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Top 10 Applications Lotus Notes Interview Questions
1. What are the commands to load and quit the HTTP server task?
List of Applications Lotus Notes Interview Questions
  1. What are the commands to load and quit the HTTP server task?
  2. What does the event WebQueryOpen event do?
  3. Which server task is used for Lotus Notes web applications?
  4. What are the programming language used for web applications?
  5. Can javascript functions in JS Header be used in Lotusscript agent?
  6. What are the ways to call an agent on the click of a button for web application?
  7. When did you first start using Lotus Notes?
  8. What changes are to be done for a Form in Notes to get displayed in web?
  9. List some of the standard functions in javascript.
  10. What problems do you often find in Lotus Notes?
  11. What are the form events used for web applications?
Contributing Author
Diana D'Souza
HR Professional
Applications Lotus Notes Information
August 17th, 2017

Lotus Notes is an advanced application suite developed by IBM Software Group. It includes email, programming, address book, scheduling, web server and database. What sets Lotus Notes apart from other application suites such as Microsoft Office and others is that all components are presented using one single front-end.
Application lotus notes developers assess and define requirements for logical processes, workflow, hardware and data. They are continuously working on improving the efficiency of the software while reducing the operating time. Extensive knowledge of this software and all of its components and applications is a must for anyone looking to be employed as a Lotus Notes developer.

At the interview for a Lotus Notes developer job, prospective employers will want to assess your knowledge of this software. They will ask you questions pertaining to the different components and application of Lotus Notes. They will also ask you career-related questions such as your career goals and where you see yourself a few years from now. Take a look at Application Lotus Notes mock interview questions so you can be better prepared for any questions the interviewer asks you.
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