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Tell me about a time when you led a team. What was your biggest success factor?

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How to Answer

The interviewer would like to hear about a time that you led a team, with a positive outcome. Showcase for the interviewer the primary factors that made your leadership style a success. Your example could come from the workplace or perhaps a time when you led a group project during your post-secondary studies.

Tell me about a time when you led a team. What was your biggest success factor?

"I work on the weekends as a volunteer coordinator for the local soup kitchen. Every Saturday morning, I check with the volunteers and ensure they are aware of their task for the day, and that they comply with our health and safety standards. Each week is a new group, and I believe that my level of detail and organization is the biggest success factor in ensuring a smooth service every weekend."


"Just last month I was asked to lead our day shift employees when my boss was away on sick leave. I took charge for two weeks, and the experience was quite positive! I believe the biggest success factor was that I tried to emulate his leadership style and did ask his help when I wasn't sure what to do. I feel this experience prepared me for a leadership role. I am excited to take on a team lead role again."

Law Enforcement

"Just last month I was asked to lead our day shift employees when my boss was away on sick leave. I took charge for two weeks and the experience was quite positive! I believe the biggest success factor was that I tried to emulate his leadership style and did ask his help when I wasn't sure what to do. I feel this experience really prepared me for a leadership role. I am excited to take on a team lead role again."


"Currently, I lead a team of 45 general laborers and the odd temporary employee. I have a minimal turnover in an otherwise tumultuous work environment. My success comes from the level of respect with which I treat everyone. I am available for questions, never raise my voice, and put a lot of trust in my team, that they will always make the right choice even when I may not be around."


"I led a team of three marketing interns this past summer which was a cool experience. I think I was so successful because, as a recent graduate myself, I understood which gaps to address in their education while keeping in mind the hands-on experience that they would need to be successful. I am observant to the needs of others and know that this skill will be very beneficial as I seek out more leadership opportunities."


"Our company had a sales contest last month, and I was asked to be our team leader for the challenge. I enjoyed that responsibility, and we ended up winning the reward in the end because my team increased sales by the highest percentage. I believe the biggest factor in our success was the enthusiasm I brought to the team. Everyone was engaged, and wanted to win."


"In my last position, I led a team of outside sales representatives. I implemented ride along's where I would shadow each team member for one day per month. This hands-on approach resulted in an average 20% sales increase per team member which made my sales director very happy. It always pays to show interest in your team members, individually, by investing time into their learning."

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Tell me about a time when you led a team. What was your biggest success factor?
It was at my high school district playoff game the fourth quarter and we were down a couple of points.My teamates started to give up and it showed on the court well myself and another team mate had to pump the team back up encouraging them that we have came to far just to give up now...Went back on the court lets just say we scored our points but lost by one we were upset but happy at the same time..
I was the team lead for a doctor in our office that was a fax DR how to make sure the team worked well had to delegate different jobs and to make sure that everything got done in a timely manner.
Lead a front end grocery store team to sucess.
When I was working at Walgreen and the store manager had me in charge of training new applicants on the register. I thoroughly explained her job description as she wrote notes to better understand it.
During a training class where we where grouped into two.
I had to teach one of my friends to drive a tractor.
When you supervised 6 employees at JP Eyewear.
Supervisor git sick put me as the go to person. Treat others as you want treated in return lead by example.
My foremen become hospitalized and I step up and ran the job in his absence.
If I lead the team, I want all the team for the cooperation to the activities.
Always reaching our targets.
I was excited because I have been trusted enough and the potential that was in me that saw by by the field manager.
One time I had teach my team members how to make a new dish because I was the only one that new how to do it and it turned out great.
When I was working in Lucent technology I had a opportunity to lead a team of operational support specialist for GSM mobile network.
Organising event when we fit in.
To address a situation in our department.
It happen a few years ago, when I have to lead my own team for JANS project.
A time when I had to lead the team was when I was in small groups at a church camp. I had to take the lead and trust someone to choose the right choice.
I've lead a team of about 7 people on a job for the government I picked my crew and we got on the job and sailed through it is gave everyone there jobs and what to do and ask if there not sure and we all did the job perfect.
Participating in sports and being a point guard in basketball and a pitcher in softball. There were numerous times when I had to lead and take control. From running a play in basketball when the game was close. To starting off with the first pitch of the game.
I had to take charge of leading a team during this Economics projects. The exchange students were not clear about the standards of projects in Singapore like how reports should be like, how powerpoint slides should be like and how tight deadlines are. Therefore, I drafted the deadline for our team and provided sample reports and powerpoints for them to refer to. We would also review our work frequently and I would provide feedback to them.
Was I surprise to me, when my boss said,I will manage the shop in his vacation.
My last job I was a team leader, so it was my job to get to work early and organize a work plan everyday.
When I played hockey I was captain of the team and I had to motivate my team before and during the game and give positive and negative feedback during the game to help the team achieve the result we all wanted.
This morning. I helped set up some displays and ended up finishing the job myself in record time.
At my current job, we are responsible to get food prepared and delivered in a timely manner for catering. Working as a team is very important during our scheduled caters because we need to satisfy our customers.
At Grocery Outlet my present job and my role was making sure the aisle looked nice in organized.
During a computer class assignment at school. We had to program a vacation travel. My role was to find the prices of passports, of itinerary, and food. I did my job very well.
The last time I was part of a team effort was when I was working with Statistics Canada and I was the crew leader assistant.
I worked @ a Hospital on a Cardiology Unit as a P.S A
High school, where a the four of us had to prepare a paper on a research paper. My specific part was to interview and send out surveys to collect the results.
The last time I contributed to a team when I was playing for kennedy high school basketball team. I motivated each player to step up in there role by pumping them up.
Working at a bakery it's a combined effort, decorating cupcakes takes several people to work together to get the product out in a timely manner.
When I nannied I was responsible for making sure the kids were picked up from school on time, their homework was done, food was made, and cleaning was done.
I am a closer most nights and I delegate the work to be done in my area and then I communicate with the closing managers to see what other areas need attention.
In school, group communication class, we all had to work together.
2 years ago allstate insurance was an agency assistant.
Well when I worked for fed Ex there was time when other driver where runing behind and I took some of there packages to help them out.
It was in Arteagas Super Market in San Jose Ca. When we make big order of guacamole I motivate all my team for work more quickly.
Helping a few team members in my old job taking down the store.
I had to set up ready meeting every morning.
Volunteering at the food bank, I had many roles that changed every week. Sometimes I would had out food, or sort and clean food, possibly cleaning after everyone had left, or restocking as anybody would call for another box at their station.
Group projects. I am always in charge of getting the team members together, and making sure everyone has an equal part.
I contribute to team effort every day. I work in a special education classroom and I have to communicate and work as a team with teachers, and service providers to meet the specific needs of students. I take pride in what I do I consider myself a leader.
Finish the assigned job and don't play during work with the employee.
In a group of four in my class, we made a presentation about coastal erosion of wetlands, and my role is to design all my group google slide for the presentation.
When our school had a May Day Multicultural Celebration. I monitored children during play day activities along with setting up play activities and food stands for children.
Actually at Dairy Queen during the winter. Only three people worked, cook, manager, and I. I helped everyone out to make things run as smoothly as possible.
I was the senior certified technician at walgreens. I was a leader who continually worked as hard or harder as newer hires for my own satisfaction and to the satisfaction of my bosses. I like to be the best I can be, not better than others, but my personal best.
I helped a group of friends for several months with their Ebay account, I inspected all of the merchandise condition prior listing.

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