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Do you participate in many social activities with your fellow workers?

7 Answer Examples | Learn how to answer this question from professional recruiters

How to Answer

Often time, engaged and happy employees are the ones who will participate in social and extra-curricular activities. Talk to the interviewer about the ways you participate in social activities with your co-workers. Keep your answer professional as you do not want to come across as someone who becomes involved in workplace drama, or who parties with your co-workers all the time. Also, avoid any answers related to co-worker romantic relationships.

Do you participate in many social activities with your fellow workers?

"Our office is small, and we do not have many inter-office activities as most people have families to get home to after work. I would like to join an organization that has some sense of team-building, however. I would like to have a summer cookout or maybe even a Christmas party to attend! Could you tell me about the staff events you hold here?"


"I try to participate in our company's extracurricular activities as often as possible. We will often do a quarterly get-together and go bowling, out for drinks, or throw together a baseball game with the kids and spouses. It's a lot of fun and always boosts morale in the office as well."


"My team seem to enjoy it when I show up to events and happenings that are important to them in their personal life. As a manager, I have attended weddings of team members, a couple of kids birthday parties, and will buy a round of drinks for them at the pub after work now and then. A healthy balance of business and personal is important."


"Our marketing group is full of highly social individuals. We will go out for a couple of rounds of cocktails most Fridays to unwind from our week and go over some of our biggest wins. It's a lot of fun to bond with my colleagues on a personal level as well; however, I am sure to remain professional and respect the boundaries of our relationship."


"My current team likes to go out and party on weekends. Although that is not my style, I will go now and then for an hour or so to catch up with my colleagues and say hello. I prefer company led events like holiday parties, for instance."


"As a territory sales manager, I travel a lot. This situation does not give me the opportunity to get out with my friends very often; let alone - my colleagues. I would like to have more opportunities to get to know my team better. Could you share with me how your team creates bonds outside of the workplace?"


"We teachers are a social bunch! I would say that, aside from teacher conferences and workshops, I go out for drinks with the faculty about once a month. We like to go to karaoke and blow off a bit of steam from the week. It's good, clean fun."

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Do you participate in many social activities with your fellow workers?
Yes, but not extremely extrovert.
I would say that I can be when it comes to the right situations for it.
I tend to be more reserved, and focus on my work.
Yes, but not extremely extrovert.
I believe I am. I enjoy speaking with different people. I am not a person to go to night clubs or anything like that.
I am a sociable person. I have interacted with coworkers and customers in all of my jobs on a day to day basis.
Yes, why because I like to talk to people that's how you make friends to get to know them.
What would I say if I am sociable person I get along with people.
Yes because I don't mind being with people. But also no because I don't like being with a BIG crowd.
What would I say if I am sociable person I get along with people.
I am a sociable person because I am a talk able person and I love to solve problems and ask for help.
Yes, why because I like to talk to people that's how you make friends to get to know them.
It counts how the customer reacts to me then maybe I be a sociable person.
Yes I can talk a lot but some time to much.
Yes I’m a sociable person cause I’m kind nice and helpful.
Yes, why because I like to talk to people that's how you make friends to get to know them.
Yes because I am always nice to everyone around me.
I am a sociable person because I am a talk able person and I love to solve problems and ask for help.
Yes, I love talking with people. More importantly I love getting to know customers or simply building a connection. Being able to find out where my customers are from, what they do, or what their goals are in life, is important for me. I was able to meet many people from different backgrounds, careers, and cultures, even people that have lived in my hometown all the way in Germany, all because I am a sociable person and love to talk and get to know people.
To be honest I am an introvert BUT I am a great listener and in a work environment I know I would be able to talk to the customers.
Yes, I enjoy talking to people and helping them in any way possible.
Yes, I am a very outgoing person and I like connecting with other people.
Yes I love talking with people.
Yes I love getting to know people and helping them.
Yes I would. I like to interact with people as I am a friendly person.
I am very sociable and friendly to everyone I meet on a regular basis.
Indubitably! I can be a little shy at first but once I feel comfortable I am sociable.
I am a very outgoing and friendly person.
Yeah I would say I am a sociable person, I love meeting new people.
Yes, I would I. M fun outgoing and always kind.
I most definitely am. I could never take a job where I had to keep to myself all day.
Yes I enjoy talking to people and socializing with friends.
Yes. I enjoy meeting new people and getting to now them. Customer service and social interactions at my previous jobs have always been a strong characteristic of mine.
Yes I would. I am involved in many things at my school and with my friends. I am obsessed with the arts and theater so with that I do every show at my school and am president of the drama club. I really enjoy being around people, meeting people, and making friends.
Yes, I enjoy getting to know other people and helping others.
In a way yes, I can be a sociable person. I love forming small relationships with my customers/
Yes, I am open and friendly person that likes to have intelligent conversations.
I am because I talk to my friends and other people when I workout at the YMCA.
Yes. I love to talk with people and make friendly jokes.
Yes, I love talking to people.
I tend to think I am. I love being around people, and engaging with them.
Yes I would. I love talking to people and building a good relationship with them with them.
Definitely. I love chatting with people, whether friends or strangers.
Yes, I love talking to people and making sure that everything is always alright.
Very much so.I love meeting and talking to new people.
I think so. I always try to be friendly to people.
Yes very, I get along with people just fine. I am very outgoing.
Yes, I would definitely agree on that.
Definitely. I might not start conversations often, but I like to participate. I like other people. I just tend to get my energy from myself than from other people.
Absolutely. I love being able to talk to people and help everyone out as much as possible.
Of course! I find it easy to converse with any person.
Yes. I love meeting new people and learning new things.
I am a sociable person even at work. Meanwhile I never allow this to have negative influence on my job performance.
Very. I love talking to people. I can never shut up.
I can be a sociable person if I am comfortable with the people I am with. If I do not know someone, however, I try to be as friendly and helpful as possible.
Yes I am a very sociable person but also very eager to listen because listening is the key to learning .
I am an introvert at sometimes but with customers and coworkers I am very bubbly and outgoing and do enjoy making connections with the customers.
Yes, I am very outgoing and try to e as sociable as possible.
I am a very sociable person.
Yes. I like being around and meeting new people and learning their stories.
Yes, I'm always very talkative even if it's to strangers.
Yes and no, when I am with groups of people I am a lot of fun and get swept into the atmosphere but I also enjoy my alone time.
Yes, my previous major, athletic training, required me to talk to new people everyday. I always had to ask questions and get to know athletes better in order to be successful.
I love talking to people, and that's one of the things that made me consider applying for the company. Everyone tends to be extremely personable, friendly, and laid back at every Starbucks I've ever set foot into, even when it's extremely busy.
Oh yes. Even though sometimes I am moody and still friendly.
I believe I would have to be. So, yes, I would say that I am a rather sociable person.
Of course! I love small talk and even more, I love getting to know people on a personal level.
Extremely, working in any customer service job you have to be. I have worked for my current company for 8 years and there is no better way to understand how your customer feels then talking to them.
Yes, I am able to communicate well with others in a respectful appropriate mannor.
Yes I am very sociable and I enjoy building relationships with both colleagues and customers.
Yes, I am a sociable person, but I always like to make sure that any work I have to do is complete first.
Absolutely. I have no trouble starting a conversation, making friends.
I enjoy being around people. I tend to be on the quiet side but I love the company of others.
Yes, I feel comfortable making small-talk with just about anyone and enjoy getting to know others. I believe I am easy to get along with - very rarely having any type of conflict with co-workers,
Definitely because I love talking with different people. I love having communication with different people any time. I am a tourism student I should be cheerful, people oriented and sociable those are what I have learn from our professors. Even the staffs of our University, I always greet them with a smile.
I am not the most social person, but I am friendly and polite and will communicate with customers and make sure they enjoy their visit.
Yes. I love to people smile. I know from experience that a friendly gesture can make your day a whole lot better.
Yes I am sociable and friendly.
Yes very sociable. Its hard having just moved to another state and not being around my friends constantly. I have enjoyed going out and meeting new people here though.
Yes, very sociable. I love meeting and interacting with new people. I was in quite a few speech competitions in high school. Constantly communicating and interacting with people. At my current job everyday at work I am always interacting and talking with the customers. I love getting to know our regular customers.
Yes I love speaking to people.
I consider myself a highly sociable person. I am very confident and love talking to new people.
I'm in between. I guess when it comes to working with others I can be sociable, and I love being around people, but at times I can be quiet.
Yes, very! I love being around people, it gives me energy. I never turn down social events.
Yes I would. Most of my free time is spent with my friends and meeting new people.
Yes, I find people always have something unique and interesting about themselves and know we share an agreement in respect and wanting to have things go well. Socializing is great but I also enjoy having time alone because that helps me focus on improving skills and knowledge.
Very much so. I a bubble person and easy to get a long with. I making conversations and seeing people smile.
Having been in situations that demand people skills and interacting directly with customers or with individuals in higher positions I would have to say that I am a sociable person.
I try to be. I mean their are times when I'm shy but I still try to be friendly.
Yes, I'm not amazing at small talk but I diffently try to be a very friendly person.
Yes, coz for me in relation to social roles in each person has their own way of doing things while living their own life, so I could consider myself as a sociable one.
I would say I am a very sociable person. I love getting to know new people and learning about them. The world is a very big place and I find it so inspiring to get even a glimpse of how others live and how they view things.
Yes, I love talking with people and getting to know them.
I am definitely social, but know when not to be at work.
Yes, im a very sociable person. I love connecting with customers or just people in general.
I am very social. I enjoy talking and getting to know people!
Yes I would say that I am a sociable person.
Yes. I enjoy being kind and helpful with customers and partners.
Yes I most certainly would.
I tend to make sure the colleagues and customers are having fun and not feel dulled about anything.
Very sociable. My passion is people. I need to constanly be where I have that interaction.

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