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Tell me about a time you worked on a team.

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Your job may be independent by nature, but at some point in your career or post-secondary experience, you have worked as part of a team. Give the interviewer an example of a time when you worked in a group setting. Outline the role that you took in the group and remember to discuss a bit about the project. Highlight your most significant success in this team. Lastly, explain how your teamwork capabilities will help you to succeed in this role.

Admin answer example
"I volunteer at the animal shelter on weekends which requires a great amount of teamwork, especially when we have open houses. The public will come and check out the animals, and hopefully put in applications for adoption. We need to ensure the animals are all clean, happy, and ready to be adopted! This end-goal means we must maintain a positive attitude, making the experience great for the people who come in. I will bring this same excitement and positivity to any team-based activity at Company ABC."
Basic answer example
"In my current position we all work as a group during year-end. Everyone pulls a few overtime shifts, and we organize our books together. In these instances, I am the planner of the group, so I establish our process, and we go from there. Most of my daily work is quite independent, so it's nice to have this team experience once in a while, and I look forward to furthering teamwork experiences with your organization. I can easily take the lead when it comes to keeping the group organized."
Clinical Laboratory Technician answer example
"I've worked alone and with a team and, in my experience, they each offer advantages. I think I work best in situations in which I can collaborate on some tasks and work alone for others."
Film and Video Editor answer example
"I work very well with a team because I like the support of others. I find that I help others when they are struggling, and I appreciate when someone else can help me when I have a question."
Line Cook answer example
"You are only as good as the team you are working on, so working on a team is critical to my own personal success. As a team player, I notice when people are struggling and seek them out to help mentor or coach them wherever possible. Communication amongst the team is also critical to our success."
Manager answer example
"I have led a team of 2 - 40 employees for the past ten years, so my team-based experience is vast. Currently, my team of 40 includes production operators, quality assurance techs, and general laborers. I ensure the team works cohesively by offering an open-door policy and spending a great deal of my day on the floor, observing and helping. My hands-on approach will be helpful in your environment as well since you mentioned your need to improve morale on the production floor."
Marketing answer example
"Marketing is very team-based, which I appreciate. In my current role, when we take on a new client, we meet as a group to whiteboard ideas. Once we have an action plan, we split and get our work done independently. Starting a project as a group effort is an excellent way to boost morale and create collaborative co-worker relationships. I look forward to collaborating with your talented team."
Medical Laboratory Technician answer example
"Save humming the Lego Movie song until after the interview...the interviewer needs to hear your definition of teamwork. Let the interviewer know that teammates support and respect each other. Teamwork is vital to fulfill the mission and get the job done. Teammates pull their own weight will still helping each other out. Remember, there is no I in Team. "
Retail answer example
"In my current position, we work as a team when receiving new merchandise. We have one person unpacking the stock, another yelling out SKU numbers, another member cross-checking those SKU's with our online inventory system, and two others hanging and steaming the new product. This project is done, of course, after the store has closed for the day. The system is seamless, and I look forward to introducing this system to the team here at Company ABC."
Sales answer example
"My current team is small - just myself, and my sales assistant. We work as a team by having a call every morning to review my travel schedule, client calls, and future bookings. I believe that exceptional teamwork needs trust and clear communication, all factors that I look forward to bringing with me to your company."
Sales Associate answer example
"Most jobs require some amount of teamwork so it is extremely important to be a team player. Tell the interviewer that you do work well in a team and if you enjoy teamwork, include this as well. When defining teamwork, include the importance of being able to collectively use your strengths to reach a mutual goal. Everyone plays a specific role and adds value to a team – compromise is also important. Share past examples of working in a team and include how you worked together, communicated, and problem solved with your team members."
Senior Accountant answer example
"I am a strong team player and will often take on a leadership role when given the opportunity. To me, teamwork means that everyone ensures that the project is running smoothly by doing their part. On larger projects that require teamwork I feel it is always best to utilize each individuals' strengths and have them feel accountable for their work."
TSA Screener answer example
"Absolutely! Being a TSA Screener is a team effort, and the interviewer needs to hear that you work well on a team. Tell the interviewer that you work well on a team, and share something beneficial about being on a team. Common answers might include: - Being able to help each other during busy times - Being able to answer each other's questions if you are unfamiliar with something - Understanding that you are not alone in making big decisions - Knowing that there is a group of experts around you to help you solve problems - Having people to talk to during the day while you are at work"
University Administrator answer example
"The candidate should provide their explanation of what they understand teamwork to be. Here is an answer example: "Teamwork is a critical part of any business, as without teams working together to achieve a common goal, the culture can fall apart and objectives not be achieved. Teamwork happens when a group of people work together to achieve a common goal, pulling on each individuals skills."
Warehouse Supervisor answer example
"Absolutely! The interviewer needs to hear that you work well on a team because being a supervisor means that you are leading the team! Begin by telling the interviewer that you work well on a team. Next, share that teamwork means having a group of people working cohesively together towards the same set of goals and objectives. It means that everyone understands their part of the puzzle, and people are willing to help each other reach the mutual goals."

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Tell me about a time you worked on a team.
Maybe 2 or 3 month I don't know but I know that I am a hard worker.
In 2 or 3 monthes.
All the time I was in a need of working in a group to be all making a great performance to the company.
I was grouped with about four other people in an a drama class to write a script for a project. Even though I had to re-write the script quite a few times, we managed to perfect it and we performed spectacularly.
I was working with a team of contention writers to put together a well-written essay, and we were under a time constraint. It was initially difficult because there were several of us and only one essay, and we all wanted everything we suggested put in the same paper, but after compromising and dividing tasks we managed to get it completed in under two hours.
There was a time at Stienmetz where we would have multiple assistants and photographers working with a subject, it made things a little hectic but it was good because we could have one person focus on each aspect. I focused on lighting while another girl focused on posing and another would move hair and jewelry into place to make the photographers job easier.
Each overnight that we have to launch our new deliveries I have to work with a team in order to execute perfect standards. This consists of making sure the entire sales floor gets realigned with different fixtures, mannequin looks, window displays, quantity counts and all apparel, denim, footwear etc are out and perfect. Steaming and changing sensors and tags are a big issue, being that at the end of the night perfect final photos have to be taken and reported back to home office.
Well at a call centre environment teamwork is often the biggest role we have to part take in we all have to aim for specific amount of sales.
I was a new emoloyee with a retail, I was offered to the same roles and reponsibilites as other experienced workers. Hoiwever with training I was able to pick up the wprk quickly and after 3 ays I was used to carring out my role.
I had to work with my team members to get through a large amount of orders in around 10 minutes.
Working at Mcdonalds you come to find out it has an diversity environment, so im constantly dealing and working in situations like that.
When I was new at Hollister I shadowed the other employees that had to do the same task as me, I quickly learned how to achieve everything that we had to do.
At college we had to make a wall display of what our course represented.
I had to work in a group of people to complete an assignment for our course. We all worked together and pitched in and completed the assessment.
Time does not matter, team work is important, if we work as a team we can achieve our common goal easily.
In my last job I needed to work with a team to get as many people into our place of work as possible. We represented the venue and was a major part of our job. We did it well.
One temp role involved me stocktaking with colleagues, in a large french designer store. So basically, we all had to make sure every item in the store was scanned, but tat the same time as this, we had to to ensure nothing was scanned twice. We, managed to do this effectively through communication and I must say working with a group was definitely soemthing I enjoyed.
Working with people to get them to the top of a mountain - reguarly.
We had the responsibility to make sure people where save in the pool and they where having fun. If some one was drowning he had to be saved, if there where people discriminating other people we had to throw them out of the park.
Delivery came in late so we had to work as a team and stock everything before the store opens.
I was doing dukes of Edinburgh award with my fellow school mates, we both attended some tasks together and were able to complete them all as part of a team.
At the youth club to get young people off the streets and into a safe environment where they could play games and interact with each other.
When I was working at Willows, we had only one common goal and that was to provide our customers satisfaction. There are times that we had to work overtime and to work closely as a team to meet their demands.
A university project.
In university, we had to come together to create a presentation whether or not Hitler was a good leader. It was one of our first tasks and I was so nervous, though I had previously worked in team tasks in work situations, I never really experienced a job to this caliber in my academic career.At first we were all sitting in the library, not having known each other apart from the "Is the course for the Holocaust in this room?" But it was then that I felt that my experience in a team leading role at work could come in handy. I then proceeded to ask everyone to say their names and their favorite part of writing an essay in order to get an idea of their strengths and weaknesses, and after the first two team members introduced themselves the group seemed to become more relaxed and laid back. I wrote notes as they spoke, and after introducing myself I then presented what I had written down to the group. It was then that I noticed that the group was essentially split between those that liked carrying out research, which I called the researchers, those that liked to condense the vast amount of research into a condense and coherent document (which I called the editors), and those that had a knack of comfortably expressing themselves orally (which I called the presenters). We then all contributed a list of authors that we wanted the research team to research before agreeing on due dates, first when the researchers should hand in their work, which would be the times when the editors would do their work, and then the presenting team would have time to familiarize them selves with the material that had been produced and prepare. It was a brillinat way to break the ice because I put is all in a position where we had to rely on eachother, and it worked out that even after a teams due date, they felt such a personal connecttion with their work, that they had to assist the next group in thier task. As an avid writer I was on the editing team. It was alot of fun getting to know everyone on the team.
At art college we had to go into groups to research into various artists and sources to produce a mood board that would benefit the entire class and provide enough beginning knowledge on this area.
Tear down session of a powertrain at GM.
Tear down assembly for a powertrain at GM.
When are doing a particular order which is to tough.
Stress releiving operation of a wheel which gave me fine knowledge while working with a group.
If customer required immediate deliery with some alternation in exixting model means I have to work hard with people to prove our sincerity & quality.
When the given task is large and more people have to work to complete the task in given time.
Team work never fails. So I will work with the team to achieve the goal.
I had to work with a group of people at Nokia to come up with an effective powerpoint presentation that would clearly and precisely explain new Nokia products. I actively participated in researching and applying previous knowledge with presentations.
When I worked on the MMMM. Lisp project with 2 other people. I did most of the programming, a girl did most of the writing and dialogue, and the other guy helped with the peripheral stuff.
Web page visual refresh. We had to work with 4 separate teams to make sure our separate pages matched the overall web site style. Part of our component was a sub component of the main page (we were moving to SPA). As a result, some of the styling changes were done on some very base-level HTML elements, and this would completely break other parts of the pages containing the sub components. These changes were done in a silo, often with the developer not aware what they were affecting. Daily scrums allowed us to communicate these issues, and resolve them quickly and effectively.
When I took over as pit boss we were losing a lot of money. I had to work with the other pit bosses and staff to turn this around at put us back in the black. I achieved this through keeping the staff happy and positive and good at communicating.
At windsor smith we are a team of 3 people in the stock analyst role. There are deadline that we have to achieve on a daily basis and in order for us to complete that we had to work well together. For example when consolidating stock, we sit down and discuss which styles will sell best at which stores agree to it and then input this in the system.
It was a business assignment, where we had to do a replica of starting up our own business and creating a product that was appealing to customers at uni, and we created hairbows this is when the hair bow trend started coming out, and our whole group learnt how to make hairbows which we learnt of youtube and we actually made a profit.
We were assigned a group project to reassess and streamline the processes for doing wol comparisons and the inforMation was required.
Group assignments at uni, generally running the salon.
There was one very busy day where hundreds of customers were showing up to drop their baggage off every 20 minutes some could not speak or understand the english language, The bags filled the footpath 60 meters until the roads edge blocking all public access to the sidewalk in a main walkway, we the employees had to take it amongst ourselves to work as a team and assign each other jobs to help the situation run smoothly and get all bags under control. Two people were two walk the line and escort those without their bags tagged to the tagging line where another two people were working together one would write the information down on the tags and the other would tag the bag, then two people would grab the passengers bags and bring it to the back to be sorted, where two employees were sorting the bags onto cages mean while those who had bags tagged already would wait in a separate line with the similar proceeding after their bags had been accounted for.
To achieve a common goal, no matter I face with a hard situation with both workmates or client, I need to be patient. Set a clear destination, draft steps outline to follow and find the way to reach the goal.
Restocking shelves to make a dealine.
Re stocking with time limit.
At cotton on there are a lot of goals that the team has to achieve. This can be anything for trying to achieve the daily budget to be up on last years amount to selling more add on items to the customer.
In my current role we have varying deadlines to ensure all product reaches store in time for the particular promotion. We each play a part in ensuring the product comes in on time, is in the correct quality and most importantly what the customer wants so we can generate sales.
Very sick passenger requiring urgent medical attention, while preparing aircraft to land.
Working in the stockroom at Next, we were timed on how long it took us to process and put away the clothes. The common goal was to beat the time that was recommended by the computer system, and to get it as low as possible. We had to work as a team to achieve 100% success rate.
I worked closely with the Directors of the company in the development of their Work Health and Safety documents as I gained my Cert IV in Work Health and Safety through the company.
Being self confident and motivated.
Being confident in which ever decision I take.
I have worked with my team mates where we have to clear huge volume in 2 days we worked for 32 hours continiously to complete the task and completed as a team.
As per company rules I will work and work over time also.
Every year we friends(group of 8 to 9) celebrate Ganesha festival. This time it was a 7th year grand celebration. We have a common place to keep the Ganesha idol for 3 days and make pooja and immersion of lord Ganesha. To make the things successful we friends meet all together and make a plan before 1 week of celebration. All friends in a group dedicate atleast atleast 4 hours in a day for the Ganesha festival. We together meet evening and make funds by every houses in the area and contribute to the Ganesha. We all together clean the entire place and make a time to bring the Ganesha idol and make the celebration successful.
Achievement is not the goal but we have to accomplish through the work together will get good result.
Self-Motivated and Confident to achieve a common goal.
There was an escalation of some of the Audits happened to give legal aspects of the works done.
Self-Motivated and Confident to achieve a common goal.
To achieve a target with team. When you are working in army and navy.
UGC pilot process initiated in the year 2009 as BPC
Team Working and bonding relation between the team should be their.
At the time of college fest for which I had to work in team with good coordinating with each other in the group.
A team with a little difficulty in Speaking but without calls could not achieve the month end numbers.
A team with a little difficulty in Speaking but without calls could not achieve the month end numbers.
When I joined HP and on floor for processing we all new hires had to work together orders assigned and to achieve the target in given time before Month end.
I have worked in a team of 4, for the critical issue in the project.
Group work is efficient comparitively to individual work so out also fast.
We were given a task of preparing a proposal to our client, it was supposed to be prepared by one day with three people and normally it takes 2 to 3 days of time to get the proposal ready with five people, but we made a goal of finishing it in one day and we did it.
When there is too much of work I would like to work with group of peoples.
During my nysc when I was working as a marketer in the bank,
The last time I worked in a group was my project in final year, communication is the key to working well in a group, where every individual is given equal opportunities to express their opinion, delegate a leader who will.
NYSC environmental group. I was the leader and we as a group decided we needed to go on an outreach a few months before our passing out. Difficult because not everyone bought into the idea and people are motivated by different things. But we were successful in the end and managed to hand out over 300 fliers.
Most of silicon debug time.
My diploma last year project.
We made a project in our final year degree college. In which I made Hardware part of my project and learned PIC Microcontroller which is Heart beat Of Our Project.
I had work in our organization with 5 peoples group, In our project CDI we have facing the problem of reverse revolution firing, hence we had consistently working on this problem for 2 days, Finally, We got solution on this due strong team work & Positive thinking...
In last semester, we worked in Encryption-Decryption algorithm.
In all four years of college I worked with many groups for different responsibilities.
I was working for a Release management project with other two developers and our goal is to develop a web application for release management.
At a time of our Final Year of our Engineering in College, we participated in an event, in which we have to work with our group.Actually at that time we were making One short film in which we were playing a roll in that short film.
We had to help each other to make our sales goal.
I was part of group to do the presentation in front of the class at the lecture at unicersity.
I was working at a clotherie store. We changed the manicans, change the display,
Normal working hours is enough to deliver a product with good quality. But we must work efficiently in a smarter way to achieve a goal.
In all the projects we will be doing this, working with the group to achieve the client requirement.
The companies where we work with, we have only one common goal and that is to provide our customers satisfaction. There are times that we had to work overtime and to work closely as a team to meet their demands.
Communicating effectively with a group may lead to achieve a common goal.
My coworkers an I had to get together so that we can come up with ideas on how to go about helping a child that had the habit of throwing his feces all over the restroom as a team we came up with the strategy to take turns on visualizing every step that he took before he would go in the restroom to see what was causing him to react in that way. While we visualized the matter we came to the conclusion that he cannot use the restroom on his own an that he would have to wear a diaper.
I worked with 15 other artist in a public art project to create a unique painted boot and hit a deadline.
In drafting and facilitating Legacy Charter High School, I had to work with a group of professionals to achieve the common goal of LAUSD and state approval of our brand new charter school. Together, we had to come up with curriculum, budgets, policies (attendance, discipline, suspension, shared decision-making, etc.), and so much more. I had to learn to work collaboratively and I also had to learn how to respectfully build consensus among a varied group of professionals that included an attorney, teachers, a CFO and parents.
During school we had to do plenty of group projects. One of the last ones was for a class where the professor explained how many people do not like working together because it causes many problems. But, she continued on to explain how learning how to work with other people was a great skill that we all should learn. We were assigned to groups based on our majors. At first it was hard since one of our team members was missing class a lot. We all started to communicate through email and text. We helped each other pick up the slack. It concluded with a good grade in our project and plenty of compliments from our professor and peers.
Frequently during big sales or holiday rushes, the team worked together to meet the needs of our customers. Whether that meant checking stock in the storeroom or helping bag, we helped each other out.
It was at place I worked were we had to the place ready for a munch of Christmas trees that were coming in. The sizes were 4 to 6 til 10 to 12 feet tall.
IT was when, I was working at lowes, we had to set centerblocks up so we could put fence in between each one so we could put Christmas trees in between each one of the spaces we had made.
I developed our pre-peri and post-op handoff process, starting with a simple checklist, printed on green paper. This "green sheet" has gone through many revisions and adjustments, and has become a great interdepartmental project that has resulted in a very nice, standard hand-off process. I am extremely proud of this project and I know it has really made a difference for my patients and my colleagues.
At Red rooster we have sales targets that are a goal for each team member each shift and they could consist of the food being presented to the customer within 3 minutes if their ordering.
Christmas time, setting up for Boxing day sale was always a group effort, every dept had to be ready at the same time to exit the store all at once.
Every high school and university project i've ever undertaken,
We had to reach a sales target everyday with the gift wear that we sold.
At Christmas you are very busy so to achieve a smooth running business, everyone needs to work together to get jobs done fast andi efficiently.Maintaining roles and being well organised is very important and communication. If everyone helps one another to achieve the work done and be postive while doing this I believe the work gets faster.

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