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Tell me about a time when you led a team. What was your biggest success factor?
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To address a situation in our department.
I had to take charge of leading a team during this Economics projects. The exchange students were not clear about the standards of projects in Singapore like how reports should be like, how powerpoint slides should be like and how tight deadlines are. Therefore, I drafted the deadline for our team and provided sample reports and powerpoints for them to refer to. We would also review our work frequently and I would provide feedback to them.
During a training class where we where grouped into two.
My last job I was a team leader, so it was my job to get to work early and organize a work plan everyday.
When I was working in Lucent technology I had a opportunity to lead a team of operational support specialist for GSM mobile network.
I was the team lead for a doctor in our office that was a fax DR how to make sure the team worked well had to delegate different jobs and to make sure that everything got done in a timely manner.
I've lead a team of about 7 people on a job for the government I picked my crew and we got on the job and sailed thru it is gave everyone there jobs and what to do and ask if there not sure and we all did the job perfect.
Participating in sports and being a point guard in basketball and a pitcher in softball. There were numerous times when I had to lead and take control. From running a play in basketball when the game was close. To starting off with the first pitch of the game.
When I played hockey I was captain of the team and I had to motivate my team before and during the game and give positive and negative feedback during the game to help the team achieve the result we all wanted.
A time when I had to lead the team was when I was in small groups at a church camp. I had to take the lead and trust someone to choose the right choice.