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37 Pharmacy Residency Interview Questions and Answer Examples to Help You Prepare for Your Residency Interviews.

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Why do you want to pursue this pharmacy subspecialty training and do you feel our program will help meet your goals?

"Over the last year of my pharmacy program, I really focused my studies and pursued residency training to obtain a future in transplant pharmacy. Patients receiving life-changing transplants in GI, thoracic, and cardiology often require the most intensive care and treatment and I'm looking forward to a future of being a part of those care teams. During my PGY-2 year with your program, I would really look forward to working closely with your abdominal and lung transplant team, while also gaining more experience in the trauma and life support centers at this amazing hospital. Hearing more about the program today, I'm confident that this would be a great fit for me as a person and toward helping me achieve my future career goals."

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37 Pharmacy Residency Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. Why do you want to pursue this pharmacy subspecialty training and do you feel our program will help meet your goals?

  • 2. Why should we rank you high for matching into our pharmacy residency program?

  • 3. What do you feel are your biggest weaknesses you would have as a new pharmacy resident?

  • 4. What are you hoping to accomplish by pursuing pharmacy residency training?

  • 5. How do you adapt and deal with the continually changing pharmacy environment?

  • 6. Being a clinical pharmacist is an incredibly stressful and demanding career. How will you manage stress as a resident in our program?

  • 7. Tell us about a time when things didn't go your way. How did you respond?

  • 8. What is one weakness you would strive to improve during pharmacy residency training?

  • 9. What personal and clinical strengths would you bring to our team as a pharmacy resident?

  • 10. Tell us about one of your journal clubs during your pharmacy school.

  • 11. What qualities are you looking for in a preceptor as a pharmacy resident?

  • 12. What was the last pharmacological article you read?

  • 13. What does patient safety mean to you as a pharmacist?

  • 14. What are your plans if you don't match into a pharmacy residency this year?

  • 15. What is one interesting issue facing pharmacists today, and how would you plan on tackling this as a pharmacy resident?

  • 16. As a pharmacy student, how did you handle the additional stress during the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • 17. Can you summarize your CV for us?

  • 18. What will make you a great pharmacy resident?

  • 19. Tell us a bit about yourself.

  • 20. What drew you to apply to our program?

  • 21. If you were a drug, what drug would you be and why?

  • 22. Fast forward 35 years to your retirement party. What would you want your colleagues to remember about you?

  • 23. What do you imagine a typical day will be like here in our pharmacy residency program?

  • 24. What are your short and long-term career goals? How does this program fit into your vision?

  • 25. What drives your passion for success in the pharmacy field?

  • 26. Why are you interested in pursuing training in a pharmacy residency versus heading right into the workforce?

  • 27. What are you currently reading in your spare time?

  • 28. Our pharmacy residents have the option to earn a teaching certificate in our program. Does this interest you?

  • 29. Please describe your personality in three words.

  • 30. What has been your favorite APPE rotation thus far and why?

  • 31. Let's imagine you're stranded on a deserted island. You walk around and find a first aid kit. What three over-the-counter products do you hope are in there?

  • 32. How did you decide to apply for this particular type of pharmacy residency training?

  • 33. While in pharmacy school, what was your favorite course and why?

  • 34. How would you counsel a patient on warfarin?

  • 35. A patient comes in with hypotension. What do you do?

  • 36. What three things would you do on your first day as a pharmacy resident with our program?

  • 37. Describe your experiences working in teams. What role do you play and how do you work with others?