?

  • 17. How will you advocate for the residents of our program and their future success as leaders in the medical field?

  • 18. What administrative duties have you held throughout your career and do you feel these have successfully prepared you for the work you'll be doing as a residency program director?

  • 19. Talk a bit about your physician-to-physician networking skills, especially cross-functionally. Why is this a skill that is vital for a residency program director?

  • 20. Do you have experience conducting formal performance evaluations for staff?

  • 21. What experience do you have in the recruitment and hiring of fellow physicians?

  • 22. Are you able to travel as needed to oversee the work of residents in our program?

  • 23. Talk about any experience you have providing didactic medical training. How will that experience benefit you as our next residency program director?

  • 24. Will you have any issues meeting our institutional board certification and licensing requirement as our next residency program director?

  • 25. Discuss your leadership style and why it would be critical to your success as a residency program director.